Why is Canned Bacon Expensive? 9 Good Reasons

If there was ever a food that is considered quintessentially American, even more American than bald eagle pie, it has to be bacon. Americans will put bacon on anything, make entire meals out of bacon and eat it alone by the carload. And no wonder! The stuff is truly delicious, but the trick is keeping … Read more

Are Canning Lids Reusable and Safe to Use?

canning lids and rims

Home canners understand the value of food preservation and preventing waste, and many undertake the practice as a way to not only be prepared for tough times, but also to save money upfront. Lids and rings, rings are re-usable. Lids are single use only. Nonetheless, at-home canning, of any kind, has its own associated costs. … Read more

Can you Can Milk? Is it Safe?

canned milk next to jug

Canning milk? It’s definitely a question that has crossed the minds of many DIY homesteaders. We all know that canning is an excellent way to store food and make sure it stays safe, but can we really can milk and other dairy products in jars at home like we do with tomatoes and okra? Is … Read more

8 Good Reasons to Avoid Dry Oven Canning

canning jars inside oven

Dry oven canning involves placing dry foods like beans, nuts, and grains into canning jars and sealing them. The sealed jars are then placed in an oven which is heated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit (93 Celsius). This is supposed to preserve and extend the shelf life of whatever’s in the jar by removing all the … Read more

How to Can Food at Home – Start Here

starting food canning at home collage

For the beginner, canning can be equal parts excitement and terror. Extending your food sustainment should be the goal of every prepper. Further, extending the shelf life of otherwise perishable foods expands your food independence. Every calorie on the shelf gets you one more day through rough times. Canning can come at a cost, though. … Read more

How to Can Beef Vegetable Soup

canned beef vegetable

Is there a more satisfying meal on a cold winter day than a slice of warm bread and a bowl of hot soup? Growing up, we had a wood stove for central heat and some of the best days were when my parents would cook up a large pot of soup on the woodstove. I’ve … Read more

How To Can Corned Beef – Step By Step

canned corned beef

Ok, this is not your mom’s corned beef… Quick story. My dad always has corned beef hash the night before hunting season opens as a good luck charm. He cooks up corned beef and potatoes, stories are told, and the tradition remains alive for another year. For decades, he cooked Hormel Corned Beef. Then, one … Read more

How to Can Chicken Of The Woods Mushrooms

I’m a homestead author, jack of most trades, and a mushroom forager. I learned about safe mushrooms to forage around a decade ago and haven’t put on the breaks yet. One of the biggest challenges has been how to enjoy them all year. But I’ve finally found a solution: canning! I’m not talking about the … Read more

How to Can Pork – Step By Step

canned pork

Protein is one of the most difficult foods to put up in volume. They are expensive when purchased commercially, don’t last as long as other prepper foods such as grains, and the selection is often limited. There are several options to rack and stack your protein. First, you can purchase cans of pork, beef, and … Read more