7 Ways to Remove Hard Toilet Stains


Nobody likes dealing with hard toilet stains. Not only are they difficult to remove, but they can also be embarrassing. Even when your toilet is clean it still appears discolored and dingy. Not a good look, especially when you have company coming over! Whether these stains are caused by hard water or other contaminants, long … Read more

How to Make Natural Foaming Hand Soap

diy foaming hand soap

DIY foaming hand soap is simple and cheap to make – and your kids might just even wash their hands more diligently because they enjoy all of the little bubbles so much. To reduce your family’s exposure to plastic, and to the harsh chemicals it contains, you can buy nominally priced glass foaming soap dispensers … Read more

DIY Natural Kitchen Cutting Board Sanitizer

cutting boards and DIY disinfectant

Sanitizing your kitchen cutting board is a must to prevent bacteria from forming, and making your family ill. Using chemical laden commercially manufactured cutting board sanitizers could defeat your family’s health goals, and cost a lot more money than making an all-natural disinfectant in mere minutes. The kitchen cutting board gets as much traffic as … Read more

DIY Glass and Window Cleaner

Cleaning your glass and windows and being left with a streak free shine does not require the use of costly and possibly harmful, store-bought glass cleaners. Removing grit and grime from glass, and leaving the surface looking beautiful can be easily accomplished with this DIY natural glass cleaner for mere pennies on the dollar. Are … Read more

DIY Carpet Stain Spray Recipe

DIY carpet stain remover spray

Not only can you freshen and deodorize your carpets and upholstery with DIY recipes, you can remove stains from your carpets naturally, as well. I would be shocked if you did not have all the ingredients needed to create a homemade carpet stain spray sitting in your homestead pantry right now. There are two major … Read more

DIY Stain Pre-Soak Solution Recipe

laundry stain pre-soak

Stop, do not pitch your little girl’s favorite dress, that blouse your splurged on, or your husband’s best dress shirt just because it has a big bad stain. You do not have to use harsh or potentially toxic chemicals found in a plethora of manufactured stain pre-soak products to get that stain out. Natural DIY … Read more

DIY Baking Soda Carpet Freshener

DIY carpet freshener

DIY carpet freshener recipes get rid of odors naturally, without exposing your family and pets to potentially dangerous chemicals. Wall-to-wall carpeting in homes is becoming less commonplace, but throw rugs, sectional rugs, and pet beds still scream out for freshening and deodorizing to keep the whole house smelling fresh and clean. Carpet fresheners soak up … Read more

DIY Natural Carpet Cleaner

carpet cleaner

DIY carpet cleaners can remove dirt, grime, blood, food, and drink stains from your carpets and rugs without exposing your loved ones to potentially harmful chemicals. This natural carpet cleaner recipe is so mild that I even feel comfortable using it on our dog beds. If you have pets, children, and messy boots on your … Read more

DIY Natural Oven Cleaner Recipes

oven cleaner end result

Cleaning the oven and preventing the build up of bacteria causing old food absolutely does not require the use of caustic chemicals. The automatic cleaning features on many modern ovens can help prevent grime from forming in the oven to a decent degree, but just typically does not work well for a true (and natural) … Read more