So, How Far Apart to Plant Potatoes?

rows of potato plants in garden

Every gardener knows that ensuring you get a successful harvest full of high-quality fruits and veggies down the line begins with getting the most basic elements of planting right. Amending the soil with nutrients, working it to the right consistency and if necessary getting containers or raised beds to maximize your plant’s chances for success. … Read more

So, How Deep to Plant Potatoes?

Potatoes are a staple in many households all around the world, and also a popular inclusion in home gardens. They are relatively easy to grow, however, one crucial factor that directly affects the yield and quality of your potatoes is how deep they are planted. Planting depth is often overlooked or easily ignored, but it … Read more

So, How Much Water Do Potatoes Need?

potatoes growing in raised garden bed

Potatoes are one of the most versatile and beloved vegetables enjoy the world over, and certainly the most ubiquitous root vegetable. But as versatile and popular as they are, they can be quite tricky to grow. One of the factors contributing to their reputation as a troublesome veggie is there varying water requirements throughout their … Read more

So, How Deep to Plant Tomatoes?

tomato plant in cage

Every gardener knows, or soon learns, that the makings of a great harvest are quite literally sown all the way back at the beginning of the season with planting. Planting may never be handled haphazardly if you want your plans to grow quickly, grow big and thrive. Every plant has its own requirements, and learning … Read more

So, How Much Water Do Tomatoes Need?

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Gardeners know that every plant sort of has its own “personality” while it’s growing. Some are easy-going and amenable to less-than-perfect treatment, whereas other plants are total primadonnas that require exacting care for any sort of good results. Tomatoes tend to fall closer to the latter category, and forums abound with horror stories of tomatoes … Read more

How Many Tomato Seeds per Hole Should You Put?

three tomato seeds in a hole in the garden

Planting tomatoes is really easy because they are low-maintenance, fairly hardy plants. Whether you grow from seeds you purchased, or seeds taken from a tomato that has passed its best-before date, some seeds will happily take, and others just will not. There is always the question of either over-populating or under-populating your yard. So, how … Read more

Pruning Tomatoes Step by Step

Tomatoes are one of the most commonly grown vegetables around the globe, often receiving the affectionate nickname of “kingpin of the garden.” While it is really easy to grow tomatoes in a garden, doing it correctly and successfully is another story. Proper care is very important to avoid compromising your crop. Regular maintenance activities, such … Read more

How to Grow Tomatoes Step by Step

tomato plants in garden

Tomatoes are one of the most popular garden plants, and for good reason. They taste delicious, are healthy, and are a common ingredient in recipes. The rich flavor of ripe tomatoes is simply hard to beat. Growing tomato plants is not hard, but you have to start them at the right time to make sure … Read more

How to Grow Potatoes Step by Step

rows of potato plants in garden

I always look forward to harvesting potatoes in the fall. It is like finding buried treasure. With all the colors and varieties I like to plant, my potatoes are like easter eggs. The taste of a home grown potato can’t be beat. This is an easy crop for you to grow, even if you don’t … Read more