How to Make Amish Black Drawing Salve

amish black drawing salve

Amish black drawing salve is a homesteading “medicine” cabinet staple in Appalachia. More times than I can count, we have used it to pull out tiny bits of a splinter that digging painfully into the skin with tweezers does not retrieve. I used to pay a pretty penny to buy the black drawing salve from … Read more

How to Make Dandelion Infusion and Tincture

dandelion infusion

Dandelion infusions and tinctures have been used to garner the high nutrient content contained in the flowers, leaves, roots, and stems, and also to harness the potential natural medicinal properties the plant parts contain. Making a dandelion infusion is neither difficult nor expensive, but it does require both time and patience on the part of … Read more

How to Use Jewelweed on the Homestead

harvested jewelweed

Jewelweed is a drastically underappreciated “weed.” While you can eat jewelweed, it is most often grown or foraged it for its potential healing properties. While this attractive bush-like plant has many uses, it is perhaps most widely known for its antipruritic (anti-itching) value. This wild plant is an active natural ingredient in poison ivy rash … Read more

Try These 8 Teas against Constipation

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According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, around 42 million Americans suffer from constipation. The causes of constipation vary, but the reasons for this frustrating illness are usually all about the same. In general, we have a tendency to eat food that contains a large amount of insoluble fiber. This … Read more

Garlic-infused Honey Recipe

garlic infused honey cover

I have always been into making my own health remedies. Not only is it cool to try and heal yourself but making your own remedies is seriously satisfying. It’s amazing to think that you have healing foods, herbs, and spices hanging out in your kitchen. For most people. Running to the doctor at the first … Read more

Pumpkin Seed Oil for Your Health

pumpkin seed oil cover

Well, here we are. The season of pumpkin everything is right around the corner. I walked into the grocery store yesterday and they already had pumpkin ice cream and pumpkin flavored coffee lining their shelves. Seriously? It’s still August, people! OK, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about seeing all of the … Read more

Bentonite Clay: Benefits and Uses

bentonite clay featured

Disclaimer: neither the author nor this website shall be held responsible for the misuse, and side effects resulting from using the info in this article. The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult your physician before putting health advice into practice. … Read more