How To Grow Tarragon in Your Garden


Tarragon (Artemisia Dracunculus) is a super addition to any herb garden if your growing conditions permit. There are different types of tarragon, Russian, Mexican and French. It’s not a great looking plant, but it is hardy and a sophisticated addition to your kitchen herb garden. Commonly grown to use as a herb because of its … Read more

How to Grow Oregano Step By Step

oregano plants in two containers

Oregano is a superb culinary herb. The delicious herb is not only often used in my homesteading kitchen, but also in herb balls that I made for all of our livestock to boost their immune systems and help keep them healthy. This herb plant is a part of the Origanum genus. Origanum vulgare, the scientific … Read more

How to Grow Comfrey… and Why You Should

comfrey growing in container

Comfrey is a beautiful and medicinal herb. You can easily grow this shrub style herb plant in either ground plots or containers. Comfrey can be cultivated in an apothecary patch on the homestead, or used as part of an edible landscaping project in traditional landscaping flower beds. This healing herb typically grows to reach heights … Read more

How to Grow Marjoram… and Why You Should

marjoram flowers

Marjoram is a superb “plant it and forget it” type of herb plant. Aside from being a little cold weather sensitive, marjoram thrives equally well when cultivated indoors in a pot, or outside in a raised bed. This member of the Lamiaceae family is a cousin to oregano, basil, summer savory, rosemary, thyme, mint, sage, … Read more

27 Amazing Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

basil growing in a mug

Most homesteads have some sort of herb garden outdoors, but sometimes, you want to bring the outdoors in. Whether it’s due to your space, simple convenience, or because you aren’t actually on a homestead yet, an indoor herb garden is an ideal solution. Let’s face it, there are many reasons for an indoor herb garden, … Read more

Amaranth: How to Grow and Use It


Amaranth may not be a staple crop on American homesteads right now, but it should be. This nutrient-rich plant has been used as a dietary staple and natural home remedy base ingredient in many regions of the world for centuries. This beautiful and easy to grow plant that is often classified as both a grain … Read more

22 Herbs That Do Well in the Shade

Growing herbs in the shade is a wonderful way to increase the amount of crops on the homestead to eat or use. There are a plethora of benefits of living on a partially wooded homestead, but having ample full sun growing areas is not necessarily one of them. If you live on a small homestead … Read more

Growing Cilantro Step by Step


Cilantro is an herb that can be grown in containers or in the ground. It is an annual flowering plant that is part of the parsley family. It is said that you either love the flavor of cilantro or you hate it. Those that hate it say it tastes soapy, while those that love it … Read more

How to Grow Dill in Pots Step by Step

dill plant in pot next to seed packet

Dill is an herb that is known and used all over the world. When I hear the word dill, I automatically think of pickles. All parts of the plant are edible, but the leaves and seeds are generally used for flavoring food. Dill is grown annually by most gardeners, but is actually a biennial plant. … Read more

Growing Thyme Step by Step

thyme plants

Thyme is great. It’s an easy addition to the garden for several good reasons: Thyme is also a pretty little plant. Its delicate, beautiful little leaves and tiny lavender flowers add beauty to any container. It can be used as a fragrant ground cover, or to add visual interest to rock walls. Thyme is delicious! … Read more

Growing Chives Step by Step

young chive plants growing in the garden

A cheerful pot of chives is a welcome greeting to any home. They require very little space, making them a low-investment addition to any home or market garden. Growing chives is well worth the minimal effort. Chives are easy to grow and packed with nutrition. They don’t need a lot of care, and they come … Read more