Do Horseshoes Actually Hurt Horses?

man shoeing a horse

No matter where you find horses in the company of people these days, chances are very high that those horses will be wearing horseshoes on their hooves. Horseshoes allow horses better traction on some surfaces and also protect their hooves from impact. But most shoes are nailed directly on the hoof itself. This raises an … Read more

The 11 Best Pack Horse Breeds

pack horse breeds collage

Horses don’t just have to be an expensive and occasionally temperamental way to get around or hit the trail on the weekend. Since time immemorial, mankind has relied on beasts of burden to move people and cargo, and we still do so even today where vehicles don’t measure up. Pack horses have been used for … Read more

How To Shoe Horses and Medium Livestock

man shoeing a horse

Do you know how to shoe a horse or trim the hooves of livestock? No farm would (or should) be complete without horses. During a long-term disaster- and beyond, horses will almost assuredly once again become the most advanced and readily accessible mode of transportation. Learning how to be your own farrier will help protect … Read more