41 Things That Are Safe for Turkeys to Eat

poults (baby turkeys)

When it comes to poultry, turkeys are becoming increasingly popular on homesteads around the country. Aside from providing a mountain of delicious meat when harvested and really large eggs, turkeys provide other benefits in the form of guardianship over smaller bird species like chickens and ducks, and they can even keep the peace when roosters … Read more

So, Can You Eat Turkey Eggs?

holding a turkey egg in hand

Eggs are one of those truly perfect foods. Self-contained, delicious, nutritious and super adaptable it is no wonder that eggs are a foundational food to pretty much every culture around the world. Eggs from all kinds of birds are prepared and eaten in all kinds of ways by themselves, and used as ingredients in countless … Read more

So, Do Turkeys Lay Eggs?

two Royal Palm turkeys

Turkeys are some of the biggest birds around, and the largest domestic fowl kept in North America. Turkeys are impressive birds, alright, and though they were only a hair’s breadth from being made the national bird of the United States they are the symbolic bird and main course at Thanksgiving dinners, their delicious, juicy meat … Read more

Do Turkeys Sleep in Trees?

two Royal Palm turkeys

If there’s one thing that everybody associates with birds it is trees. Birds live in trees, of course, and most species spend so much time there they might as well come from the trees themselves. But not all birds nest or rest in trees, and some birds aren’t even able to reach the branches in … Read more

Raising Turkeys 101: How to Get Started

two baby turkeys outside in cage

When it comes to raising livestock, some people, including your author here, are just mad about poultry. I love the versatility of birds considering they can provide eggs and meat, along with useful fertilizer. They’re also a lot easier to handle and require a lot less room than other animals. But if you want bigger … Read more