So, How Much Sun Does Corn Need?

Dakota black popcorn plants

It’s difficult to think of any crop that is more important the world over than corn. Corn is used in so many foods, either directly or through its many derivatives like corn syrup, that there are a whole lot of things that would simply disappear if there was no more corn. Corn is cheap and … Read more

What Exactly are Wheat Berries?

open sack of wheat berries

If you’ve been paying any attention to health food circles these past few years, you have probably noticed the next big craze in superfoods: wheat berries. Wheat berries are touted as nutritionally dense, low in calories, and most importantly tasty. But what exactly is a wheat berry? Wheat berries are the whole kernel of wheat, … Read more

How To Plant And Raise Corn

harvesting corn

Growing corn (even in containers) is not difficult, it merely requires timing, proper soil, and due diligence throughout the summer months. Sweet corn has been a staple of the American garden since the formation of the union. There are multiple types of corn to grow in addition to the many varieties of sweet corn, including … Read more