I’ve recently discovered that some products bought at the grocery store in glass jars can be re-used for canning! Isn’t that great?! One brand in particular is Classico Spaghetti Sauce. Their product comes in an Atlas brand mason jar. You have to be careful, not all glass jars will fit a standard mason lid, but the 24 oz Classico sauce jars do. With brand new mason jars costing an average of over .50 a piece in the store, it would be worth your time to see if you can collect some of these free ones.

If you have a recycling facility in your area, it wouldn’t hurt to see if they’d let you have some of their glass jars. Just take a mason lid and ring with you, to make sure that they will fit on the jars you find!

Free jars! Yet another way to save money on canning your own food!

Do you recycle glass jars to can in? Do you know of another brand which uses mason jars that can be re-used for canning?