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18 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. I have a question for Tara Dodrill regarding her Unit Studies on Etsy. I was unable to message directly through Etsy… I tried both mobile & desktop sites. If possible, I would like to know how many weeks or individual lessons are in each unit study (all except the ducks). Thank you.

  2. Hello. I came across your article for speech delay. I’ve been researching ways to help my 2 year old son. He lost his father 5 months ago. And two months ago I weaned him from his pacifier. I noticed earlier that he never spoke well or much. His teachers blew me off till recently. And now want him accessed. I’m blaming myself. Maybe the pacifier did it. Maybe with the loss of his father I did it by doing too much or too little for him. I’ve started my journey with oils in the last year and will start this regime. I would do anything to help him. Thank you.

  3. Hey there. I have been listening to the Survival Mom Radio Network and I have to say I think yours is my favorite show. Don’t tell the others! I am in no way a homesteader so every bit of first hand knowledge is appreciated. I thoroughly enjoy the advise you give. My favorite was the show on chickens!

    Keep up the good work!!

  4. I’ve just started to follow you on FB. In a post you mentioned following you on Pinterest I would like to but I I can not find your board.

  5. I love your blog and added it to my blogroll. You are such an inspiration to my homesteading dreams! Keep up the great work 🙂

    • Hey, just do it. I literally slaved for several years so I could relocate and be where I was meant to be, but weirdos had other plans where they imposed debt with coercive persuasion, stole my money, screwed up my finances and then became a target of regular repetitive crimes, where freaks didn’t want to let me have my life. Where I’m rather die than live in SC and with all the infidels. Where I’m simply saying do it. Don’t forget there are intentional communities, where Fellowship for Intentional Communities of Rutledge, MO has a book listing them where there’s all kinds of communities, but many are agrarian, which might give you some ideas. At the least give an idea of how to start. Where I’m not saying join a community, but, like the Amish or Hutterian Brethren, they know something about homesteading.
      Where many homesteading was a way of life. Just like what is called organic now was simply his it uses to be done.
      It’d almost be good if Indians would killed off all whites, blacks and created their way of life they had as everyone who came after really messed this world up, lol. Actually, many made it better, just depends where you live.
      But do it. You only live once in this life and living how some other cool wants you to I very ungodly, so what you like. Lol, wiccans are probably more Christian than these heathens in society today.

  6. Hi Kendra,
    Are you on Twitter? I’d like to find you on there if you are. That’s how I keep up to date with some of my favorite bloggers.

  7. I would like to be added to your mailing list to receive each newsletter and have some friends and family members who would love it too! how can I subscribe? (the newsletter was forwarded to me by a friend who Love, Loves it!)


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