How to Make Rosemary and Lemongrass Soap

rosemary and lemongrass DIY soap

Rosemary and lemon soap is not only good for your skin, but will help eliminate odors from your skin after working in the kitchen with onions, garlic, fish, and other odoronous foods. Lathering up with a natural homemade soap with these two sweet smelling ingredients can also help repel pesky insects. Making your own soap … Read more

35 Scarecrow Designs for Your Garden


My garden is my pride and joy. I love looking out at it while sipping a cup of coffee on the back deck, admiring all the hard work I’ve put into it and the bounty that it continues to produce. However, there is nothing more frustrating than watching invaders like birds pecking and digging up … Read more

How to Dry Flowers for Soapmaking

flowers pressed and dried (in microwave)

Making floral soap is a beautiful way to not only enhance the bar you are making visually, but also harnesses any herbal benefits the flowers, herb plants, or roots they may possess. The type of soap base you are using must be considered when collecting flowers to dry to suspend in a bar of soap. … Read more

How to Dye Candles With Mica Powder

colored candles

Dying candles with mica powder allows you to make truly unique homemade gifts that may look like a million bucks but cost only a few dollars. Not only can you dye candle wax with mica powder, you can also paint the finished candles either free hand, or by using molds with intricate or raised designs. … Read more

What Is Mica Powder and 15 Ways to Use It

packs of colored mica powder

Mica powders are so fun to use when making homemade soaps and a plethora of other DIY natural home goods and gifts. The powders come in a vast array of colors, offering nearly endless options when creating one-of-a-kind products. Mica is derived from a natural stone mineral that boasts shiny flakes. Once the mica stone … Read more

How to Set Up a Large, High-Tunnel Greenhouse

high-tunnel greenhouse

Owning your own greenhouse is a great way to extend the growing season so you can have fresh, delicious vegetables all year long. It’s also a wonderful way to improve your yields so you can sell produce to others, if that’s something you’d like to do. What Does it Cost to Build a DIY Greenhouse? … Read more

How to Make an Electric Fence Step by Step

electric fence cord

At their best, electric fences are inexpensive, effective, and flexible. They can make permanent boundaries around or within a property. Electric fences can also be set up on a short-term basis to protect special crops or vulnerable animals, and they can also be used to create rotational grazing systems to maximize pasture yield. Fences work … Read more

How To Make Natural Dyes From Plants

fabrics naturally dyed in different colors

Making natural dyes from plants, weeds, vegetables, and fruit is a fun way to repurpose harvested garden plants and make all natural non-toxic dyes for a myriad of sewing and fiber arts projects. Some homesteaders cultivate a “dye garden” just to have enough beautiful plants, herbs, and weeds on hand to dye the wool they … Read more

How Much Does a Pottery Wheel Cost?

potters wheel

How much does it cost to buy a pottery wheel? Well, that depends. There are multiple varieties and sizes of potter’s wheels on the market. There are electric powered pottery wheels and old-fashioned kick wheels that are fueled by your feet and legs. Regardless of the type and size of pottery wheel you want to … Read more

Brush Hogging 101 – Everything You Need to Know

Two types of brush hogs connected to tractors

Maintaining quality pastures and hay fields, as well as “grubbing” wooded survival homesteads to create more grazing and gardening space requires diligent tending to the land. Brush hogging livestock areas and woodlots is the primary way to rid the area of weeds that choke out grass growth, and to clear the land for agricultural use. … Read more

How to Make a Dirt-Cheap, Predator-Proof Chicken Run

chicken run

The chicken run, the hangout of your feathered friends. It serves as protection for your flock, and also encourages natural behavior to allowing them freedom and entertainment. It is always best to customize and build the run that will suit your birds. You need to take into consideration the size of your flock before building … Read more

DIY Natural Leather Cleaner

cleaning leather with DIY leather cleaner

DIY natural leather cleaner conditions and protects your boots, sofas, tack, and other goods for a fraction of the cost of commercially produced products designed for the same purpose. If you can find 100% pure mink oil, which is not necessarily easy anymore – especially if you want a product made in the the USA, … Read more