DIY Terracotta Clay Pot Heater for Emergency Heating

homemade terracotta heater

Out of all the risk factors attended to a survival situation, statistically one of the most common is simple exposure. Exposure to the elements, and specifically cold temperatures, routinely claims lives in the wild and also in residential settings, and hypothermia can strike with surprising speed even when you think you’ll be okay. Accordingly, being … Read more

45 Melt and Pour Soap Recipes to Have Fun With

pumpkin spice and cinnamon soap

Ah, soapmaking is a hobby that can make a great side income if you do it right. With that said, definitely a process that requires the use of lye–sodium hydroxide. Sodium hydroxide is a highly caustic substance that can do some serious damage to your skin. It can cause chemical burns, blindness, and other serious … Read more

How to Recondition Gasoline Step-by-Step

two red gasoline canisters next to a power generator

If you live on a hard-working homestead, chances are you have plenty of vehicles and other machines that use gasoline to run. Smart homesteaders will always keep a good supply on hand so they don’t get caught short at a critical moment. However, it rarely fails that some stored gasoline, either in a can or … Read more

Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Clove Homemade Soap

cinnamon and nutmeg homemade soap

Cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove soap creates a lustrous lather, and leaves an amazing scent on the skin. Soap made from a Melt and Pour (MP) base cannot be entirely customized since lye and the other base ingredients have already been combined and the saponification process has completed. But, you can still stir in desired additives … Read more

How to Color Homemade Soap With Mica Powder

homemade-soap colored with mica powder

Coloring homemade soap with mica powder is a quick and simple way to create a vibrant colored soap naturally. Using mica powder to make bold or pastel hues in homemade soap also allows the maker to match the color of the bar to the scented ingredients, season, or holiday celebration. You can use mica powders … Read more

How to Hand Spin Wool and Mohair Into Yarn

wool fibers and spinner

Spinning wool or mohair does not require a huge investment of money. Spinning wheels are beautiful – but very pricey. A handheld drop spindle typically costs less than $25, and can spin beautiful wool or mohair that you have raised on your homestead into a skein just as well as a large spinning wheel that … Read more

How to Make Rosemary and Lemongrass Soap

rosemary and lemongrass DIY soap

Rosemary and lemon soap is not only good for your skin, but will help eliminate odors from your skin after working in the kitchen with onions, garlic, fish, and other odoronous foods. Lathering up with a natural homemade soap with these two sweet smelling ingredients can also help repel pesky insects. Making your own soap … Read more

How to Dry Flowers for Soapmaking

flowers pressed and dried (in microwave)

Making floral soap is a beautiful way to not only enhance the bar you are making visually, but also harnesses any herbal benefits the flowers, herb plants, or roots they may possess. The type of soap base you are using must be considered when collecting flowers to dry to suspend in a bar of soap. … Read more

How To Use Mica Powder in Candles

DIY candle dyed in blue with mica powder

Dying candles with mica powder allows you to make truly unique homemade gifts that may look like a million bucks but cost only a few dollars. Not only can you dye candle wax with mica powder, you can also paint the finished candles either free hand, or by using molds with intricate or raised designs. … Read more