31 Really Clever Uses for Coffee Filters

clever uses for coffee filters collage

When you want a no-waste kitchen, you get creative and learn to improvise, it’s amazing what you can get done with everyday materials that seem to have only a single purpose. Let’s look at coffee filters, for instance. Yes, I know they are absolutely essential for getting our morning cup of perk out of a … Read more

How to Hand Spin Wool and Mohair Into Yarn

wool fibers and spinner

Spinning wool or mohair does not require a huge investment of money. Spinning wheels are beautiful – but very pricey. A handheld drop spindle typically costs less than $25, and can spin beautiful wool or mohair that you have raised on your homestead into a skein just as well as a large spinning wheel that … Read more

How To Make Natural Dyes From Plants

fabrics naturally dyed in different colors

Making natural dyes from plants, weeds, vegetables, and fruit is a fun way to repurpose harvested garden plants and make all natural non-toxic dyes for a myriad of sewing and fiber arts projects. Some homesteaders cultivate a “dye garden” just to have enough beautiful plants, herbs, and weeds on hand to dye the wool they … Read more

How To Make A Free Play Area On The Homestead

homestead play area logo

How do you make a free playground area on your homestead? Well, go shopping in your husband’s junk piles, garage, and sheds…of course. Keeping your eye out for so-called junk on the side of the road is also a great idea. Sadly, far too many folks throw away outdoor recreational items simply because they are … Read more