So, Does Sage Keep Mosquitoes Away?

mountain sage

I can’t think of anything more annoying than being relentlessly victimized by mosquitoes when I’m outside. It doesn’t matter if I’m minding your own business on my back porch, camping, hiking, or even in the middle of a legitimate survival scenario, these parasites are relentless. They can also be quite dangerous since they are known … Read more

So, Do Fire or Smoke Keep Mosquitoes Away?

boiling water over camp fire at night

No matter what you’re doing outside- camping, exercising, barbecuing, or just visiting with friends- there is no situation that can’t be made worse by biting, blood-sucking mosquitoes. In peak season, they can make being outdoors absolutely unbearable. And, no joke, they are surprisingly dangerous, spreading various diseases. Not good! Accordingly, you want to do everything … Read more

So, Does Lemon Balm Keep Mosquitoes Away?

lemon balm herb

Mosquitoes are probably the single most annoying insect out there. Tiny, almost invisible and basically undetectable until they strike, those itchy red welts they will leave behind will be driving you crazy for days after. But annoyance aside, mosquitoes are also quite dangerous, being the primary vectors for several dangerous and debilitating diseases. Whenever you’re … Read more

So, Should I Kill a Hammerhead Worm?

If you’ve ever walked out to your garden or compost pile late at night, you might have caught a quick, furtive glance of these slimy, slithering, creatures in the undergrowth. Over a foot long, with a shovel-shaped head and powerful secreted toxin, hammerhead worms are invasive, persistent, and virtually indestructible predators that can wipe out … Read more

So, Does Ivory Soap Repel Flies?


If you listen what the internet has to say about improvised pest control, you might have run across this gem. Purportedly, common, Ivory brand soap will reliably repel flies. Supposedly it has something to do with the fragrance, or other ingredients depending on who you listen to, but the assertion is that flies won’t come … Read more