How To Light Your Home Without Electricity

cooking oil used as part of a DIY lamp

In today’s world, it is hard to imagine living without electricity. One of the biggest advantages you’d lose is electric lighting, something most of us take for granted. But what if there was a long-term power outage and you had to find a way to light your home? Or what if you were just living … Read more

Do Solar Panels and Chargers Work Indoors?

solar panel indoors

Solar panels are an almost free way to generate electricity, but in some cases, you don’t want to keep your panels outdoors. This could obviously lead to efficiency issues, which is what I want to investigate and test out in what follows. The question I’m trying to find an answer to today is: Do solar … Read more

Testing Out The New Hand Pump on Our Well

a Simple hand pump

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here yet, but a few months ago we were finally able to afford to get a hand pump installed on our well. We went with a Simple Pump, because as I’ve mentioned in the past, they’re the only pump that would work on our deep well and deliver pressurized … Read more