So, Can Pigs Eat Bananas?

a pig inside a muddy pigsty

Pigs are a study in contrast. The great thing about them is that they have such a varied diet they are easy to feed compared to other kinds of livestock that are strictly herbivores. Plus, it’s always in your best interest to feed pigs enough food so they grow big and grow quickly. Not difficult, … Read more

So, Can Pigs Eat Carrots?

a pig eating a carrot

Pigs are omnivores, and among all of the common livestock animals, they certainly have the most wide-ranging diet. They eat meat, grains, dairy products, fruit, and of course vegetables. Vegetables actually play a pretty important role in the diet of most domestic pigs, but despite the big appetites they can’t eat quite every veggie there … Read more

So, Can Pigs Eat Watermelon?

a pig eating watermelon

Pigs need the right kind of diet if they’re going to grow quickly and stay healthy. But sometimes, it’s good to give your pigs a special treat. Something that will make them feel good, keep them happy, and give them a little bit of energy. And as you know already, they can eat all sorts … Read more

So, Can Pigs Eat Chocolate?

two pigs enjoying some chocolate

I think it’s time for everyone to come clean. One of the great temptations in life is giving your pets and other animals under your care a treat that they just shouldn’t have. Maybe it’s something really good that will upset their stomach. Maybe it’s just too rich and fattening for them. Whatever the animal, … Read more

So, Can Pigs Eat Grapes?

two piglets nibbling on some grapes

If you’re thinking about getting some pigs of your own, you need to know that they typically enjoy a highly varied diet. And if you’ve kept a herd for any length of time, you knew that already! Pigs really do eat just about anything and everything, and that naturally includes a big variety of fruits … Read more

So, Can Pigs Eat Peanut Butter (Or Peanuts)?

woman petting a pig

I don’t care what anyone says: there is no more delicious food on Earth than peanut butter. It’s a little sweet, a little savory and absolutely filling. It also happens to be surprisingly nutritious! So, there’s no contest that peanut butter is the ultimate food for people, so says I, but is it okay for … Read more

So, Can Pigs Eat Chicken Bones?

pig eating boiled chicken bones

Did you know that pigs eat meat? It’s true, they do, and though they aren’t purely carnivores like some other animals pigs really like to tuck into any meat they can get. And, believe it or not, pigs have even been known to eat bones. I mean eat them entirely, not just gnaw on them! … Read more

So, Can Pigs Eat Blueberries?

two pigs eating blueberries

Much of the time, fruit isn’t something that our pigs should have on a regular basis. Though pigs are omnivores and can eat almost anything, fruit, despite being natural and healthy, is a bit too sugary for them to eat all the time. Nonetheless, it can still make a great treat for them or a … Read more

So, Can Pigs Eat Oranges (or The Peelings)?

a pig eating an orange slice

Out of all the different livestock species people commonly keep, I think there’s no question that pigs enjoy the most varied diet of them all. They get all different kinds of feed, grains, meat, and of course fruits and veggies. And speaking of fruit, you’ll often hear folks caution against giving livestock citrus fruits in … Read more

So, Can Pigs Eat Pumpkin?

a pig eating pumpkin

When it comes to livestock, there is no other species that enjoys a diet as diverse as that of pigs. Pigs eat all sorts of stuff, and there are seemingly no kinds of vegetables or fruits that they can’t have, at least occasionally! But, nonetheless, pigs still can’t eat just anything, and some foods aren’t … Read more

So, Can Pigs Eat Onions?

a pig eating onion

The great thing about eating pigs is that they can eat just about anything. Have leftover meat? Your pigs can have it. Want to give them some corn? No problem. How about surplus fruits and veggies? Absolutely. Pigs can have almost anything… I said almost: even some seemingly wholesome and nutritious vegetables aren’t okay for … Read more

Can Regular Farm Pigs Actually Swim?

a weaner pig that's only a couple of months old

You’ve certainly heard the idiom “When pigs fly!” Before, but have you ever heard the expression “when pigs swim!” I’ll reckon you haven’t and that’s because I just made it up. Mischief aside, it’s a question that almost never comes up, but I think it is time that it did: the one that asks whether … Read more

So, Can Pigs Eat Broccoli?

a pig eating broccoli

Supplementing the diet of our livestock with vegetables just makes sense. Veggies are so nutritious and wholesome; surely they are as good for pigs as they are for us, especially when you consider the varied appetites they have. Much of the time this is true, but the unique biology of pigs means that not everything … Read more

Do Pigs Eat Their Own Poop?

pig in front of its pen

Pigs have a reputation for being dirty animals. And I suppose that’s because they wallow around in mud regularly and eat some pretty gross stuff, so part of this reputation is deserved. But pigs really aren’t that filthy, are they? Well, as it turns out, pigs might be even nastier than you think in one … Read more

So, Can Pigs Eat Corn?

pig eating corn kernels

There’s one thing that most people tend to associate with pigs, it is the fact that they can eat basically anything. They eat all kinds of vegetables, fruit, and even meat… What most people don’t know is that pigs can also eat grains as a limited part of their diet. However, not all grains are … Read more