So, How Much Sun Do Squashes Need?

an acorn winter squash growing in the garden

When you’re talking about “squash,” you’re really talking about an entire type of vegetable. Are you talking about zucchini or crookneck squash, summer varieties? Or are you talking about winter squashes like the iconic pumpkin or the versatile spaghetti squash? Though they all have similarities, there are naturally some differences you’ll need to be aware … Read more

So, Can Pumpkins Grow Vertically?

young pie pumpkin plants

Pumpkins are the most popular squash out there. Whether they’re being grown for food, usually for soups and pies, or as decorations for all sorts of festive fall crafts, you will see fields and fields of these giant orange fruits every year. Lots of people even grow their own and their very own gardens. But … Read more

Can You Carve White Pumpkins?

white pumpkins

There is hardly any decoration more associated with the onset of fall, and Halloween in particular, than the jack-o-lantern. Sometimes spooky, sometimes cheerful, and occasionally highly artistic there is just something about carving up a pumpkin that always gets you in the right spirit for the season. But, there is something of a trend when … Read more

So, How Much Water Do Pumpkins Need?

four harvested pumpkins

There’s hardly any vegetable more iconic and associated with fall than the pumpkin. Whether it is being grown as the essential ingredient in pumpkin pie or used as a festive centerpiece decoration, or carved up into a jack-o’-lantern, pumpkins are among the most popular vegetables in North America. However, most varieties grow very large, and … Read more

Pumpkin Growing Stages: What You Should Know

young pie pumpkin plants

One of the great joys of gardening is watching your plants develop, and especially if you have planted fruits or vegetables watching your future harvest mature right before your eyes is borderline magical. Sometimes it makes it very difficult to be patient! Every fruit and veggie goes through its own development process after planting, and … Read more

So, How Far Apart to Plant Squash?

corn peas and squash in garden

Every good harvest starts with planting. Squash is a popular and easy-to-grow vegetable with tons of varieties that can be planted in either spring or late summer. They have a reputation as maintenance-intensive veggies that are difficult to grow, but they aren’t as tough as most people make them out to be. One important factor … Read more

So, How Deep to Plant Squash?

guild companion planting squash tomato sprouts mint borage

Every seasoned gardener knows that the key to a successful harvest begins with the basics. Preparing the soil, taking care of soil amendments, and of course, proper planting. If you just want to scatter seeds like you’re feeding ducks at the lake, you shouldn’t expect any success. Similarly, you can’t dig a hole, toss a … Read more

So, How Much Water Do Cucumbers Need?

cucumbers on trellises

Cucumbers are a popular and versatile vegetable, and also one that is a regular fixture in home gardens around the country. Whether they’re being sliced up for salads and sandwiches, or popped into a brine to make delicious pickles, cucumbers that have a lot going for them. However, they are notoriously fiddly when it comes … Read more

Are White Pumpkins White Inside?

white pumpkins

When you think of a pumpkin, you probably immediately think of the classic orange variety. But did you know that white pumpkins exist, too? It’s true: that white, pumpkin-looking squash is not some special variety of squash, it’s just a white pumpkin! Sometimes what you see really I what you get, but this begs the … Read more

How To Grow Winter Squash Step by Step

various winter squashes

Winter squash is a family-friendly favorite to grow in your vegetable garden. Easy to grow and very prolific, you’ll love the satisfaction that comes with growing your own winter squashes to eat all winter long. With enough garden space and growing season, you can grow plenty of winter squash to feed your family. Growing, harvesting, … Read more