So, How Much Sun Does Swiss Chard Need?

swiss chard

Leafy vegetables are some of the most popular with gardeners all around the world. Most are highly nutritious, and they are typically a lot easier to grow compared to vegetables that must bear fruits. One such leafy vegetable that isn’t making a big comeback in terms of popularity is Swiss chard. Relatively unknown to many … Read more

So, How Much Sun Do Green Beans Need?

green beans in raised bed

When growing any vegetable, one of the biggest keys to success is ensuring that they get enough sunlight, but not too much! When working in your garden, in your greenhouse, or even trying to grow veggies indoors, it’s always a challenge to make sure each type of plant gets the right amount of sun. Understanding … Read more

So, How Much Sun Does Broccoli Need?

broccoli plant in the garden

It is hard to think of a vegetable that is more beloved around the world than broccoli. It’s not just a matter of good taste or good nutrition, either: broccoli is very literally a keystone crop in many countries. Accordingly, there are many varieties of broccoli, and the good news is we have pretty much … Read more

So, How Much Sun Do Peppers Need?

Every gardener knows that getting the best possible results from their plans is mostly a battle of making sure they get enough water, and get enough sun. Concerning sunlight, it’s always tricky because plants that get too much might end up suffering all the same. Today we are looking at peppers. How much sun do … Read more

So, How Much Sun Do Jalapenos Need?

mature jalapeno plants in the garden

One of the trickiest aspects of growing a variety of vegetables in your garden is getting the different sunlight requirements down pat. Some of your veggies need tons of sun, others need less, and a few very particular ones are quite vulnerable to excess sun. Let’s look at jalapenos. How much sun do jalapenos need … Read more

Growing Jalapenos Step by Step

mature jalapeno pepper plant in outdoor garden

The jalapeno pepper can be used for lots of recipes to add a little spice to your dish. Using jalapenos in salsa is perfect for the ones that love the spiciness. Or, if you are like my family, just eating them fresh. I really don’t know how they have any taste buds left, I can’t … Read more

Growing Spinach Step by Step

spinach plants in raised bed

I must say I never cared much for spinach. If it hadn’t been for my mother’s garden, and her amazing recipes, I may have missed out on this tasty vegetable. She said it was good for my brain, she also mentioned it’s good in terms of minerals and vitamins and she made sure I ate … Read more

Growing Leeks Step by Step

harvested leeks

Leeks add such incredible flavor to a dish, and they are quite fun to grow. There are only a few factors that complicate growing leeks, and they are really not that complicated. Leeks are reasonably easy to grow, as long as you pay attention to their time frame and keep up with them through the … Read more