13 Homestead Clothing Essentials to Have

clothes hanging out to dry on a clothesline

Prior to actually getting down to business, some homesteaders have a fanciful idea of what the work will require of them. Scattering a little seed, driving a few fence posts, plucking a couple of perfect veggies from rich, yielding soil. It is an idyllic notion, alright, but one that is far divorced from reality. Work … Read more

Is Birch Really Good for Firewood?

split birch wood logs

Anyone who depends on wood for primary or supplementary heating knows that the choice of wood is nearly as important as managing the fire itself. Every species of wood has unique properties that make it a better or worse choice than firewood. Birch is certainly beautiful and plentiful, but how does it perform as firewood? … Read more

So What Exactly Can You Store in a Root Cellar?

a root cellar

Root cellars might be old fashioned, but they still work wonderfully for storing food and other goods. This is because they maintain a generally constant, cool temperature and constant humidity level, both helping the gods kept in them to last longer than they would otherwise. This simple but highly effective method of preservation has been … Read more

29 Uses For Old Cooking Oil On the Homestead

Cooking oil is a pantry staple that has far more uses than just frying up some delicious fried chicken. Both the versatility and long-shelf life of cooking oil make it a fantastic multi-use item for preppers and frugal homesteading folks alike. Pouring cooking oil down the drain can cause clogging either quickly or over time. … Read more

Do Solar Panels and Chargers Work Indoors?

solar panel indoors

Solar panels are an almost free way to generate electricity, but in some cases, you don’t want to keep your panels outdoors. This could obviously lead to efficiency issues, which is what I want to investigate and test out in what follows. The question I’m trying to find and answer to today is: Do solar … Read more