15 Natural Pantry Air Freshener Recipes

natural pantry air fresheners collage

Air fresheners are a frequent addition to our monthly groceries and, while they aren’t horribly expensive, the purchases do add up significantly. Additionally, the scents are often overdone and they never last more than a minute or so. It doesn’t help that there are apparently chemicals in these commonly bought items which affect reproductive development. … Read more

What Exactly is Gray Water?

grey water bucket

Nowadays, there’s a great societal emphasis placed on personal water conservation. For those living in dry climates or rural areas where this resource is scarce- and especially for homesteaders- it’s critical to get as much “value” or use out of your water supply as possible. Though to some folks the idea of reusing water is … Read more

Can Homesteading be Profitable?

geese, goats, and a donkey on the homestead

There are a lot of talks these days about homesteading, the resurgence of people wanting to grow their own food, raise their own animals, reduce societal dependence and generally be more self-sufficient. It is undoubtedly appealing. Some even claim to have significantly increased their income as a result of homesteading. But can homesteading be profitable? … Read more

13 Homestead Clothing Essentials to Have

clothes hanging out to dry on a clothesline

Prior to actually getting down to business, some homesteaders have a fanciful idea of what the work will require of them. Scattering a little seed, driving a few fence posts, plucking a couple of perfect veggies from rich, yielding soil. It is an idyllic notion, alright, but one that is far divorced from reality. Work … Read more

Is Birch Really Good for Firewood?

split birch wood logs

Anyone who depends on wood for primary or supplementary heating knows that the choice of wood is nearly as important as managing the fire itself. Every species of wood has unique properties that make it a better or worse choice than firewood. Birch is certainly beautiful and plentiful, but how does it perform as firewood? … Read more