How to Improve Heavy Clay Soil

sandy clay and loamy soil

If there’s one kind of soil that every gardener and farmer fears, it has to be clay. Any soil that’s high in clay will be very hard to work with, draining very slowly, compacting into a solid mass that will stifle and strangle roots, and being too alkaline for many vegetables (aside from the typical … Read more

What is Fill Dirt and What to Use it For?

tamping the dirt

If you’ve ever been doing any projects around the homestead involving landscaping, digging, or building, in your travels to get materials you’ve probably seen advertisements or want ads for fill dirt. They’re all over the place, and depending on where you are it’s either ubiquitous or in very short supply. For those of us who … Read more

How to Test Your Soil

how to test soil featured

Gardening is one of the most common hobbies out there. In fact, around 50% of all Americans are said to be into some form of gardening, with food gardening being the top most pick. As per reports, around 35% of all American households grow a portion of their food at home. It is also believed … Read more