How To Grow Winter Squash Step by Step

winter squash acorn butternut

Winter squash is a family-friendly favorite to grow in your vegetable garden. Easy to grow and very prolific, you’ll love the satisfaction that comes with growing your own winter squashes to eat all winter long. With enough garden space and growing season, you can grow plenty of winter squash to feed your family. Growing, harvesting, … Read more

What Exactly Is a Leaf Mulcher?


If you have lots of big, mature trees on or around your property, you know what that means: hours and hours of picking up leaves, year in and year out. Everyone goes through it, no one likes it. And everyone wants an easier way to get it done! You might have heard some people recommend … Read more

Pineapple Weed Foraging, Identification, Uses, and Much More

matricaria discoidea pineapple weed

Pineapple weed plants are often a beautiful little overlooked “weed.” While they look a lot like their cousins, chamomile, a little whiff of a pineapple weed head crushed between your fingers rapidly allows you to properly identify this wild edible. The pineapple weed plant (Matricaria discoidea) somewhat also resembles mayweed (A. Cotula), but unlike the … Read more

9 Easy Ways of Controlling Ants in Your Compost

ants on food scraps

Composting is something I adore. It’s a fantastic approach to decreasing and recycling your waste while also creating nutrient-dense soil for your garden at the same time. But, I’ll admit that when it came to allowing insects, worms, and other creatures into the compost, I had to tamp down my natural instincts to eliminate them. … Read more

How to Get Worms Out of Compost Easily

worms in vermicompost soil

If you’re like most gardeners, you probably compost your vegetable scraps and other organic matter to create nutrient-rich soil for your plants. But sometimes those scraps can attract unwanted guests – namely, worms! Other times, you might be composting specifically because you want the worms in there. Vermicomposting is an effective and eco-friendly way to … Read more

Manure Management 101

pile of manure on a field

There’s no getting around it – manure (yes, poop) is a necessary part of farming. Did you know that manure can actually be a valuable resource for farmers? Managing manure can be tricky, but if done correctly, it can result in some big benefits for your farm. But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to … Read more

Stinging Nettles – Everything You Need to Know

stinging nettles

Urtica dioica, commonly known as stinging nettle, is a perennial herb growing throughout many continents. The herb is native to Asia and north Africa, but has travelled to Europe, North America, and even in some parts of the South Pacific. It gets its common name from the stinging hairs, known as trichomes. These fine hairs … Read more

Crop Rotation – Everything You Need to Know

tomato plants in garden

Do you want to maximize the yields of your garden – and minimize the amount of work you have to do? If so, there’s a gardening hack you need to know about – and it’s called crop rotation. It sounds like an agricultural technique that only large-scale commercial farmers would rely on, but the reality … Read more

How to Grow and Harvest Horseradish

horseradish plant

If you’re looking for a spicy addition to your cooking, horseradish may be the herb for you! This herb is easy to grow and can be harvested fresh any time of year. Horseradish is a rugged, cold-hardy perennial that grows exceptionally well in areas that experience harsh winters. This winter period forces the plants into … Read more

How to Grow White Icicle Radish Step by Step

harvested white icicle radish

Growing radishes is one of the easiest ways to boost your garden yields in a very short amount of time. While there are plenty of radish varieties to choose from, sometimes picking more unique varieties than a traditional Cherry Belle radish keeps gardening from getting stale and even gets your family excited for something they … Read more

Top 20 Highest Calorie Vegetables to Grow

When you think of vegetables, what comes to mind? Chances are, you’re thinking of something low in calories. After all, vegetables are generally considered a healthy option, and who wants to consume too many calories if they don’t have to? However, there are some high-calorie veggies out there that you may not have considered. Growing … Read more

Foraging and Growing Spicebush

butterfly on spicebush drupe

Lindera benzoin, better known as spicebush or wild allspice, is a deciduous shrub belonging to the Lauraceae, or laurel family. It earned its common names from its highly aromatic leaves and berries. Spicebush is easy to identify, edible, and even a host for butterflies, bees, and birds. Although not a common choice, spicebush is an … Read more

Foraging and Using the Eastern Redbud Tree

easternredbud tree Cercis canadensis

The Eastern Redbud tree is one of the first trees you might spot blooming in the year if you live around the eastern side of the United States. In identification books, the Eastern Redbud tree will be known as the Cercis canadensis. This tree is also known by alternative names, including the American Redbud tree … Read more