So, Can Chickens Eat Apples?

chickens eating apples

We all know the jingle: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But can an apple a day keep the vet away? Our chickens can eat pretty much all of the same fruits and veggies that we can, with a few exceptions. It makes sense that they should be able to eat this most … Read more

Pineapple Weed Foraging, Identification, Uses, and Much More

matricaria discoidea pineapple weed

Pineapple weed plants are often a beautiful little overlooked “weed.” While they look a lot like their cousins, chamomile, a little whiff of a pineapple weed head crushed between your fingers rapidly allows you to properly identify this wild edible. The pineapple weed plant (Matricaria discoidea) somewhat also resembles mayweed (A. Cotula), but unlike the … Read more

So, Can Goats Eat Apples?

a goat eating a sliced apple

To those that don’t keep them, goats have a reputation for eating anything. This is not far from the truth! As herbivores, goats will nibble on just about any kind of vegetation they come across. This includes twigs, leaves, bark and yes, even fruit. How about apples? Can goats eat apples? Yes, goats can eat … Read more

Is Birch Really Good for Firewood?

birch trees

Anyone who depends on wood for primary or supplementary heating knows that the choice of wood is nearly as important as managing the fire itself. Every species of wood has unique properties that make it a better or worse choice than firewood. Birch is certainly beautiful and plentiful, but how does it perform as firewood? … Read more

Do Emus Lay Eggs? If so, How Many?


I’m going to let you in on a little secret, I’ve got a serious phobia of sorts revolving around birds. I can handle little ones – parrots, for example – but larger birds make me nervous. This makes emus a bit of a weird wild card. Yes, their sheer size makes me nervous, but the … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Carrots?

chicken eating cucumber and carrot

One of the best things about vegetables is the sheer variety they can provide when it comes to taste, color and texture. There is truly something for everyone, and best of all they are almost always good for you. The same holds true for your chickens, and if you want to add some color and … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Bananas?

chicken eating a peeled banana

In the wild, chickens will eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, among other things. In domestic life, chickens still enjoy and will benefit from a varied diet containing plenty of produce. Most owners know that chickens can eat just about anything and that fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, and spinach are all favorites … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Nuts?

chicken eating walnuts

One of the most popular and plentiful natural foods around the world, and in every culture, is nuts. Nuts are used as healthy snacks and as ingredients in all kinds of different dishes and are one of those things that people eat that chickens are likely to encounter in their natural environment. But can chickens … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Green Peppers

chicken eating green pepper

Chickens are omnivores, which means that they can eat both plants and animals for food. Pretty much every chicken owner finds this out pretty fast when their birds are pecking around taking a bite out of just about everything, including scraps from the kitchen! One of the best ways to treat your birds and reduce … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Zucchini?

rooster eating a zucchini

Every chicken owner probably knows by now that these birds have wide-ranging appetites, particularly concerning fruits and vegetables. It is much easier to list the kinds that they won’t eat compared to the kinds that they will. Nonetheless, it is worth investigating whether or not chickens can safely eat some less common produce. How about … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Strawberries?

chicken eating strawberries

It is no secret that chickens love all kinds of produce, fruits and vegetables alike. One type of treat that most chickens enjoy is a juicy, perfect piece of fruit. However, certain fruits and in particular berries can be harmful to chickens. How about strawberries? Can chickens eat strawberries? Yes, chickens may eat strawberries, but … Read more