Can You Eat Purslane?

Hiking, camping, and orienteering were a huge part of my childhood. I was camping at least two or three times a month and on hiking trails almost every weekend. These hiking trips took me through many different game reserves, and it was great! I could watch a herd of wildebeest (water buffalo) – from a … Read more

How To Forage and Use Greenbrier

Greenbrier Smilax Rotundifolia

Common / roundleaf Greenbrier, or Smilax rotundifolia, is a perennial woody vine growing abundantly through the eastern United States and Canada. Greenbrier can grow up to 20ft so long as it has a tall surface to climb up. Just about every part of the vine is edible. Foragers have compared the taste of different parts … Read more

Top 20 Highest Calorie Vegetables to Grow

When you think of vegetables, what comes to mind? Chances are, you’re thinking of something low in calories. After all, vegetables are generally considered a healthy option, and who wants to consume too many calories if they don’t have to? However, there are some high-calorie veggies out there that you may not have considered. Growing … Read more

51 Pear Recipes for Smoothies and Desserts

Pears have been used as culinary treats for years, and the sugary flavor ensures that’s not going to change anytime soon. The soft texture can be quite pleasant, and the flavor makes it great for smoothies and desserts. With that in mind, I thought we’d look at 51 recipes for pear desserts and smoothies. Desserts … Read more

Foraging and Growing Spicebush

butterfly on spicebush drupe

Lindera benzoin, better known as spicebush or wild allspice, is a deciduous shrub belonging to the Lauraceae, or laurel family. It earned its common names from its highly aromatic leaves and berries. Spicebush is easy to identify, edible, and even a host for butterflies, bees, and birds. Although not a common choice, spicebush is an … Read more

48 Adorable DIY Toys You Can Make Today

waldorf dolls

Toys… tools that can keep your child distracted for hours at a time. Every store you visit nowadays has a toy aisle and most of them are a treasure trove of childish distractions. Unfortunately, as the years have gone on, toys have become more advanced and, as a result, more expensive. This price increase can … Read more

Foraging False Solomon’s Seal

If you’re a homesteader or a forager, chances are you don’t pay too much attention to the shadier areas of the forests and fields you venture into. However, if you’re spending most of the time in patches of sun, you may be overlooking the handsome false Solomon’s Seal Plant. This native perennial is a great … Read more

Duck Language: How to Interpret Duck Behavior

Ducks have a language all their own. Learning how to interpret both the sounds they make and their behavior can provide keepers with a keen insight in how the ducks feel, what they need, and if predators are lurking about. The verbal language ducks use can vary widely by breed among both domesticated and wild … Read more

How to Can Beef Vegetable Soup

canned beef vegetable

Is there a more satisfying meal on a cold winter day than a slice of warm bread and a bowl of hot soup? Growing up, we had a wood stove for central heat and some of the best days were when my parents would cook up a large pot of soup on the woodstove. I’ve … Read more

9 Ways to Sex Baby Ducks

two ducklings in brooder

Learning the sex of ducklings can be a puzzling yet entertaining endeavor. All of the cute little baby ducks in your brooder or incubator might look and sound identical at first glance, but there are slight but distinct differences between the future drakes and hens. Although there are several different visual and audio cues that … Read more

How to Color Homemade Soap With Mica Powder

homemade-soap colored with mica powder

Coloring homemade soap with mica powder is a quick and simple way to create a vibrant colored soap naturally. Using mica powder to make bold or pastel hues in homemade soap also allows the maker to match the color of the bar to the scented ingredients, season, or holiday celebration. You can use mica powders … Read more