So, How Much Sun Does Corn Need?

Dakota black popcorn plants

It’s difficult to think of any crop that is more important the world over than corn. Corn is used in so many foods, either directly or through its many derivatives like corn syrup, that there are a whole lot of things that would simply disappear if there was no more corn. Corn is cheap and … Read more

So, How Much Sun Do Radishes Need?

Pink Beauty radish plant

When it comes to ideal plants for beginning gardeners, radishes are hard to beat. Most varieties are naturally pest resistant, extraordinarily hardy and many of them can grow to full size, ready for harvest in only a month. That’s pretty awesome, but there are still things that you’ll have to get right if you want … Read more

So, How Much Water Does Basil Need?

basil plant

Every plant, no matter what kind, needs water. Water is the most essential resource for life on Earth, and without enough of it everything will desiccate and die. But, if you are a gardener or landscaper, figuring out how much water to give your plants, and how often, is easier said than done. Too much … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat French Fries?

a goose eating bread

I don’t know what it is about people who own or keep animals, and that includes myself, but there’s always this strange temptation or urge to share our food with the animals in our care. Maybe it’s just some honest benevolence, maybe it’s a curiosity to see if our animal friends like the same things … Read more

So, How Much Sun Does Arugula Need?


If you’re getting sick of the same old lettuce, and are plain tired of the usual Bibb or Butterhead, arugula might be a good choice to spice up your salads or give your sandwiches a little extra pizzazz. It also happens to be extremely nutritious and is one of the easiest salad greens that you … Read more

So, How Many Steaks Are In a Cow?

a cow on a green field next to cow manure

Steak is undoubtedly one of the most popular and delicious cuts of meat out there, and enjoyed all around the world in various preparations. There is hardly anything better if you ask me: a perfectly roasted, juicy steak with steamed veggies and a big baked potato. But have you ever wondered just how many steaks … Read more

18 Fun and Interesting Facts about Cows

two cows with cowbells

There’s an old proverb that says familiarity breeds contempt. I don’t know if it always breeds contempt, but familiarity can definitely breed apathy and a lack of appreciation. This is certainly true for our animals. Concerning our livestock, when you work with them day in and day out, or have your livelihood tied up in … Read more

So, Can You Eat Turkey Eggs?

holding a turkey egg in hand

Eggs are one of those truly perfect foods. Self-contained, delicious, nutritious and super adaptable it is no wonder that eggs are a foundational food to pretty much every culture around the world. Eggs from all kinds of birds are prepared and eaten in all kinds of ways by themselves, and used as ingredients in countless … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Strawberries?

a goose eating diced waterlemon

These are, strictly speaking, omnivores but practically they tend to be considered herbivores because they subsist almost entirely on a diet of plant matter. Geese eat all kinds of plants, from grasses and shrubs to flowers and more. Although not usually considered a typical food for geese, they also eat various kinds of fruit. They … Read more

So, Are Cows Friendly? Do They Play?


If you ever look at a herd of cows standing around out in the field, they usually look a little sad. They just stand around, chewing their cud. And of course, everybody knows how infamously grumpy bulls can be. But is it possible that cows can be happy, even friendly? And do cows play amongst … Read more