The 7 Best Types of Honey Bees

holding a super with honey and bees

Even among domesticated animals of the same species, we can see considerable variation in their intrinsic qualities among different breeds. Looking at insects that are seemingly single-minded, like honey bees, we can see that various subspecies have wildly different levels productivity, and also differ in their interactions with beekeepers. Happily, no matter what your preferences … Read more

So, Does Lemongrass Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Whether you’re out camping, taking care of your property or in the middle of a desperate survival situation, if there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to make things worse, it has got to be biting mosquitoes. Mosquito bites are incredibly annoying and also sometimes dangerous because these little bloodsuckers transmit all sorts of heinous diseases. Sure, … Read more

320 Cute and Funny Sheep Names

chicken and sheep inside hoophouse

Many people think a pet should be a dog, a bird, or a cat, but sheep can be affectionate and loyal too. Lambs and adults are playful and mischievous and very entertaining to be around. But these lovable pets deserve the perfect name to go with their big personalities. I am going to give you … Read more

So, How Many Wings Do Bees Have?

bee on a flower

Bees truly are some of the most amazing creatures on Earth, and probably the single most impressive insects. From their incredible work ethic and feats of engineering to their tireless production of honey, there’s always something new to learn and admire about bees. Even their biology is impressive. Have you ever considered the acrobatic flight … Read more

So, Does Sage Keep Mosquitoes Away?

mountain sage

I can’t think of anything more annoying than being relentlessly victimized by mosquitoes when I’m outside. It doesn’t matter if I’m minding your own business on my back porch, camping, hiking, or even in the middle of a legitimate survival scenario, these parasites are relentless. They can also be quite dangerous since they are known … Read more

18 Meat Rabbit Breeds For Your Homestead

rabbit eating an apple slice

When it comes to livestock, most people immediately think of cows, or perhaps chickens, but one species that’s making a huge comeback lately is the rabbit. We usually think of rabbits as cuddly pets or sometimes as fur-bearing animals, but they actually have a pretty distinguished history of providing meat. Many domestic breeds grow big, … Read more

So, Do Rabbits Bite?

two rabbits

Most animals no matter how docile, timid, and friendly are capable of defending themselves. Although it seems unthinkable when you look at them, even a wonderfully soft and fluffy rabbit is capable of hurting you if it is scared or injured. You probably already know that rabbits have some pretty sizable teeth, and this naturally … Read more

12 Cute Lop-Eared Rabbit Breeds

holland lop rabbit

It’s surprising just how many different kinds of domestic rabbit breeds are out there. All sizes, all colors, all with all different personalities. Then you have the purpose of the breed, with most being bred for different characteristics in terms of fur or meat, or just as companion animals. But some of the most charming, … Read more

16 Goat Milking Supplies to Make Your Job Easier

man milking an alpine goat by hand

If you keep dairy goats, you already know that milking is an essential task. But for many goat-owning homesteaders, providing a sustainable source of fresh, nutritious milk for consumption is quite a chore! Goats are rarely cooperative, and milking is a surprisingly tricky skill. But, with the right gear and supplies on hand, you can … Read more

So, What Is Rabbit Meat Called?

a rabbit eating a banana slice

You already know that many kinds of meat have special names, distinct from the name of the animals that it comes from. For instance, beef comes from cows; their meat is not referred to as cow meat. Likewise, from pigs we get pork; you never hear it called pig meat. But then again, we get … Read more

So, Do Fire or Smoke Keep Mosquitoes Away?

boiling water over camp fire at night

No matter what you’re doing outside- camping, exercising, barbecuing, or just visiting with friends- there is no situation that can’t be made worse by biting, blood-sucking mosquitoes. In peak season, they can make being outdoors absolutely unbearable. And, no joke, they are surprisingly dangerous, spreading various diseases. Not good! Accordingly, you want to do everything … Read more

23 Beautiful Black Rabbit Breeds

alaska rabbit

No matter what sort of animal we’re talking about, there is always something mysterious, majestic and beautiful about all black fur or feathers. And rabbits are no different. Most rabbits have a calm, serene disposition, and when their velvety for is as black as night it combines to give them a downright regal air. Whether … Read more

How to Make Garlic Powder Step by Step

garlic powder in jar next to garlic cloves

I don’t know about you, but I use entirely too much garlic when I’m in the kitchen. I can’t get enough of the stuff! Fresh garlic, of course, but it’s garlic powder that I reach for from time to time. And even better, it’s my own garlic powder that I’ve made at home! I didn’t … Read more