So, Can Goats Eat Celery?

a goat eating celery

Goats enjoy eating all sorts of plant matter, including some fruits and vegetables. Although goats should be eating primarily a diet composed of hay, grass, silage, and bark, some whole produce is a good inclusion for variety and overall nutrition. How about celery? Can goats eat celery? Yes, goats may eat celery and they typically … Read more

So, Can Goats Eat Strawberries?

goat eating some wild strawberries

Strawberries are one of the most treasured and delectable fruits that are commonly available. Delicately sweet, a little tart, and highly aromatic, it is no wonder that they are enjoyed the world over. Goats can eat all sorts of fruits and it might seem totally natural that goats could also enjoy strawberries, but is it … Read more

So, Can Goats Eat Pineapple?

a goat eating pineapple

Pineapples are certainly one of the most famous and among the most delicious tropical fruits in common trade today. Massive, incredibly sweet, and highly adaptable to many recipes in various cuisines around the world, there is no denying that the pineapple has truly gone global. But how about for our goats? Goats can eat all … Read more

So, Can Goats Eat Mango?

a goat enjoying some mango

Goats shouldn’t have a diet with too much fruit in it, but there is no denying that fruit is nonetheless a valuable source of nutrition for them. When fed sparingly to goats, all kinds of fruits can give them a good burst of energy, plenty of vitamins and minerals and extra hydration. Goats can even … Read more

62 Dandelion Recipes You Won’t Want To Miss

dandelion petals in a bucket

It’s springtime on the homestead, and along with spring come spring flowers, including, the ever so abundant and humble, dandelion. Dandelions are actually an herb, also referred to by their Botanical Latin name of Taraxacum-officinale. My grandma would gather us up as kids and we’d head outside with our little garden tools and pick dandelion … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Nettles?

a hen eating stinging nettle

Chickens can eat all kinds of things out in nature that would otherwise give humans problems. They don’t bulk at the hottest chili peppers, they seem like they could care less about thorns and we’ll even happily gobble down several irritating plants. How about nettles? Can chickens eat nettles? Yes, chickens can eat all kinds … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Hay and Haylage?

a chicken trying to eat some hay

If you live on a bustling homestead or a working farm, you probably already know that your chickens are opportunistic feeders, and our entirely happy to break into the enclosures of other animals in order to try their food. Most foods that other animals eat aren’t harmful to chickens, but how about hay and haylage? … Read more

The 11 Best Pack Horse Breeds

pack horse breeds collage

Horses don’t just have to be an expensive and occasionally temperamental way to get around or hit the trail on the weekend. Since time immemorial, mankind has relied on beasts of burden to move people and cargo, and we still do so even today where vehicles don’t measure up. Pack horses have been used for … Read more

So, Can Goats Eat Alfalfa?

a goat eating some alfalfa

Goats, though popularly thought of as animals with cast iron stomachs that can eat absolutely everything and survive, are actually fairly particular eaters. They have specific, even difficult nutritional requirements, and require a diet that is varied while checking all the boxes off their list of needed vitamins and minerals. Accordingly, finding Mainstays that they … Read more

So, Can Goats Eat Pine Needles?

a goat eating pine needles

If we are being honest here, goats are pretty strange, at least when it comes to their eating habits. It is a common occurrence to see them turn their nose up at fresh greenery only to eat bark right off of a tree or even whole twigs and sticks. There’s nothing for it though, and … Read more

Silkie Chickens: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever seen a chicken with feathers that look like they’re made of silk? That’s because they are called Silkie chickens! These unique creatures are known for their calm demeanor and soft feathers, which make them a popular choice for backyard farmers. If you’re thinking about adding a few silkies to your flock, read … Read more

So, Can Goats Eat Kiwi?

a goat enjoying some kiwi

Goats are herbivores, but they need more than just grass and leaves in their diet to thrive. Goats need a variety of produce, including veggies and fruit. Surprisingly, goats can eat a wide variety of tropical fruits that may surprise you. How about kiwi, for instance? Can goats eat kiwi? Yes, goats can eat kiwi, … Read more

So, Can Goats Eat Raisins?

a goat eating raisins

Goat owners know that when it comes to giving your goats treats, they often show a decided preference for sweet stuff, particularly fruit. And who doesn’t love a juicy, ripe piece of fruit? But how about dried fruit? Raisins are about the most popular dried fruit there is, tasty, long-lasting, and convenient. But can our … Read more