14 DIY Mostly Cheap Goat Pen Ideas

pygmy goat in its pen

Ask anyone who has kept goats for any length of time, and they will tell you: keeping your goats in place and on your property is a lot easier said than done. The fact of the matter is that goats are excellent escape artists, or jailbreakers as I like to call them, and as a … Read more

What’s the Average Weight of a Goat? 

Nigerian Dwarf Goats eating hay, in snow

If you decided to embark on a lifestyle of keeping livestock, one of the most important things to figure out is what size of animals you are comfortable with. Different species can run the gamut from truly tiny, like chickens, to humongous like horses. The size of an animal affects how much room it needs, … Read more

So, What’s the Average Weight of a Chicken?

a Light Brahma rooster

When it comes to raising livestock of any kind, and that includes poultry like chickens, watching their weight is important. No, not just for aesthetics, not all the time, but to make sure they are on target for their productivity, be it meat or eggs, and also healthy overall. A chicken that’s underweight or overweight … Read more

How Warm Should I Keep My Baby Chicks?

baby chicks inside brooder with heat lamp and feeder

Bringing home a bundle of baby chicks, or hatching them yourself, is always an exciting time, but it is a perilous one, too. Chicks are incredibly delicate, and very easy to sicken or even kill accidentally. Not enough water, not enough food, and, arguably most important of all, not enough warmth. If your baby chicks … Read more

So, How Much is a Rooster?

rooster eating chopped celery root

If you want chickens, and tell someone that you want to add a rooster to your flock, they might give you a funny look. If it’s because they also own chickens they might be worried about your sanity. If it’s your neighbor, they are doubtless worried about the noise your new addition is going to … Read more

How Much Cold Can My Chickens Take?

chicken flock using shoveled path to get through snow

If there’s one thing most folks tend to pity our animals for, it is the fact that they have to live outside pretty much all the time. Even our chickens that have nice, warm coops to live in spend most of their time outside exposed to the elements. That’s just the way things are, and … Read more

Top 20 Most Beautiful Chicken Breeds

Gold Laced Polish cockerel

Most folks don’t spare chickens even a second glance. They’re just poultry at the end of the day, and they are where our meat and eggs come from. Not much to them, right? Not if you pay attention to them, and admire them, like us chicken lovers do! Although they aren’t ever counted among the … Read more

Soaking and Cooking Beans the Right Way

soft beans next to hard beans

Beans are one of the most versatile staples eaten around the world. Packed with protein and minerals, there are dozens of varieties out there, each with a different flavor profile and texture. They make a wonderful addition to nearly any meal, and are used in countless recipes, but dried beans can also be an important … Read more

Can Sheep Eat Fruit? Is it Safe?

two sheep enjoying some grapes

If there’s one thing that most domestic animal species enjoy compared to their wild cousins, it is a diet of safety, security, and variety. Whereas a wild animal will have to eat what it can get, no matter how unpalatable it seems or how questionable its safety is, animals that are under the care of … Read more

So, Do Hens Crow Like Roosters?

Golden Comet hens inside coop

If you own a flock of chickens, especially one that has a rooster or two, you already know that they can be pretty noisy. Roosters especially tend to sound off loud and proud throughout the day, and invariably first thing in the morning and in the evening. But what’s strange is that some folks report … Read more

Can Sheep Eat Meat? Is it Safe?

a sheep with its tongue out

You know, every once in a while, animals can surprise you. Sometimes it’s with their intelligence, and sometimes it’s by doing things that you didn’t know they could do. Sometimes, it’s even the things they eat! I think everybody knows that all animals have a preferred and typical diet, but sometimes they have to make … Read more

Can Sheep Eat Horse Feed? Is it Safe?

a sheep with its tongue out

If you live on a homestead or a farm with lots of different animals running around, you probably already know that, from time to time, different critters are going to get into each other’s food. No matter how hard you try, that’s just the way it is. And even when it comes to our sheep, … Read more

How Much to Feed Your Chickens Per Day

chicken eating red beans and corn

As with any livestock, giving chickens the right amount of food each and every day is mandatory if you want them to stay healthy and thrive. They must have enough calories and nutrition, of course, but it’s bad to give them too little or too much in kind. And believe me, it’s an easy thing … Read more

Salmon Faverolle Chickens: The Complete Guide

a Salmon Faverolles hen

Every person who keeps chickens for any length of time will soon develop favorites. Favorite individual birds, yes, but also favorite breeds. That’s one of the great things about being a chicken fancier: there are so many unique and gorgeous chickens out here to appreciate! So many, in fact, that it can be a little … Read more