The Many Roles of the Queen Bee in the Hive

queen bee marked with arrow

One of the most fascinating displays of organization and industry found in nature is the humble beehive. Bees work together, in unison, both to construct their home and to provide food and resources for all of the bees living in it. But, at the head of every beehive is a queen bee. Most people think … Read more

Silvopasture for Your Goats: A Full Guide

goat foraging leaves from a tree

With the sharp rise in people moving away from urban and suburban living, and heading back to a more sustainable and agrarian lifestyle, permaculture practices are fast becoming a trending topic. Most folks that want to head out into the country and set up a homestead to call their own get animals of one kind … Read more

Headbutting in Goats (and What to Do About It)

two goats climbed on a 4-wheeler ATV

If you were going to associate one behavior with goats, what would it be? Eating, yeah, you’re right—that’s on me. But the second behavior most likely to be associated with would probably be headbutting. Goats headbutt for all sorts of reasons, and at the end of the day, it’s an entirely natural and instinctive behavior. … Read more

20 Curious Facts You Didn’t Know About Goats

goat munching on kale

You know that old saying, “familiarity breeds contempt”? When it comes to animals in our everyday lives, familiarity might not breed contempt but it does breed boredom. And when you look at common livestock animals like goats, it’s easy to forget that they are as amazing, interesting, and in many ways, surprising, as any exotic … Read more

Feeding Grits to Chickens (My Best Tips)

two hens eating corn and grits

Chickens are some of the most adaptable animals out there, capable of withstanding nearly any weather conditions and eating just about anything… Sure, most domestic birds live on a diet of feed with a few choice things thrown in, but most keepers enjoy giving their flocks supplemental foods and treats to help keep them engaged … Read more

28 Really Interesting Facts About Bees

woman in beekeeping suit inspecting a frame full of bees

If all you’ve ever done is buy honey off of the grocery store shelf, you might not have a true appreciation for what it takes to get that delicious, golden stuff in that little bear-shaped bottle. Of course you know that bees make honey, but if you don’t know a lot about the day in … Read more

What Vegetables Shouldn’t Be Planted Near Each Other

guild companion planting squash tomato sprouts mint borage

If you’ve been gardening for any length of time, you’re probably familiar with the concept of companion planting. These are plants that can help each other, even directly support each other, in a mutually beneficial way. Usually, one plant will require lots of one type of nutrient that the other doesn’t, or it can improve … Read more