So, Can Chickens Eat French Fries?

hens eating french fries

If we’re being honest, I think every pet owner feels the temptation to feed their beloved companion some of whatever they have to eat. We know we probably shouldn’t. We know it is almost certainly bad for our animal friends. But just look at their eyes! Look how eager they are to sample whatever you’re … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Eggplant?

a roster eating eggplant

One of the best things about eating vegetables is the sheer variety that is on display in nature. All the kinds, colors, shapes, tastes, and textures mean there is something for everyone. This counts for your chickens, too, as they will eat pretty much any kind of veggie that we can. How about eggplant? Can … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Green Beans?

two chickens eating green beans

Chickens mostly eat chicken feed for sustenance, but they love getting produce as a treat or supplement to their usual fare. Chickens can eat most of the vegetables that people eat, be it items from your kitchen or your garden. How about green beans? Can chickens eat them? Yes, your chickens can eat green beans, … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Dogwood Berries?

two hens eating dogwood berries

Dogwoods make up an entire family of woody plants, both trees, and shrubs, which are known for their plentiful, distinctive blossoms and most notably their berries. Growing in bunches and in many different colors depending on the species, dogwoods are a common sight in many parts of the world and all around North America. Since … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Dairy?

chickens eating cheese

If you own chickens, you certainly know by now what adventurous eaters they are. There doesn’t seem to be anything they will not eat, or at least try to eat! Every kind of meat, veggie, fruit, seed, and more will all be on the menu at some point. They will even eat dog food! But … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Cabbage?

chicken eating cabbage

Chickens love all kinds of veggies, including a bunch that people eat. This makes it easy to give them the occasional treat or scrap leftover from your meals. One of the most popular vegetables all over the world is cabbage. Chances are you have cabbage from time to time and have probably wondered if you … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Dates?

a few chickens enjoying some dates

Dates are one of the most delectable and delicious fruits around, especially when dried. These succulent morsels are wonderful as a snack, in salads, and as an ingredient in sweet or savory dishes. If you have chickens, you know they are always ready to try new foods. So what about dates? Can chickens eat them? … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Grapes?

a rooster eating grapes

On a hot day or whenever you want juicy, sweet refreshment, fresh grapes are one of the best things you could reach for. If you have chickens, they could probably stand a little something to get through a hot day as well. You already know what greens they prefer, but how about grapes? Can you … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Cucumbers?

chicken eating cucumber and carrot

Chickens are known for eating just about anything they can reach or catch. Bugs, seeds, nuts, fruits, veggies- nothing is off the table. In fact, chickens can eat many things that come off of your table. Giving your chickens some spare produce from your kitchen is a great way to add variety to their diet … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Blueberries?

chickens eating blueberries

There is hardly anything more appealing to eat than a perfectly ripe blueberry. The intense flavor, the delicate sweetness and the beautiful color all come together to create a work of art that is as delicious as it is stunning. You might enjoy blueberries or not, but it makes you wonder if your chickens do, … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Broccoli?

chicken eating broccoli

Part of the fun of owning chickens is seeing how they show interest in a wide variety of foods, including some items from your own kitchen. Any time you have leftover veggies, there is a good chance your chickens will enjoy finishing it off for you. Broccoli is one such veggie that might not be … Read more

So, Are Rabbit Scratches Dangerous?


Rabbit scratches can be a common issue for many people who own pet rabbits. Despite their adorable good looks and gentle demeanor, rabbits do have claws and can scratch with them. Some people have gone so far as to raise the alarm about specific risks to people who are scratched by rabbits. Sounds serious! Are … Read more