So, Can Chickens Eat Cilantro?

newly introduced chickens to the flock

If you’ve ever watched chickens go to and fro on your property while out foraging for food, you’ve probably noticed that they take a bite here and there for most plants, and then others they will eat right down to the ground. Turns out a lot of chickens most favorite plants are actually herbs, and … Read more

So, Can Goats Eat Maple Leaves?

two goats

Goats like eating all kinds of greenery, from hay and grass to leaves and even twigs off of trees. Lots of new owners get surprised when they see their goats stripping the bark, leaves, and branches right off of trees that they can reach. Believe it or not, such material actually makes up an important … Read more

Will My Compost Smell? How Bad Will it Be?

compost pile

Whatever kind of planting and gardening you’re doing around your home, one of the best resources in your arsenal is a large, properly maintained compost pile. Aside from reducing waste, composting allows you to supercharge your plants with tons of nutrition that they desperately need. Plenty of beginning gardeners want to start a compost pile … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Straw?

two six months old freedom ranger hens

Chickens eat all sorts of surprising things. These omnivorous yard birds will happily eat meat, insects, leaves, fruits, veggies, and even grass. Let it be said that a chicken will never run out of things to eat. In fact, they are often seen swiping food and even bedding from other animals given the chance. How … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Parsley?

newly introduced chickens to the flock

Chickens will eat all kinds of things, including things that you and I would rather not. On the topic of herbs, parsley is most commonly used in America as a simple garnish. This is a shame because parsley is actually a nutritional rockstar, absolutely jam-packed with vitamins and minerals. Small wonder why it isn’t eaten … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Gourds?

newly introduced chickens to the flock

Gourds are one fruit that is rarely thought of as food, at least in North America, but nonetheless is a regular sight when autumn rolls around. Though these hard-shelled plants are commonly associated with pumpkins, cucumbers, squashes, and melons, there are nonetheless distinct unto themselves. Culturally significant around the world, what we really need to … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Ivy and Ivy Berries?

newly introduced chickens to the flock

Chickens are well known for eating all sorts of plant matter when they are allowed to forage. Sometimes they eat things that we would prefer them not to, and other times they eat plants that, seemingly, nothing else wants to eat. How about ivy and ivy berries, for instance? Can chickens eat them? Yes, generally … Read more

Are White Pumpkins White Inside?

white pumpkins

When you think of a pumpkin, you probably immediately think of the classic orange variety. But did you know that white pumpkins exist, too? It’s true: that white, pumpkin-looking squash is not some special variety of squash, it’s just a white pumpkin! Sometimes what you see really I what you get, but this begs the … Read more

So, Will Pigs Eat Bones?

pig in front of its pen

Domestic pigs are omnivorous and energetic eaters. Everyone knows that, and the expression “eating like a pig” has been with us for so long for a good reason! Pigs eat produce, grains, meat, and all sorts of things. Some people also assert that pigs eat bones, easily and happily. Could this be true? It’s hard … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Kumquat?

two six months old freedom ranger hens

If you own chickens, you probably know by now that chickens can eat all kinds of fruits and other produce, though there are a few examples that are distinctly off-limits. Surprisingly, there are many exotic or tropical fruits that are good for chickens, but not quite all. How about kumquats? Can chickens eat kumquats? Yes, … Read more

So, Do Chickens Eat Ticks?

a chicken trying to eat some hay

Raising a flock of chickens is seen as something of a rite of passage for homesteaders, and one with many benefits. From baskets of fresh eggs to effective fertilization of crops and even the control of harmful insect populations. Regarding this last benefit, some homesteaders report that they see a plunge in tick numbers on … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Pineapple?

chickens eating pineapple

Chickens love fruit, and there is hardly any fruit more delicious and refreshing than pineapple. But when you stop to think about it, would chickens really have access to pineapple in the wild? It is enough to get you thinking, but all we need to know is whether or not chickens can eat pineapple. Yes, … Read more