Homemade Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Soap

brown sugar and cinnamon exfoliating soap

This brown sugar and cinnamon soap makes both a great part of your natural everyday beauty routine as well as a beautifully scented homemade gift. Using a goat’s milk melt and pour base takes the guesswork and lye concerns out of the soapmaking process. It takes just roughly 10 minutes to make multiple bars of … Read more

Can You Really Make Soap Without Lye?

homemade soap

Making soap is not a complicated process, but it is a process that involves some very specific steps … unless you want to wind up with a useless pile of goop. Soap is basically a mixture of combined oils, fats, and a caustic solution. So, can you make soap without any lye? No, you can’t … Read more

14 DIY Natural Air Freshener Recipes

diy wax melt fresheners

DIY natural air fresheners, both sprays and other varieties, will keep your house smelling sweet and fresh without introducing and potentially dangerous chemicals into your home. I used to love the smell of my home after squirting a bit (OK, sometimes a lot) of air freshener spray from an attractive store-bought bottle. That is, until … Read more

DIY Natural Lip Gloss – Cheap and Easy!

diy lip gloss

Making your own DIY all natural lip gloss will not only prevent the absorption of potentially dangerous chemicals and fragrance ingredients, but is far cheaper, fun, and allows for customization of both texture and scent. There is no need to empty your wallet to buy popular and pricey lip gloss from trendy suppliers like Fenty … Read more

Two Homemade Eye Shadow Recipes to Try

two shades of homemade eye shadow in glass jars

DIY natural eyeshadow recipes are simple and economical to make. Making your own cosmetics allows you to still look your very best without exposing your body to artificial dyes, pigments, and chemical compounds. Just a few of the potentially harmful ingredients found in commercially manufactured eyeshadow include formaldehyde parabens, titanium dioxide, yellow carnauba wax, benzalkonium … Read more

DIY Honey and Coconut Oil Body Wash Recipe

diy honey body wash final product

Making your own all-natural body wash will not only help eliminate your family’s exposure to potentially harmful toxins, it will save you copious amounts of money as well. As an added bonus it can double as shampoo, a light hair conditioner, or even shaving lotion. Why make your own natural body wash instead of just … Read more

DIY Homemade Deodorant Stick and Spray

liquid and solid DIY deodorants

Natural deodorant recipes have a lot in common with commercially manufactured deodorants and antiperspirants, but it is what they don’t have that is most important. The vast majority of store-bought deodorants contain aluminum and other potentially harmful toxins. DIY natural deodorants are our best only option to control sweat and body odor without infusing your … Read more

DIY Natural Wax Melt Air Fresheners

diy wax melt fresheners

Making your own natural wax melt air fresheners is easy, fun, cheap, and keeps potentially harmful artificial ingredients out of your home. Commercially manufactured wax melts are made with a paraffin wax. There is no need to use such a petroleum-based wax to enjoy both the look and fragrance of wax melts – all natural … Read more

DIY Natural Mascara

diy mascara ingredients

Making natural mascara is perhaps the most difficult of creating your own cosmetics from ingredients that are not artificial – and possibly toxic. A lot of trial and error is involved when making anything from scratch, but mascara poses a unique set of problems. The space the mascara must be placed, the eyelashes, is thin, … Read more