Can Chickens and Ducks Live Together?

chickens and ducks hanging around in the shade

Chickens and ducks are both poultry birds and are often of nearly equal size. Since they typically eat the same feed and treats, many homesteaders have wondered if both types of birds can live together in the same coop and run. Yes, chickens and ducks can usually live together. How early the poultry birds begin … Read more

Floating Egg Test: Does it Really Work?

egg that failed the floating test

When you raise your own chickens or ducks to provide eggs for the homestead, there is no carton expiration date to rely on to determine freshness. Sell by or best by dates are a guide to help us to determine freshness, but not necessarily when the egg has gone bad. Rotten eggs have a distinctive … Read more

How to Tan a Cow Hide Using Traditional Methods

a dried and salted cow hide

So, you live on a homestead and raise your own meat. That’s great. You get extra self-reliance points if you butcher the meat yourself. But, your journey to a sustainable life, an existence where you always use resources wises and for optimal benefit, will not end before you learn how to tan hides. There are … Read more

Watch Out for These 20 Homesteading Accidents!

homesteading accidents featured

Note: this is not medical advice. Neither the author nor shall be held liable for any misuse of the advice given in this article. If you get hurt, call 9-1-1 or your doctor. Homesteading life is full of all kinds of joy, hard work – and accidents. Agriculture accidents can be gruesomely deadly. The majority … Read more