dogwood tree with flowers

How and Why to Grow Dogwood Trees

May 12, 2020 Tara Dodrill 2

Homesteaders do not often focus the planting plan on any trees that do not produce food or firewood. Space if maximized to its best potential on homesteads both large and small. At first glance, planting […]

diy wax melt fresheners

14 DIY Natural Air Freshener Recipes

May 7, 2020 Tara Dodrill 0

DIY natural air fresheners, both sprays and other varieties, will keep your house smelling sweet and fresh without introducing and potentially dangerous chemicals into your home. I used to love the smell of my home […]


So, How Long Do Seeds Last?

April 7, 2020 Tara Dodrill 0

Saving seeds so you can start a new crop the following season only makes good economic sense. Preserving the seeds from a tasty and bountiful vegetable, fruit, or herb harvest also helps you increase the […]