What Rabbits Can Eat – And What They Shouldn’t

rabbits eating greens

Rabbits have incredibly simple dietary needs. Most rabbits are, sadly, kept in hutches off the ground and never get the chance to touch grass when they are commercially raised. Homesteaders can (and should) go an entirely different and more healthy route with their meat rabbits allowing the animals to feed far more naturally, and costing … Read more

19 Chicken Coop Must-Haves for a Happy Flock


Keeping your flock both happy and healthy begins and ends with coop setup and maintenance. Even if you free-range your poultry birds daily like I do, the attributes of the coop still play a significant role in the overall demeanor and wellness. You will need to provide not just the basics (food, water, and bedding), … Read more

How to Butcher a Pig

butchering a pig

You have fed and raised a hog all spring, summer, and into the fall. It is now time to bring home the bacon. You got the pig to your ideal size to get the most out of it, I like ours to be right around 300 pounds, but go with your preference. A good butcherer … Read more

84 Things Sheep Can Eat and 50 Things They Cannot

sheep eating hay

Sheep are a very self-sufficient type of livestock to have on the homestead, and, like goats, they are excellent browsers. Even though sheep can eat a wide variety of hay, grass, and human food, there are some types of natural and man-made items that consuming can provoke a severe health issue – or even death. … Read more

The 14 Best Rooster Breeds to Choose From

bantam rooster

Roosters are a necessary evil on the homestead. Yes, I am classifying them as evil – I wouldn’t have a few months ago, but this last rowdy row was sentenced to the freezer early because I had simply had enough of his attacks on, well… every person and critter who walked within 40 feet of … Read more

10 Best Egg-Laying Chicken Breeds

A Columbian Wyandotte

If you’re considering getting your very own flock of chickens, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans keep chickens these days; you can find them on homesteads as well as in the backyards of suburban America as well. One of the best reasons to keep chickens is for the fresh eggs that they produce. There is … Read more

30 Chicken Diseases You Absolutely Must Know

sick baby chick

If you are interested in raising chickens, you likely have made this decision because chickens are one of the easiest kinds of livestock you can raise. While there’s not much you need to do in order to help them thrive, it is possible for your backyard flock to be infected with one of many different … Read more

How to Collect Chicken Eggs and How Often

chicken eggs

Getting farm fresh eggs to scramble, bake, or cook with is just one of the many joys that come from keeping a flock of chickens or ducks. But, when and how you both collect and store eggs plays a massive role in their longevity. How Often Should You Collect Chicken Eggs? Collecting chickens eggs should … Read more

Can Chickens and Ducks Live Together?

child playing with chickens and ducks

Chickens and ducks are both poultry birds and are often of nearly equal size. Since they typically eat the same feed and treats, many homesteaders have wondered if both types of birds can live together in the same coop and run. The short answer is yes – chickens and ducks can live together. Usually. How … Read more

Floating Egg Test: Does it Really Work?

egg that failed the floating test

When you raise your own chickens or ducks to provide eggs for the homestead, there is no carton expiration date to rely on to determine freshness. Sell by or best by dates are a guide to help us to determine freshness, but not necessarily when the egg has gone bad. Rotten eggs have a distinctive … Read more