Do Solar Panels and Chargers Work Indoors?

solar panel indoors

Solar panels are an almost free way to generate electricity, but in some cases, you don’t want to keep your panels outdoors. This could obviously lead to efficiency issues, which is what I want to investigate and test out in what follows. The question I’m trying to find an answer to today is: Do solar … Read more

22 Profitable Animals You Should Raise

ducks, a goat and pig near pond

Looking for profitable farming animals you can raise? You’ve stumbled upon the perfect resource… Mention raising animals for profit to anyone, and I’m sure that the first animal that they suggest will be chickens. This is because chickens are perhaps the easiest livestock to care for and make money from – and with so many … Read more

So, Should Chickens Eat Cantaloupe?

Anyone who keeps animals will understand that the biggest, and often most expensive task is feeding them. Buying commercially produced animal feed is convenient. This type of feed has the nutrients required to supply a balanced diet for your animals. However, we often have a surplus of homegrown products. Any surplus is great, we can … Read more

So, Can Rabbits Eat Eggplant?

eggplant fruit

Many animals are kept for a food supply, to make money, or just because it is fun to have animals around. One of the most popular animals to keep fits that bill on all accounts is rabbits. They are cute animals and easy to keep as pets as they require little space. They will eat … Read more