Traditional Scottish Shortbread Step by Step

Scottish shortbread cookies

In our household Christmas was associated with Scottish relatives bringing across beautifully packaged traditional shortbread, when they came to stay with the cousins in South Africa. My mom would get busy in the kitchen preparing the shortbread, according to the way her great aunt from Edinburgh had taught her. What makes Scottish shortbread different to … Read more

Whole Baked Chicken in Brown Paper Bag

brown paper bag chicken

Chicken, it can be cooked in about any way imaginable and is a favorite meat for many. Everyone has their favorite way of preparing it and their favorite cut of meat they prefer to eat. The possibilities for eating chicken are pretty much endless. Usually you will see chicken prepared by cuts such as breast … Read more

How To Make Red Clover Tea (Recipe)

red clover tea

Red clover is foraged for both its medicinal and nutrient-ish edible properties. This natural tea is filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that can also help boost the immune system and reduce inflammation. Taking just a single cup of red clover tea may help prevent harmful organisms that cause infection from making you sick – … Read more

How To Make Red Clover Flower Flour

red clover with mortar and pestle

Red clover flower flour is easy to make, all you need to do is forage (or grow) some clover and pound it into tiny bits. You can mix red and white clover together to make this survival flour substitute, as well. To make red clover flour you must grind up the flowerheads – and leaves … Read more

Three Sisters Stew Recipe With Tomatoes

Three Sisters Stew

Three Sisters stew is filled with the protein, fiber, and vitamins that are necessary to keep the body strong for homesteading or survival homesteading chores. This ancient Iroquois recipe was created to make use of every last ounce of a bountiful harvest from their traditional garden guild growing methods. The Three Sister Garden provides all … Read more

How To Make Red Clover Lemonade

red clover lemonade

Red clover lemonade may have been one of the items Mary Poppins kept tucked away in that big bag of hers. The first time I sipped it the “spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down,” lyrics danced around in my head while my tastebuds rejoiced. Making a “medicine” that cost merely pennies that even … Read more

Traditional Three Sisters Soup Recipe

three sisters soup

Three Sisters soup is a filling and nutrient rich delicious recipe that you can whip up in large amounts after the harvest – and then preserve so it can be enjoyed all winter long. The base ingredients for this homesteading favorite come from the ancient Iroquois Three Sisters Garden. The tribe may have created the … Read more

Survival Crackers Recipe and History

survival cracker

Doomsday crackers, survival rations, survival crackers, whatever you want to call them, these were created during the Cold War era after extensive research by the federal government. These shelf-stable crackers are somewhat like hardtack crackers on steroids. Making and preserving your own crackers will provide a nutrient-rich and inexpensive food source that can be plucked … Read more

Condensed Milk Coffee – Quick and Easy

condensed milk coffee

The coffee recipe here is based on a style of coffee served in Southeast Asia. Thai coffee and Vietnamese coffee are similar, in that both are sweetened with condensed milk. Thai coffee has a generous amount of cardamom and cinnamon added to the coffee basket, along with almond extract. When I was a boy, I … Read more

Kalua Pork Recipe

kalua pork on plate

Kālua is a traditional Hawaiian style of cooking that involves an imu, which is a type of underground oven. This is the traditional “pig roast” that you see during luau feasts where the pig is placed in the ground and roasted. It has gained great popularity with tourists who visit the area, and you can … Read more

Delicious Affogato Recipe

affagato coffee

This can be served for dessert, or is good anytime. In the summer, I will get a small cup of soft ice cream, and a small hot coffee. Mix the two together in a large cup, and the results are delicious. Good ice cream or gelato flavors are: Vanilla Chocolate Salted caramel Coffee Brew the … Read more