Condensed Milk Coffee – Quick and Easy

condensed milk coffee

The coffee recipe here is based on a style of coffee served in Southeast Asia. Thai coffee and Vietnamese coffee are similar, in that both are sweetened with condensed milk. Thai coffee has a generous amount of cardamom and cinnamon added to the coffee basket, along with almond extract. When I was a boy, I … Read more

Cardamom Honey Coffee Recipe – Quick and Easy

cardamon coffee

This recipe makes a very strong, sweet coffee. The preparation method below is with a French press, which is my favorite method of brewing coffee. A French press consists of an outer shell, a carafe which fits into the shell, and a lid with a filter screen plunger attached. The ground coffee is infused into hot … Read more

Delicious Mocha Coffee Recipe

mocha coffee featured

So easy to prepare and so good. Accompaniments sliced oranges chocolate cake Origins Café mocha, or chocolate coffee has been around since chocolate was brought to Europe from the Americas. Coffee and chocolate have an affinity for each other; the flavors blend with each other and complement each other. The term mocha originally referred to … Read more

Homemade Coffee Chews

Homemade Coffee Chews

These are delicious little nuggets of coffee, fat and protein. Storage & Uses Coffee nuggets will keep in the fridge for about three weeks. They can also be frozen for about 6 months. Each coffee chew contains peanut butter, with 8 grams of heart healthy fat per tablespoon, and about 57 mg of caffeine per … Read more

Delicious Affogato Recipe

affagato coffee

This can be served for dessert, or is good anytime. In the summer, I will get a small cup of soft ice cream, and a small hot coffee. Mix the two together in a large cup, and the results are delicious. Good ice cream or gelato flavors are: Vanilla Chocolate Salted caramel Coffee Brew the … Read more

Maple Buttered Coffee Recipe

Maple Buttered Coffee

There is a trend of putting butter in coffee. I find this sweet and creamy version more palatable. Accompaniments Nutella and butter on a baguette Raspberry jam and butter on a baguette Origins This coffee is inspired by three other beverages. In Tibet, people drink a smoky tea loaded up with yak butter and pink … Read more

Introduction to Coffee and its Varieties


There are so many choices today for coffee drinkers. The popularity of coffee drinks such as cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, and Americanos offer variety the American coffee did not have available 40 years ago. The (brief) history of coffee The legend of coffee is that an Ethiopian goat farmer noticed his goats jumping around and dancing … Read more

Coffee with Cognac – Simply Delicious

black coffee with cognac

This is just so good on a cold winter night. Cognac and coffee were made for each other. The addition of Cognac lends a completely new spectrum of flavors to coffee. In my opinion, this is about the only way to drink Cognac other than serving it neat. The only other way might be with … Read more

Homemade Chili Step by Step

homemade chili final

There are many stories and accounts of how Chili was developed. One of the more plausible versions I have heard is that in the 19th century, a cook on a wagon train traveling out west was preparing the evening meal. He was making beef stew, but found he had nothing but onions to throw in … Read more

Homemade Porridge Recipe Step by Step

homemade porridge

Porridge is filling, nourishing, and warm and comforting on a cold winter morning. Or a cold winter evening for that matter. Who says it can’t be served for dinner. Porridge has been eaten in one form or another for millennia. Almost every culture on earth has a version of porridge. It is a basic, fundamental … Read more

9 Delicious Homemade Lemonade Recipes

American Traditions and Pride in our History Lemonade has been drunk in America since at least the 1600’s as a simple blend of lemons, water, and sugar.  Lemonade is a summer tradition, and along with apple pie, chocolate chip cookies, Chili, and Barbecue is an important symbol of our nation. Learn to make these traditional … Read more

Delicious Homemade Apple Pies, Crisps, Tarts and More

apple pie tarts cover

Apples are part of American history. Apples originated in Asia, and were brought to Europe by the Roman Empire and to America by colonists. Desserts made with apples have been around for centuries. English colonists brought apples with them the New World, as only crab apples were native to North America. In 1759, a Swedish … Read more

Homemade Peanut Butter & Other Nut Butters

peanut butter cover

Tree nuts are the edible meat contained within an inedible shell, which obviously grow on trees. Peanuts are a legume rather than a tree nut, and grow underground. Seeds are unrelated to nuts, and are the part of a fruit, flower or vegetable which germinates and produces another plant. The nutritional value of nuts and … Read more