Traditional Oxtail Soup Recipe

oxtail soup

Oxtail. It sounds fancy, elegant, and difficult to use in everyday cooking – but you couldn’t be further from the truth. Oxtail, simply the culinary name for the tail of cattle (technically the tail of a steer) typically weighs about three pounds and is skinned and cut into short, usable lengths for cooking. Oxtail not … Read more

Coffee with Cognac – Simply Delicious

black coffee with cognac

This is just so good on a cold winter night. Cognac and coffee were made for each other. Suggested Accompaniments What is the difference between Cognac & other types of brandy? Brandy is a liquor, or spirit made from a mash of distilled fruit.. The word brandy is derived from the word Brandywijn, which is … Read more

How to Make Delicious Bark Bread

bark bread

Let’s face it – nothing beats a delicious loaf of bread. And wheat is a staple crop throughout much of the world. However, famine and other crises happen, and in a pinch, you need emergency food that will last a long time – and can be produced even when grain production has come to a … Read more

Garlic-infused Honey Recipe

garlic infused honey cover

I have always been into making my own health remedies. Not only is it cool to try and heal yourself but making your own remedies is seriously satisfying. It’s amazing to think that you have healing foods, herbs, and spices hanging out in your kitchen. For most people. Running to the doctor at the first … Read more

Herb Roasted Whole Chicken Recipe

medicinal herb roasted chicken logo

This whole roasted chicken is absolutely delicious! Although I typically roast the whole chicken in the oven, I also make in either our charcoal grill or wood smoker. Yes, as with pretty much everything, this recipe will taste even more delicious coming straight from the grill or smoker. Whole chicken made using this recipe literally … Read more

How To Make Deer Jerky With a Jerky Gun

Deer jerky is both delicious and incredibly simple to make. Yes, that’s right, I said simple. Far too many folks think that making beef, deer or any other type of wild game jerky is a complicated and time-consuming process. Nothing could be further from the truth. I actually think it takes me longer to pick … Read more

Easy Stinging Nettle Recipes You’ll Love

Eating wild never tasted so good! If you love spinach, you will love stinging nettles. Even if you hate spinach, like I do, you’ll probably still really enjoy cooking and baking with the foraged medicinal weed! Stinging nettles boast a decidedly nut and spinach taste, but not to an overwhelming degree. They are poisonous to … Read more

How to Cook Beets 10 Ways

cooking beets cover

Beets are delicious, beautiful, and great for you. They give you a strong dose of B vitamins, iron, manganese, copper, magnesium and potassium. They also have compounds that are beneficial to your circulation, stamina, liver, and a lot more. To top it all off, they have plenty of fiber to keep you regular. Beets store … Read more

Alternatives to Sweeten and Flavor Your Coffee

Coffee, the bitter nectar of life, the breakfast of champions, the fuel that sustains parents everywhere. It really is one of the best parts of life. There’s a specialty coffee beverage for every season, and there’s nothing like wrapping your hands around a hot mug, snuggled up in the middle of winter. Coffee does more … Read more

Homemade Raw Cat Food Recipes

homemade cat food recipes featured

Raw feeding for cats and dogs is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. With commercial cat food containing everything from indigestible grains to contaminated ingredients to harmful additives, a raw, species-appropriate diet is really the best way forward. Cats are omnivores, which means that they can and should be eating meat. However, not only … Read more

How to Make Delicious Kefir Milk

How to Make Kefir Milk featured

Kefir is a fermented, cultured milk product that is packed with a wide range of probiotics and yeast, similar to yogurt. This guide will teach you all you need to know about making your own delicious kefir milk at home. Kefir has been around for centuries, and while nobody knows exactly how or where it … Read more