Canning Jar Sterilization Methods

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To Sterilize or Not To sterilize? It is not always necessary to sterilize jars if you plan to process your recipe for more than 10 minutes for elevations of less than 1000 ft. If you live above the 1000ft elevation, you’ll need to add an extra minute to the process time, for each additional 1000ft … Read more

How to Rebuild Your Flock of Chickens

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We’ve all been there, the day after tragedy strikes your coup, maybe it was a fox, a hawk, a neighbor’s dog, it was a family of raccoons for my flock. You have a full house one day and the next you may have half a flock or less. Maybe it was an illness that came … Read more

Alternatives to Sweeten and Flavor Your Coffee

Coffee, the bitter nectar of life, the breakfast of champions, the fuel that sustains parents everywhere. It really is one of the best parts of life. There’s a specialty coffee beverage for every season, and there’s nothing like wrapping your hands around a hot mug, snuggled up in the middle of winter. Coffee does more … Read more