So, Are Cows and Bulls Colorblind?


Have you ever stopped to watch your cows hanging out on your pasture? Does it ever look like they are gazing serenely towards the horizon? Maybe they are watching something very intently, altogether. You ever think that maybe they see the world the way we do, and even think about some of the things we … Read more

How Many Cows Per Acre For Your Homestead?


No matter what kind of livestock species you want to get, making sure you’ve got enough room on your homestead is absolutely critical. Overcrowding your animals is a good way to make their life a living hell, and yours also! But, naturally, you’re going to need a lot more room for larger animals… Cows are … Read more

So, How Much Water Do Potatoes Need?

potatoes growing in raised garden bed

Potatoes are one of the most versatile and beloved vegetables enjoy the world over, and certainly the most ubiquitous root vegetable. But as versatile and popular as they are, they can be quite tricky to grow. One of the factors contributing to their reputation as a troublesome veggie is there varying water requirements throughout their … Read more

So, How Far Apart to Plant Squash?

corn peas and squash in garden

Every good harvest starts with planting. Squash is a popular and easy-to-grow vegetable with tons of varieties that can be planted in either spring or late summer. They have a reputation as maintenance-intensive veggies that are difficult to grow, but they aren’t as tough as most people make them out to be. One important factor … Read more

158 Cute and Funny Cow Names

a cow on a green field next to cow manure

Every animal needs a name. Or at least all of the animals living on our homestead or farm need a name! This isn’t just for personality either: smart animals, like cows, can learn their names and might come when called. This can help them bond to you and even help you keep track of important … Read more

Can Cows Go Down Stairs? Are There Risks?


Cows are so big and so strong it seems like they can go anywhere they want. But this is only something you’d think at first glance. When you realize that cows are incredibly heavy, you notice that they tend to be surprisingly careful with their movements. They definitely aren’t the all-terrain machines that goats are, … Read more

So, Is Lamb Pork?

ewe lamb

Most livestock animals are raised for multiple purposes. Sheep are no different. Raising sheep means that we get wool, of course, but we also get meat. One of the most popular products we take from sheep is meat from lambs. Lamb and pork happen to be two meats that are sometimes compared in terms of … Read more

So, Why Do Ducks Have Feathers?

Pekin ducks foraging

If you’ve ever spent time around a lake, or any other sizable body of water, you’ve certainly seen ducks at one point. Maybe you’ve even fed them. Ducks are beautiful waterfowl, and there are many species found all around the world. You are just as likely to see them paddling across the surface of the … Read more

So, Do Turkeys Lay Eggs?

two Royal Palm turkeys

Turkeys are some of the biggest birds around, and the largest domestic fowl kept in North America. Turkeys are impressive birds, alright, and though they were only a hair’s breadth from being made the national bird of the United States they are the symbolic bird and main course at Thanksgiving dinners, their delicious, juicy meat … Read more

So, How Much Does a Cow Cost?

a cow on a green field next to cow manure

For most homesteaders, keeping livestock is either part of the dream, or a necessity. Whether you like the idea of raising animals as a useful hobby or genuinely want to embark on a part or full-time business, there’s a lot to consider before you start making room for your new additions. If you were looking … Read more

How Much Does a Yard of Mulch Weigh?

mulch wood chips

Mulch is an essential component of gardening and landscaping, helping to conserve moisture in the soil, suppress weeds, and enhance the aesthetics of our outdoor spaces. But mulch, in case you haven’t been paying attention, is getting mighty expensive. When it comes to purchasing pricey mulch, many people try to save some bucks by buying … Read more

So, How Deep to Plant Tomatoes?

tomato plant in cage

Every gardener knows, or soon learns, that the makings of a great harvest are quite literally sown all the way back at the beginning of the season with planting. Planting may never be handled haphazardly if you want your plans to grow quickly, grow big and thrive. Every plant has its own requirements, and learning … Read more

Geese vs Goose: Which Is Plural?

two geese enjoying lettuce

English is my native language, and I find it entirely logical. But for every other non-native speaker on Earth, it is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Full of confusing and contradictory rules, and seemingly non-sensical words, it is baffling! But even if you have spoken English for your whole life there are … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Tomatoes?

a goose eating tomatoes

Geese, though not strict herbivores, subsist on a diet of mostly greenery with a few choice fruits and vegetables thrown in from time to time. But, the vegetables that they like they seem to really, really like as any gardener will attest if they have ever endured a flock of traveling geese making a pit … Read more