How To Light Your Home Without Electricity

With winter just around the corner, I’m beginning to prepare for the shorter days ahead when the darkness creeps in long before we’re ready for bed. Although we are currently running all of our overhead lights on solar, we still put non-electric backups in place. We only have about three days’ worth of energy stored in our battery bank… if we’re careful… so it’s important that we have options for extended cloudy weather and longer nights.

For those of you still 100% dependent on the grid for your electricity, having non-electric alternatives for unexpected power outages is a must.

Lighting is one of the easiest things to find off-grid alternatives for. There are several good options to choose from, and most of them cost very little money at all to purchase.

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8 thoughts on “How To Light Your Home Without Electricity”

  1. I have all of the above and have tried them. For a one night power outage, any will do fine. It’s like camping out. If the world went wrong and I had to rely on them, it would be difficult to adjust. Most likely, I’d try to make the oil lamps work and I’d go to bed earlier.

    I recently read an article about old-time life in Iceland. Homes built largely underground. ONE oil lamp to keep everyone at work. I do not see how they kept their sanity or their eyesight.

    In the Louvre, there is a Greek ceramic oil lamp on display. Round, 16 wick holes, as I recall. A very disagreeable person objected to me photographing it – as if a digital picture might harm it. That appliance looked like it would provide adequate light in a home.

  2. I found 3 oil lamps at yard sales for 1.00 to 2.50 each with oil in two of them. I was really excite that God has blessed me with such great finds. I am also going to start making candles out of the fats that have been cooked out. I am wanting to be off grid and have been finding some great lighting items at yard sales. I am taking baby steps into getting what I need, but so far I have been very blessed with some great finds.

  3. I have enjoyed reading your postings, Kendra. Young wives and mothers of growing children deserve to be recognized for all they do in such busy times. Your post about lighting an off grid home was timely. At my age, 70+, I have little desire to live off grid unless my home was built as an off grid. I am prepared to meet my home’s electrical needs if or when our grid fails. Nonetheless, I spent a long rainy night surfing for options to reduce the drain lighting my home in winter will deplete my fuel supply. I have several “kerosine” glass lanterns that belonged to my great grandmother. Growing up in Florida during the 40’s and 50’s through the 60’s we suffered long power outages after hurricanes, it was miserable, those open flame lanterns throw off lots of heat and smoke and soot. I ordered several alternatives to try because of your post. Thank you.

      • I don’t know about lamp oil, but candles will last indefinitely so long as they don’t get too hot & melt. Sometimes if they get warm or are stored for a really long time, they may develop a slightly “off” smell (like an “old wax” type scent), but they still burn just fine. Scented candles will lose their scent after many years’ storage, but will still burn fine. I have bought & burned candles from yard sales that were over 30 years old with no problems.


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