Amy Stross

Interview with Amy Stross from

December 6, 2018 Dan 0

Hey everyone, Today I’m excited to give you another interview, this one is with Amy Stross from She’s an expert permaculturist, gardener and homesteader. As always, thes interviews are packed with real-life knowledge, so let’s […]

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Kendra Lynne is Back!

May 6, 2018 Dan 2

…. but not on NLOAH. She started another blog at We all know the excellent job she’s done with this website, so this can only mean more high quality homesteading articles for you! 🙂 Welcome […]


Hello :)

October 25, 2017 Dan 19

Hi everyone, Though I’ve written hundreds upon hundreds of articles in my 8 years of online activity, never before have I been so nervous as I am writing this. My name is Dan, and the […]