How To Make A Newspaper Basket

newspaper basket instructions

Last night, I was searching the web for some inexpensive baskets to stuff with homemade goodies for Christmas gifts this year, but I couldn’t find anything cheap enough! (I should have been keeping an eye out for them at yard sales throughout the year!)

My search then shifted to how to make a basket out of recycled materials. I was excited when I came across THIS SITE, and discovered a great way to make a newspaper basket! And since I have access to stacks of newspapers, I knew this was definitely for me.

I decided not to do my own tutorial, as Crafty Stylish has already done a fantastic job of it! I’ll just add my own comments as to what I did.


  • Newspaper
  • Stapler
  • Optional: Ribbon and glue; Spray Sealant (I used Acrylic Sealant)

basket 001 (Medium)

I found that I didn’t even need scissors, except to do some trimming around the top edge at the very end. I simply tore the newspaper right down the seem to separate the pages. I used 28 of these half sheets for my project.

basket 002 (Medium)

Then, you fold each section of the paper into half long-ways, then fold in half again, then one more time. You should have a long folded paper about an inch or so in width. Do not cut the strips (my mistake!), you’ll need the thick strips to have a sturdy basket.

Then follow the directions in the tutorial on weaving them. Definitely use the stapler to keep your strips in place.  The base of my basket was 8 strips by 6 strips. That was a good size for me. The sides are tricky to do, I had to staple a lot around the edge to keep the strips tight.

What I did once I had the sides done, was take two more strips of newspaper, folded them one more time, and stapled them over the top edge.

I sprayed the basket with an Acrylic Sealant to keep the ink from bleeding. I also decorated it with ribbon, simply hot glued around the rim, and threaded through the basket near the top, and tied in a bow. You can also cut a cereal box to put in the bottom of the basket for more strength. There’s no limit to the embellishments you can add… get creative!! I think I’ll add some little paper snowflakes too.

In all it took me about 2 1/2 hrs to make. Seeing as I have more time than money, it’s worth it for me! The first one always takes longer, and isn’t exactly perfect looking, but I’m sure I’ll get better at it as I go.

I’m excited about how cute these newspaper baskets will look once filled with homebaked goodies! What do you think?

8 thoughts on “How To Make A Newspaper Basket”

  1. I made several visits to our local thrift store and bought baskets from $0.39 for small ones all the way up to $2.99 for huge baskets for fireside use. I kept them in garbage bags in the garage until November. I filled them with handmade soaps and jellies/preserves sitting in nests of paper shreds (from my shredder) and decorated for Christmas for teachers, neighbors, church folk, family and friends. It was WONDERFUL!!

  2. I love, love, love this basket! I am giving “gifts in a jar” this year, and I was wondering what on earth I could put them in (I, too, have more time than money!). These baskets are perfect!

    I wonder what the result would be to spray paint the basket with colored paint (before adding the ribbon, of course). If anyone tries this project and spray paints, please share your results!

    As always, Kendra, another fabulous post.

  3. This is so cute! What a great way to save money…and reuse…wrap goodies in colorful papers and you’re good to go! I may have to try one…lately I have no money AND NO TIME!


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