newspaper basket instructions

Last night, I was searching the web for some inexpensive baskets to stuff with homemade goodies for Christmas gifts this year, but I couldn’t find anything cheap enough! (I should have been keeping an eye out for them at yard sales throughout the year!)

My search then shifted to how to make a basket out of recycled materials. I was excited when I came across THIS SITE, and discovered a great way to make a newspaper basket! And since I have access to stacks of newspapers, I knew this was definitely for me.

I decided not to do my own tutorial, as Crafty Stylish has already done a fantastic job of it! I’ll just add my own comments as to what I did.


  • Newspaper
  • Stapler
  • Optional: Ribbon and glue; Spray Sealant (I used Acrylic Sealant)

basket 001 (Medium)

I found that I didn’t even need scissors, except to do some trimming around the top edge at the very end. I simply tore the newspaper right down the seem to separate the pages. I used 28 of these half sheets for my project.

basket 002 (Medium)

Then, you fold each section of the paper into half long-ways, then fold in half again, then one more time. You should have a long folded paper about an inch or so in width. Do not cut the strips (my mistake!), you’ll need the thick strips to have a sturdy basket.

Then follow the directions in the tutorial on weaving them. Definitely use the stapler to keep your strips in place.  The base of my basket was 8 strips by 6 strips. That was a good size for me. The sides are tricky to do, I had to staple a lot around the edge to keep the strips tight.

What I did once I had the sides done, was take two more strips of newspaper, folded them one more time, and stapled them over the top edge.

I sprayed the basket with an Acrylic Sealant to keep the ink from bleeding. I also decorated it with ribbon, simply hot glued around the rim, and threaded through the basket near the top, and tied in a bow. You can also cut a cereal box to put in the bottom of the basket for more strength. There’s no limit to the embellishments you can add… get creative!! I think I’ll add some little paper snowflakes too.

In all it took me about 2 1/2 hrs to make. Seeing as I have more time than money, it’s worth it for me! The first one always takes longer, and isn’t exactly perfect looking, but I’m sure I’ll get better at it as I go.

I’m excited about how cute these newspaper baskets will look once filled with homebaked goodies! What do you think?