pallet fort:
My husband has taken a short break from working on the outdoor kitchen to build the kids something to play on. We’ve used nothing but pallets and old scrap wood we had laying around. Can’t beat free!

I love it because it symbolizes the way we build everything around here. Backwards. We don’t sketch out what we’d like to build and then go buy the materials to build it, as is normally the standard approach. Instead, we look at what materials we have already on hand, and then design our structure with those pieces in mind. We didn’t really have any idea what exactly we wanted the fort to look like when we first started pulling pallets into the yard, but as we built one side, and then the other, it just sorta took shape on its own. The kids love it, which is what matters most.

There’s still a lot I want to do on it. We have a ladder going from the bottom right side to the top, but I’d like to get a cargo climbing net for the kids to climb up to the top from the left bottom side.

pallet fort
I’d love to incorporate a climbing wall, probably on the back-side of the fort. Jada is looking forward to setting up her telescope on the top floor. I plan on putting together a play spyglass/telescope for the little ones to use, out of PVC or something. I wish I could do a swing somewhere, but there isn’t a good spot.

It would be fun to put a big wheel in the top, so they can pretend they’re driving something. I had hoped we could attach their zipline from the top of the fort to a platform in the yard, but my husband thinks the jerking would make the structure wobbly eventually. We’ll have to come up with a creative solution for incorporating the zipline in the yard. Maybe I can go from a tree to the fort! That would be awesome.

underneath fort
Underneath the center part is open on the bottom. I was thinking we could enclose this area and turn it into a sandbox.

Some monkey bars on the underside of the top floor would be great for them to hang upside-down on.

archery target deer
The kids love to pretend playing Robinhood, so I put a stand-up deer target in the woods beside the fort so that they can practice their archery from the top stand.

We’re not going to paint it, ’cause I want it to somewhat blend with the natural surroundings.

Once the structure is finished, I’ll proceed to plant edibles around it for the kids to snack on as they play. I think that’ll be a fun addition. An edible playscape.

Anyways, just brain-storming here. What would you do if it was for your kids?