Today, I got on this kick of trying to figure out how to convert my basic electric sewing machine into something that I could use off-grid. As I began looking into this subject, I was immediately confronted with my first question… what is a treadle, anyway?

For those like me, who know very little about sewing machines, a treadle (said like tred-dle, not tree-dle), is the foot pedal that was used with old fashioned non-electric sewing machines, as shown in the picture above.

After lots of reading online, I’ve found that it is possible to convert some sewing machines from electric to non-electric with several fairly easy modifications that one could do him or her self. I’m wondering if the one I have could possibly be one that is modifiable. I don’t think I can know unless I get inside my machine and check out all of the mechanisms within.

If you are interested in converting your sewing machine from electric toΒ  non-electric with use of a treadle or hand crank, here are the best articles I could find on the subject. If you know of better instructions, please do tell!

Now, if only I could find a good treadle…

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