20 Root Vegetables to Grow Instead of Grains

beets growing in wooden raised bed

It’s time to give root vegetables a shot this season! Root vegetables are easy to grow; many can even be grown twice in a typical gardening season. They are delicious, and many of these ancient vegetables have a ton of nutrients as well. As you plan and prepare for gardening, you should definitely consider giving … Read more

Blueberry Jam Step by Step

blueberry jam main

Are you ready to make some blueberry jam? If you’re a homesteader, finding a way to preserve delicious easy-to-grow fruits like blueberries should be a top goal this year. Making jam is easy, inexpensive, and can help you get the most for your dollar; and if you grow your own blueberries, you can make this … Read more

How to Pickle Garlic Step by Step

how to pickle garlic logo

Garlic is a superstar in your garden, and pickled garlic is one of the best ways to enjoy this tasty vegetable. More and more people are growing garlic on their homesteads. It’s also easy to get your hands on garlic, even in bulk, at nearly any grocery store. However, most people use garlic solely to … Read more

The Top Canning Supplies You Need

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Are you ready to start canning? Canning is a great way to preserve the foods you harvest, forage, hunt, or buy. Once you learn how to can, you will be able to keep your pantry stocked all year long. If you sell foods at a farmers’ market or run a community supported agriculture (CSA) program, … Read more

What Rural Living is Really Like

what rural living is like logo

So, you’re tired of the hustle and bustle and high prices of city living, and considering a move to the country. Maybe you plan on planting a large garden, buying some livestock, and raising your own food. And those Mother Earth News articles about off-the-grid living have piqued your interest, too. Good for you! Moving … Read more

Cranberry Walnut Conserve Step by Step

cranberry walnut conserve logo

Cranberry walnut conserve is easy to make at home and preserve for use over the next year. It is also impossible to find in stores. And as a homesteader, you’re all about making as many things by hand that you can and improving the life experiences your family and you have, right? Well, let’s look … Read more

Homemade Salsa, Step by Step

homemade salsa logo

It’s time to make some delicious salsa! If you’re a homesteader, you pride yourself on a full pantry. Every homesteader wants to keep a wide variety of preserved foods on hand, and enjoy the bounty of their garden and the farmer’s market all year long. But if you’re not careful, your pantry shelves will be … Read more

Crunchy Dill Pickles Step by Step

crunchy dill pickles featured

If you’re a homesteader and preserve foods, sooner or later you’re going to make pickles. When starting out with preserving foods, pickled cucumbers are often one of the first vegetables that people decide to can. Cucumbers are easy to grow en masse, and are inexpensive to purchase at grocery stores and farmers markets. And crunchy … Read more

How to Make Dandelion Wine, Step by Step

dandelion wine featured

All homesteaders should learn how to make and enjoy dandelion wine.  Dandelion wine is hard to find, unless you make it yourself. Fortunately, it is very simple to brew at home. No matter how big or small your homestead is, it is easy to gather enough dandelions up to make this delightful beverage. And dandelion … Read more

Dealing with Job Loss on the Homestead

job loss main

When you’re starting out as a homesteader, time and money are your most critical resources. So what happens if you lose your job, or have your work hours cut significantly? Dealing with job loss on your homestead can be challenging and stressful. Job loss is one of the most stressful experiences Americans deal with, and … Read more

Dilled Carrots Step by Step

dilled carrots featured

If you’re a homesteader looking to fill up your pantry with preserved foods, dilled carrots are one of your best bets! These pickles taste delicious. Carrots are also plentiful all year round at the grocery store, and are inexpensive as well. Jars of bright orange dilled carrots will help add variety to your canned goods … Read more

Raising Chickens: The ULTIMATE Guide

chicken eating a slice of bread

If you’re a homesteader, or about to become one, chances are you’re itching to buy a small flock of chickens really bad. In fact, it really doesn’t seem like you are even a homesteader at all until you have your own flock, right? But before you take the plunge, you should do some research first.  … Read more

Slow Cookers – Everything You Need to Know

slow cookers featured

photo: slow cooker by Pseph under the CC BY 2.0 license with changes Slow cookers are great, and definitely belong on any homesteader’s must-have item list. A good slow cooker will save you time and money, and can help you get the most out of the food you prepare; it can even make your whole … Read more