How To Grow Echinacea in Your Garden


The blooms of the Echinacea Purpurea, also known as the coneflower, are resistant to drought and attract songbirds, butterflies, and winged insects; their daisy-like look appeals to a range of pollinators. Hummingbirds are attracted to its rich nectar, and finches eat and scatter the seeds. Native to central and south-eastern US, this perennial blooms from … Read more

10 Best Egg-Laying Chicken Breeds

A Columbian Wyandotte

If you’re considering getting your very own flock of chickens, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans keep chickens these days; you can find them on homesteads as well as in the backyards of suburban America as well. One of the best reasons to keep chickens is for the fresh eggs that they produce. There is … Read more

40 Foods You Can Make in Your Dehydrator

dried fruit in mason jars

If you’re a homesteader, preserving food is an absolutely essential skill. If you want to live a sustainable, low-cost lifestyle, you need to be able to optimize the foods you grow, harvest, hunt, forage or buy, so you have a healthy, low-cost supply on hand during cold weather, or during tough times when food is … Read more

How to Make Powdered Eggs Step by Step

A Bowl of Powdered Eggs

If you’re a homesteader, preserving the foods you grow and harvest is extremely important. Preserved foods enable you to ensure you have enough supplies on hand during the winter, when your homestead will likely be less productive. While food preservation techniques like root cellars, canning and smoking are popular options to store the food you … Read more

The Wyandotte Chicken Breed – A Review

WYANDOTTE chickens

If you’re a homesteader now or aspire to be one, sooner or later you’re going to start a backyard chicken flock. If you’re planning on getting those chickens soon, you should start thinking about what kind of breed you’d like to get. The so-called dual-purpose birds, which lay eggs reliably and also grow big enough … Read more

How to Make Maple Syrup Step by Step

maple syrup

In February, when winter shows a few signs of being tired out – and yet it can still drop cold weather and snow on you in a heartbeat – it is time to tap those sugar maples and make some syrup! Maple syrup is delicious, and a real treat you can make from scratch right … Read more

10 Amazing Garlic Recipes

garlic recipes main

If you’re a homesteader, you probably have a few rows of garlic planted in your garden bed. Garlic is easy to grow and to harvest, and it is an extremely useful herb. Fresh garlic has been cherished for its medicinal properties for decades. People also use garlic as a surface cleaner, or even to repair … Read more

Canned Apple Butter, Step by Step

apple butter main

It’s time to make some delicious apple butter! If you’re lucky, you’ll be picking a few bushels right on your homestead; however, even if you don’t have your own apple trees (yet!), fresh apples are abundant at farmers markets and pick-your-own orchards this time of year. So how can you take advantage of a good … Read more

11 Ground Beef Recipes You’re Going to Love

ground beef recipes main

Ground beef is truly the pinch hitter for your weekday dinners. It is inexpensive, easy to prepare, and it is extremely versatile. A pound or so of ground beef in your freezer opens up a world of possibilities; you can prepare almost anything for dinner this evening! Whether you sauté it on your stove with … Read more

14 High Tech Tools and Tricks for Modern Homesteaders

high tech homesteading main

Do high tech and homesteading go hand in hand? Absolutely! When people think of homesteaders, they often envision people eschewing all modern conveniences, and living like they’re in the 19th Century. However, while simplifying your life is a key component of homesteading, that doesn’t mean you have to turn your back on technology. There’s no … Read more

20 Root Vegetables to Grow Instead of Grains

root vegetables main

It’s time to give root vegetables a shot this season! In a few more weeks, we’ll all be gardening in earnest. Many gardeners already have started their seeds indoors, and are prepping their garden beds for the season ahead. As you plan and prepare for gardening, you should definitely consider giving root vegetables some space … Read more

Blueberry Jam Step by Step

blueberry jam main

Are you ready to make some blueberry jam? If you’re a homesteader, finding a way to preserve delicious easy-to-grow fruits like blueberries should be a top goal this year. Making jam is easy, inexpensive, and can help you get the most for your dollar; and if you grow your own blueberries, you can make this … Read more

How to Pickle Garlic Step by Step

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Garlic is a superstar in your garden, and pickled garlic is one of the best ways to enjoy this tasty vegetable. More and more people are growing garlic on their homesteads. It’s also easy to get your hands on garlic, even in bulk, at nearly any grocery store. However, most people use garlic solely to … Read more

The Top Canning Supplies You Need

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Are you ready to start canning? Canning is a great way to preserve the foods you harvest, forage, hunt, or buy. Once you learn how to can, you will be able to keep your pantry stocked all year long. If you sell foods at a farmers’ market or run a community supported agriculture (CSA) program, … Read more