How to Can Parsnips

canned parsnips

As a little kid, I was not fond of trying new vegetables – a reluctance that I believe many of us share. However, parsnips were never even an item on our dinner table because they weren’t part of our standard rotation of vegetables. We pretty much stuck to the classics – green beans, carrots, corn, … Read more

19 Uses and Benefits of Garlic

garlic bulbs

If you aren’t growing garlic in your garden yet, there are so many reasons to start. My husband and I eat so much garlic, we could probably ward off a whole community of invading vampires! This miracle herb has been around since the beginning of time, basically, and it offers a whole host of health … Read more

Top 20 Edible Flowers to Try Out

If you have a backyard flower garden, you may have pondered whether you could use those flowers for purposes other than ornamentation. While garnishing and cooking with flowers saw a drop in popularity in the last few years, it is luckily rising to prominence once again. This style of cooking was quite popular in ancient … Read more

Organic vs Conventional Growing Practices – What Are the Differences?

basket full of veggies

When you first start gardening, you may ask yourself whether growing organic food is worth it, or if you would be better off sticking to more conventional growing practices. As a consumer, you may ask yourself the same question, wondering whether purchasing organic produce or other food is worth the (substantial) extra cost. However, there … Read more