17 Ways to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

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You aren’t the only one who loves a nice, crisp apple or a fresh plum. Fruit flies love fresh, seasonal produce too, and sometimes they have the nasty habit of making their way into your home or garden before you have a chance to even enjoy your tasty fruit. Fruit flies, (the genus is called … Read more

How to Garden on a Slope in 11 Easy Steps

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It can be tricky to make a garden on a slope. Many problems may arise if the land has an incline, mostly because the unevenness of the land can dry the soil. This dry soil can then lead to problems with watering, pruning, and more. Sadly, many don’t have a choice about where they garden. … Read more

Boron Uses and Benefits

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Boron is a trace mineral, common supplement and nutrient that is, sadly, neglected by many of us. Found naturally in several plants, it offers several benefits, not just to plants but also to all of us. Boron plays an important role in plant growth. It is present in the soil in the form of boric … Read more

25 Common Garden Pests and How to Get Rid of Them

Smart gardeners know how important it is to preserve a garden from pests who can turn your beautiful looking garden into a damaged, gnawed-on mess. According to some reports, rodents alone are believed to destroy major food crops, ruining a food supply for around 200 million people every year. Pests are uninvited creatures, taking advantage … Read more

Pruning Tomatoes Step by Step

Tomatoes are one of the most commonly grown vegetables around the globe, often receiving the affectionate nickname of “kingpin of the garden.” While it is really easy to grow tomatoes in a garden, doing it correctly and successfully is another story. Proper care is very important to avoid compromising your crop. Regular maintenance activities, such … Read more

The Mega-List of Gardening Mistakes

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updated by Tara Dodrill Despite the wide availability of gardening advice available via blogs, books, websites, informational articles, and even video collections on YouTube, many people fail to take care of their gardens properly. This is largely because each garden is vastly different, possessing different soil types, microorganisms, weather conditions, and crops. To ensure your … Read more

How to Invite Pollinators in Your Garden

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Smart gardeners know the importance of attracting pollinators to a garden. Pollination is a process in which pollen is moved from one plant to another, so fertilization can take place. Pollination occurs in many ways and insects also help in the process, hence they are called pollinators. There’s a diversity of plants that are grown … Read more

Ways to Increase Your Garden’s Yield

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There are two types of gardeners. Those who aim towards planting and harvesting quickly so that they could start growing new crops quickly. Then there’s the second type, those who prefer to adapt methods that can help them get more out of  their garden. Sadly, not everyone pays attention to the yield as many garden … Read more

How to Test Your Soil

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Gardening is one of the most common hobbies out there. In fact, around 50% of all Americans are said to be into some form of gardening, with food gardening being the top most pick. As per reports, around 35% of all American households grow a portion of their food at home. It is also believed … Read more

How to Pick the Best Pressure Cooker

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According to a survey taken in 2016, 78% Americans think that eating meals require cooking from scratch. Nothing beats freshly cooked food at home and most people know that pressure cookers are their best bet at cooking mouth watering food. While a majority of people love to be in the kitchen and cook delicious food … Read more