4 Dirt-Cheap Ways to Ripen Green Tomatoes

green tomatoes

Are there still green tomatoes hanging on the vine and a hard frost is coming your way? For far too long gardeners have shaken their collective heads in disgust at the loss of robust and juicy looking tomatoes that simply are not going to ripen in time to beat Mother Nature. Sure, you can try … Read more

10 Easy Steps To Winterize Your Garden

fall garden

The gardening season is over, and it is time to put your vegetable garden to bed. Fall is the time to get your garden ready for the next springs planting cycle. The list of work can be long but it all doesn’t have to be done in one day. Do the work as it comes … Read more

How To Grow Goldenrod


Goldenrod is largely thought of as an annoying weed that makes you sneeze in the United States. But in Europe, this edible and naturally healing plant is cultivated alongside more conventional garden plants for its beauty. There are 130 different species of goldenrod, all of which can be foraged and used in wildcrafting home remedies. … Read more

How To Grow Chicory Step by Step


Chicory plants are often foraged in most regions of the United States as a wild edible and medicinal. But, if they do not happen to grow where you live because of either the climate or urban environment – or simply because you want more chicory plant than you can find, it is quite feasible to … Read more

How to Identify Poison Hemlock and its Lookalikes

poison hemlock

Poison hemlock is a beautiful plant… that WILL kill you. The unseasonably wet winter and spring – followed by flooding in many regions of the United States, has caused this deadly toxic and invasive plant to pop up all around the country. Once the shock of spotting it on your land wears off, then your … Read more

How to Grow Parsley in Containers


Parsley is an herb that is low maintenance, therefore it is easy to grow. It looks a lot like cilantro. It has feather-like leaves that are bright green in color and has a mild aroma. The plant can grow up to a foot tall. Parsley is a biennial herb meaning it takes one year to … Read more

How To Eradicate Corn Smut

corn smut

Corn smut is something most homesteaders hate to see develop in their growing plot. Just about when big juicy ears of sweet corn are ready to harvest and be enjoyed is when the ugly knobby growths appear. Outbreaks of this type of corn disease usually happen when temperatures range from 80F to 92F (26C to … Read more

Are Crabapples Edible?

north american crabapples

As a child, you were likely told more than once to avoid eating crabapples. Why? There’s a common misconception that crabapples are toxic. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While crabapples do have a bitter taste and there are small amounts of cyanide in the seeds, they are more than safe to eat. … Read more

Bagworms – What They Are and How to Get Rid of Them

bagworm larva

Bagworms are tiny little creatures that will not harm you, but can be highly destructive to the trees on your homestead. These non-poisonous worms feed on the leaves of trees and plant foliage – sometimes in massive quantities. Nearly 200 different trees are targeted by bagworms. These parasites are native to North America, but primarily … Read more

How to Build a Herb Spiral

herb spiral

A herb spiral is one of the the most clever permaculture techniques for utilizing space and allowing plants to work together in the garden. Usually located just outside the kitchen door, a herb spiral provides a menagerie of culinary and medicinal herbs, while saving space and helping with pest management in the garden. Easy to … Read more

Growing Cilantro Step by Step


Cilantro is an herb that can be grown in containers or in the ground. It is an annual flowering plant that is part of the parsley family. It is said that you either love the flavor of cilantro or you hate it. Those that hate it say it tastes soapy, while those that love it … Read more

How to Eradicate Gray Mold in Your Garden

gray mold on fig stem

Gray mold (Botrytis cinerea) is a highly destructive and common disease that can affect nearly any plant. This type of mold is most prevalent among plants being cultivated in raised beds. Plant afflicted with gray mold are almost always damaged to the point of no return if the disease is not both spotted and treated … Read more

The Best (and Worst) Companion Plants for Brassicas

cabbage plant

Companion planting brassicas helps to save space, prevent disease and pests, and keep weeds at bay, while improving the taste and flavour of your crops. Generally considered cool weather crops, brassicas – such as cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, kohlrabi, and brussel sprouts – serve as a pretty easy going companions to most plants. That said, … Read more