Water Bath Canning Step by Step

Learning how to can seems daunting at first, but water bath canning is easy! Once you get the hang of the steps, you will be able to can so many different things to store in your pantry. Jams, jellies, sauces, and salsas are at your fingertips. Before you get started, you have to learn how … Read more

How to Grow Gooseberries: a Complete Guide

Are you looking for a fruit bush that’s easy for beginners to grow? Gooseberry bushes grow well in most areas, and they’re self-pollinating, so you can plant just one. Learning how to grow gooseberries is excellent for beginners; they’re a forgiving plant. If you live in America, you might not know about gooseberries. They’re not … Read more

38 Uses for Borax in and Around Your Home


If you walk the laundry section in the grocery store, you’ll find borax in a plain-looking box with a wagon train on the front of the box. 20 Mule Team Borax is made in the United States starting in 1891, and borax deserves a place in your homestead cabinets. As homesteaders, we love versatile items. … Read more

40 Ways to Use Lemons on the Homestead


Homesteaders have found many ways to use lemons on the homestead, whether it’s through the actual fruits, the essential oils, or preservation methods. More parts of the citrus fruits are wasted than used. For example, you might squeeze a slice of lemon into your water then toss it out later. You eat the flesh of … Read more

17 Ways to Use Eggshells on the Homestead


Living on the homestead means finding ways to use everything to its fullest extent. Eggshells are a useful resource, but most people toss them away without thinking. Before you decide to use eggshells throughout your homestead, it’s best only to use eggshells from healthy natural chickens if you or your animals will ingest the shells. … Read more

The Backyard Homestead by Carleen Madigan – An Honest Review

the backyard homestead ebook cover

The Backyard Homestead by Carleen Madigan quickly made its way onto every homesteader and wanna-be homesteaders bookshelf. Full of inspiration and resources, Madigan does a fantastic job of painting a picture of what your property could be, despite its lack of space. Whether you have one-tenth of an acre or a full acre, Madigan shows … Read more

How Much to Plant to Feed Your Family for a Year

garlic harvest

Figuring out how much you need to plant for a year’s worth of food is tricky. It’s a major question when people decide that they want to try to provide for themselves as much as possible. Homesteaders who want to grow and harvest enough food to preserve for their family for a year have quite … Read more

Winter Composting 101: What You Need to Know

winter compost

Winter slows down everything in the garden, including the compost. Short, cold days change the conditions in your compost pile, bringing the decomposition is almost a halt. It doesn’t have to come to a complete stop though; winter composting is very possible with the right techniques. Now is not the time to through in the … Read more