How to Grow and Use White Clover

white clover

When most people think of clover, what comes to mind are the staple green leaves and the folklore of luck when you find a four-leaf clover. Clover is often viewed as a weed or derivative of grass, when actually it is a great crop cover and overall addition to landscaping. If you’re a homesteader, then … Read more

Top 20 Summer Bedding Plants and Flowers to Grow

Bedding plants are either annuals or biennials and are grown for the continuous color they provide over many months. The plants are normally short-lived, but because of the huge range available, you can have color in the garden almost all year by using bedding plants. Summer bedding plants are a fantastic choice for a new … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To No-Till Gardening

walkways in no-till garden

No-till gardening is a recent trend for homesteaders looking to improve their land instead of depleting it. Traditional farming and gardening tactics reduce soil biology and fertility, leading to successive plantings that are less productive. No-till gardening aims to build soil life and structure while reducing some backbreaking jobs that traditional gardeners deal with regularly. … Read more

How and Why to Grow Dogwood Trees

dogwood tree with flowers

Homesteaders do not often focus the planting plan on any trees that do not produce food or firewood. Space if maximized to its best potential on homesteads both large and small. At first glance, planting a tree that isn’t going to bear edible fruit or good firewood for the wood stove might seem like a … Read more

How to Prune a Blackberry Bush

pruning blackberry bushes

The blackberry is one of my favorite fruits. You can grow your own or forage for wild ones. Either are fine, I actually do both. When dealing with wild plants just leave them be, and let nature do its work. A tame blackberry bush is very easy to grow, but does require some care. In … Read more

So, How Long Do Seeds Last?

peas and beans seeds in glass jars

Saving seeds so you can start a new crop the following season only makes good economic sense. Preserving the seeds from a tasty and bountiful vegetable, fruit, or herb harvest also helps you increase the odds of replicating the same flavor and yield the following year. Typically, seeds will last between 1 and 5 years … Read more

How to Use Jewelweed on the Homestead

harvested jewelweed

Jewelweed is a drastically underappreciated “weed.” While you can eat jewelweed, it is most often grown or foraged it for its potential healing properties. While this attractive bush-like plant has many uses, it is perhaps most widely known for its antipruritic (anti-itching) value. This wild plant is an active natural ingredient in poison ivy rash … Read more