Jerusalem Artichokes: A Good Survival Crop

December 16, 2015 Kendra 17

Jerusalem artichokes are super easy to grow, easy to conceal, and spread like crazy, making them perfect for a survival garden! Check out the progression of my plants throughout a year of growing and harvesting.

In The Garden: May 2015

May 11, 2015 Kendra 6

A lot has been growing since my last garden update in March! For the past few weeks, we’ve been harvesting asparagus, spinach, lettuce, and a few herbs. Strawberries are just coming in now, which is […]

Grow Your Own Tea Garden

January 30, 2015 Kendra 9

Here are a few plants I’m growing in our tea garden, to provide us with a variety of herbal teas to enjoy hot or cold.

How and When To Harvest and Store Carrots

June 15, 2014 Kendra 8

Here’s how to know when it’s the right time to harvest your carrots, how to harvest them properly, and what to do with them to keep them fresh longer. Plus, an experiment in cellaring them in a cool crawl space under the house.