How to Grow Comfrey… and Why You Should

comfrey growing in container

Comfrey is a beautiful and medicinal herb. You can easily grow this shrub style herb plant in either ground plots or containers. Comfrey can be cultivated in an apothecary patch on the homestead, or used as part of an edible landscaping project in traditional landscaping flower beds. This healing herb typically grows to reach heights … Read more

How to Grow Marjoram… and Why You Should

marjoram flowers

Marjoram is a superb “plant it and forget it” type of herb plant. Aside from being a little cold weather sensitive, marjoram thrives equally well when cultivated indoors in a pot, or outside in a raised bed. This member of the Lamiaceae family is a cousin to oregano, basil, summer savory, rosemary, thyme, mint, sage, … Read more

Top 30 Plants to Grow in Your Garden This Year

tomatoes and onions in basket

Summer is just around the corner, and many homesteaders are trying to decide what to plant on the homestead. As homesteaders, we tend to spend a lot of time outdoors, but in the summertime, we spend even more. Deciding which summer plants to grow on your homestead can take some time and thought. Before you … Read more

How and Why to Grow Dogwood Trees

dogwood tree with flowers

Homesteaders do not often focus the planting plan on any trees that do not produce food or firewood. Space if maximized to its best potential on homesteads both large and small. At first glance, planting a tree that isn’t going to bear edible fruit or good firewood for the wood stove might seem like a … Read more

20 Ways to Water Your Houseplants

watering some plants

Water is amazing – we know that. Without it, life on earth would not exist, at least not as we know it! That’s a simple fact that pretty much everybody accepts, but something people tend to have a much harder time wrapping their heads around? If you’re anything like me, you probably find indoor houseplants … Read more

27 Amazing Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

basil growing in a mug

Most homesteads have some sort of herb garden outdoors, but sometimes, you want to bring the outdoors in. Whether it’s due to your space, simple convenience, or because you aren’t actually on a homestead yet, an indoor herb garden is an ideal solution. Let’s face it, there are many reasons for an indoor herb garden, … Read more

Can You Get Chagas Disease from Assassin Bug Bites?

If you’ve been following the news or social media, you may have heard of the deadly Chagas disease. On this note, you might have heard rumors that Chagas disease is spread by assassin bug bites. If you’re asking yourself, “can you get Chagas disease from assassin bug bites?” the answer, unfortunately, is yes. You can … Read more

How to Prune a Blackberry Bush

pruning blackberry bushes

The blackberry is one of my favorite fruits. You can grow your own or forage for wild ones. Either are fine, I actually do both. When dealing with wild plants just leave them be, and let nature do its work. A tame blackberry bush is very easy to grow, but does require some care. In … Read more

So, How Long Do Seeds Last?


Saving seeds so you can start a new crop the following season only makes good economic sense. Preserving the seeds from a tasty and bountiful vegetable, fruit, or herb harvest also helps you increase the odds of replicating the same flavor and yield the following year. Typically, seeds will last between 1 and 5 years … Read more

52 Things To Never Ever Compost

pallet compost bin

As homesteaders, we’re always striving to reduce our carbon footprint and upcycle as much as possible. Nothing goes to waste. Whenever possible, we find ways to upcycle things and reuse them to the best of our advantage. This includes food waste and other organic materials in and around the homestead. By composting, we’re taking advantage … Read more

5 Reasons Weeds Are Bad For Your Garden

carrots and weeds

Spend hours pulling weeds, with sweat dripping off your brow, and you might be wondering, “why are weeds so bad for your garden?” Sure, they don’t look all that great – but are they really that harmful? There are some benefits to letting weeds flourish in your garden, but there are also some risks, too. … Read more

Amaranth: How to Grow and Use It


Amaranth may not be a staple crop on American homesteads right now, but it should be. This nutrient-rich plant has been used as a dietary staple and natural home remedy base ingredient in many regions of the world for centuries. This beautiful and easy to grow plant that is often classified as both a grain … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Own Mushrooms

shiitake mushrooms

Do you love foraging for wild mushrooms? This is quite an enjoyable pastime that is practiced by budding mycologists – people who are passionate about mushrooms – all over the world. There are millions of species of mushrooms growing in the world today. While some are both edible and delicious, sporting myriad health benefits, others … Read more

18 Things You Didn’t Know About Assassin Bugs

Arilus cristatus Kaldari

Thinking about an assassin bug is enough to make your skin crawl. Not only are these pests creepy to look at, but they have the power to conjure up some serious nightmares. Carriers of the serious Chaga disease and fellow bug-killers in their own right, assassin bugs are shrouded with myths and rumors. Ready to … Read more