How to Get Chickens and Ducks Ready for Winter

chickens in snow

Getting your flock of chickens and ducks ready for winter is essential to not just their egg laying, but their overall health and protection from predators. While chickens and most poultry birds have a higher internal body temperature than humans (about 105F to 107F degrees on average, that’s around 40C – 42C) that does not … Read more

How an Why Make Bark Bread

Learning how to make bark bread will not only provide a sustainable substitute for conventional flour, but will also infuse some vital nutrients into your survival diet. We’ll be talking about pine bark and birch bark the the two types of tree varieties that are most often used to make bark bread… and even bark … Read more

How to Make Golden Milk Step by Step

Golden Milk has been used as a medicinal drink in India since ancient times. Although the natural and powerfully healing turmeric tea has been wildly popular elsewhere for decades, it is only now coming into common use in the United States outside of herbalist circles. Turmeric is my favorite healing herb of all time; I … Read more

DIY Liquid Hand Soap Step by Step

diy liquid hand soap logo

DIY liquid hand soap is not only super easy to make, it will save you a lot of money without subjecting your body to harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals found in most commercial liquid soaps. Learning how to inexpensively make your own DIY liquid hand soap, laundry soap, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash (all of … Read more

How to Render Lard Step by Step

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Rendering animal fat into lard will not only save you money, but provide you with a sustainable source of cooking and baking material from the hogs you raise yourself. This may be the easiest and cheapest self-reliance skill you will ever learn. Tallow and lard are high heat stable, and unlike polyunsaturated fats found in … Read more

Ironweed Medicinal Uses (and More)

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Ironweed is not the nuisance weed many rural folks think it is, not by a long shot. The beautiful purple weed that flourishes in horse pastures and fields offers a bounty of medicinal benefits.The wildflower possesses antiseptic properties, and has a somewhat bitter taste. For centuries, ironweed has been used to treat a plethora of … Read more

Medicinal Herb Roasted Whole Chicken Recipe

medicinal herb roasted chicken logo

This whole roasted chicken is absolutely delicious! Although I typically roast the whole chicken in the oven, I also make it one a “drunk chicken” stand in either our charcoal grill or wood smoker. Yes, as with pretty much everything, this recipe will taste even more delicious coming straight from the grill or smoker. Whole … Read more

How to Start Homeschooling

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Homeschooling and homesteading just seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. Sure, each one is good separately, but together, well, now you have something really special to sink your teeth into. Millions of Americans across the country are homeschooling their children for a vast array of reasons – more now in our modern … Read more

How To Trim and Shoe Horses and Medium Livestock

how to shoe a horse logo

Do you know how to shoe a horse or trim the hooves of livestock? No farm would (or should) be complete without horses. During a long-term disaster- and beyond, horses will almost assuredly once again become the most advanced and readily accessible mode of transportation. Learning how to be your own farrier will help protect … Read more

How To Make Deer Jerky Step by Step

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Deer jerky is both delicious and incredibly simple to make. Yes, that’s right, I said simple. Far too many folks think that making beef, deer or any other type of wild game jerky is a complicated and time-consuming process. Nothing could be further from the truth. I actually think it takes me longer to pick … Read more

Homestead Money-Making: Grapevine


Thick grapevine like the ones in the photo above are incredibly sturdy, making them perfect for using to build furniture and large garden decorations. Chances are if you live on a rural homestead in most regions of the country, there is a good amount of grapevine growing in the woods. Those thick and winding vines … Read more