Gifts Homesteaders Can Make for Christmas

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There is now officially less than a week to go before Christmas day, but it is still not too late to save money and warm hearts with homemade gifts straight from your prepper retreat, survival compound, or homestead. The gifts will cost you nothing or next to nothing, but look like a million bucks! If … Read more

Watch Out for These 20 Homesteading Accidents!

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Homesteading life is full of all kinds of joy, hard work – and accidents. Agriculture accidents can be gruesomely deadly. The majority of livestock related injuries are caused by three things – lack of experience, tiredness, and over confidence. Most homesteads, especially those with farm machinery and large livestock, are in rural areas. While I … Read more

61 Uses for Wood Ash on the Homestead

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There are numerous uses for wood ash around the homestead. Throwing away this useful material when cleaning out the wood burner or fireplace is almost inexcusably wasteful. Wood ash is the powdery residue that is left in the wood burner collection tray or beneath the firewood grate after wood is burnt. It has been used … Read more

Raising Ducks – The Ultimate Guide

Rouen and Pekin ducks

Homesteaders have long raised flocks of chickens for eggs and meat, but now a growing number of folks are adding ducks to their barnyard as well. Ducks make cute farm pets that are entertaining to watch waddle around, but they also lay deliciously rich eggs and can provide an additional source of protein. While ducks … Read more