So, When Does a Lamb Become a Sheep?

ram lamb

Most of us already know that among domestic animals, the babies and adolescents have special names. Pigs have piglets. Cows have calves and sheep, of course, have lambs. Hardly special knowledge but the trick is determining when these babies are officially considered adults. We’ve already discussed the differences between lambs and sheep, but when does … Read more

So, Do Sheep Have Horns?

chicken and sheep inside hoophouse

When considering larger species of livestock that can grow horns, it’s easy for things to get confusing. Some breeds seem to have horns while others do not, and likewise males and females may or may not grow horns. Sometimes, horned animals have their horns removed by humans when they would otherwise grow naturally. Let’s look … Read more

The 24 Best Sheep Breeds for Wool Production

merino sheep

Sheep have been farmed for centuries, primarily for their wool. Wool is a natural high-performance fiber used to make clothing, blankets, carpets and a lot more. And though most sheep have wool suitable for these uses, relatively few sheep have truly excellent wool or other qualities that make them standouts for the purpose. If you’re … Read more

Are My Sheep Immune to Snake Venom?

chicken and sheep inside hoophouse

If you own livestock, you already know that one of the biggest threats any of your animals can face is a close encounter with a venomous snake. Although most animals instinctively retreat from snakes, so much of the time they won’t know it is there until it is too late. A bite from any venomous … Read more

So, Are Sheep Actually Smart?

sheep after they were sheared

If we’re being honest, most people think that sheep are pretty doggone dumb. After all, the term sheep is a euphemism for any stupid or lazy follower of the masses, someone or something that is easy to lead around. Ouch! Imagine how the sheep must feel. I can see where we took the term and … Read more

Can Sheep Swim if They Need To?

a herd of Icelandic sheep

For some of us, we don’t have to worry about our animals going for a dip anytime soon. If there aren’t any water features nearby or we keep them properly contained and well away from them, there is no danger. But for others, there is a pond, river, or both on our property that our … Read more

Rams vs. Sheep: What are the Differences?

ram vs sheep collage

If you’re new to livestock, keeping up with all of the lingo attended with the different species of animals can almost feel like you’re being forced to learn another language. Bulls and steers, heifers and cows, sows, pigs, boars, barrows, farrows, litters, and more. It’s enough to make your head spin! Of course, sheep have … Read more

18 Sheep Breeds that Have Horns

ouessant sheep

Not all sheep breeds are cute, woolly and cuddly. Some have horns just like their wild ancestors, and domestic sheep can use them for all of the same purposes! As a shepherd, you’ll want to be aware of which breeds will always have horns, and which might possibly grow horns- even in a polled breed. … Read more

So, What Are Sheep Good For?

chicken and sheep inside hoophouse

Have you ever wondered what sheep are really good for? Sure, everyone knows they are “the” source of wool, but is that all we keep sheep for? Seems like an awful lot of work and money spent to just make wool! There has to be more to these animals than meets the eye… So, what … Read more

So, Is Lamb Pork?

ewe lamb

Most livestock animals are raised for multiple purposes. Sheep are no different. Raising sheep means that we get wool, of course, but we also get meat. One of the most popular products we take from sheep is meat from lambs. Lamb and pork happen to be two meats that are sometimes compared in terms of … Read more

Lambs vs. Sheep: 7 Differences Explained

lambs vs sheep collage

If you don’t know a lot about livestock in general, you might be wondering if there are any differences between sheep and lambs. There are, and quite a few in fact! Most people do know that lambs are baby sheep, but lambs actually have several physical differences that can distinguish them from their parents and … Read more

24 Things Lambs Can Eat, and 13 They Cannot

ram lamb

There’s hardly any animal that is more perfect and more precious than a baby lamb. And lambs are surprisingly delicate in accordance with their reputation… Young lambs have a lot stacked against them even when they are raised in captivity, and if anything goes wrong when nursing, or with their diet in general, it can … Read more

So, Why Do Sheep Reject Their Babies? 11 Reasons Why

a herd of Icelandic sheep

There is hardly anything in life more precious than a perfect, newborn baby lamb. And because of that, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing that ewe reject her newborn! It is appalling, but it does happen sometimes and that’s just nature. Dealing with the issue is one thing that most shepherds will eventually get experience … Read more

Sheep Shearing Done Right

holding a sheep to shear it

Sheep shearing is an important part of caring for a flock of sheep. It’s also a skill that can be relatively difficult to learn. It requires a great deal of practice and know-how. If you want to learn how to become better at shearing sheep, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, … Read more

Can Sheep Eat Apples? Is It Safe?

brown colored Icelandic sheep next to wooden fence

Sheep are common farm animals; their wool and meat make them valuable commodities on your homestead. It doesn’t hurt that they’re just so dang cute – especially as babies – when they get excited. Sheep have a very specific set of dietary needs which makes giving treats a bit…tricky. If they eat the wrong thing … Read more

Can Sheep Eat Bananas? Is It Safe?

a sheep nibbling on a banana

Sheep have very particular dietary requirements, which means that while we love being able to give them treats, we have to be super-duper careful about how we do it. Even a tiny amount of the wrong thing can lead to serious health problems. Fruit is a common treat for sheep, and the softer the fruit … Read more