So, What is a Male Sheep Called?

ouessant sheep

One thing you’ll have to learn if you want to keep up in conversations about livestock is the lingo associated with them. Every species of livestock has a plethora of names and terms used to refer to them; the different sexes, different ages, reproductive status, and more. For the uninitiated, this can be an anxious … Read more

320 Cute and Funny Sheep Names

chicken and sheep inside hoophouse

Many people think a pet should be a dog, a bird, or a cat, but sheep can be affectionate and loyal too. Lambs and adults are playful and mischievous and very entertaining to be around. But these lovable pets deserve the perfect name to go with their big personalities. I am going to give you … Read more

So, Do Sheep Like Being Sheared?

shearping a sheep's chest

If you own livestock, you already know how important it is to take care of them for their own health and well-being. And not just for that, but also to maintain productivity whatever you might be doing with them. As it concerns renewable resources that we get from our animals, there is a growing clamor … Read more

Best 14 Black Sheep Breeds for Your Own Flock

brown colored Icelandic sheep next to wooden fence

In nature, there are hardly any animals that get more attention and have more mystique than ones that are just solid black. There’s something about it that is so mysterious, regal, and maybe even a little intimidating you just can’t help but be charmed by them. Even when it comes to raising our own sheep, … Read more

So, What Is a Baby Sheep Called?

jacob lamb

Of all the baby animals out there in the world, baby sheep are probably the most precious. Those little, perfect wooly bodies, adorable faces, and those tiny hooves… they’re so cute! These baby sheep are extremely important to farmers and homesteaders the world over. Not only do they wool but they are also vital for … Read more

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Eat Lamb

ewe lamb

Lamb is a popular meat eaten around the world, both as a staple and as a traditional dish in many celebrations and holiday meals. But lamb, as delicious as it is, is not without its drawbacks. Some of these shortcomings are entirely practical. Others are moral, or even civic. So, why shouldn’t you eat lamb? … Read more

So, What is a Group of Sheep Called?

sheep after they were sheared

Throughout the animal kingdom, almost every group, assemblage, gathering or congrex of animals has a special name assigned to it by mankind. Cows have herds, porcupines have prickles, fish come in schools and crows gather in murders. A group of sheep is no different. But just what is a group of sheep called? A group … Read more

So, What Does Lamb Taste Like?

jacob lamb

When it comes to preparing any meat, understanding the inherent flavor profile of various types and also various cuts is essential if you want to make a truly memorable dish. After all, most of us already know that different seasonings and other ingredients pair better with certain flavor profiles than others. You generally don’t season … Read more

So, Why Do We Eat Lamb and Not Sheep?

lambs vs sheep collage

If you live in North America, chances are pretty good that you probably don’t eat much lamb. It’s just not a food that most people eat regularly compared to chicken and beef. Still, lamb is an important dish, and it is consumed in great quantities elsewhere in the world as a mainstay. But have you … Read more

So, Do Sheep Make Good Pets?

a sheep eating a sliced carrot

Out of all the livestock species that we might raise, it’s easy to see why sheep are among the most appealing. Those fluffy, luxurious wool coats, overall docility, and sheer cuteness make them incredibly charming. Naturally, there are plenty of people who might want a sheep around is a pet without going all in on … Read more

So, Why Is Lamb So Expensive?

ewe lamb

Lamb is often viewed as a luxury or traditional meat in North America, but it’s popular and more common in other parts of the world. Whether you’re enjoying a lamb roast on Easter Sunday or just living the good life with some succulent lamb chops and artisan veggies, lamb is satisfying. But it is also … Read more

How Many Sheep Per Acre For Your Homestead?

a herd of Icelandic sheep

Figuring out how many sheep per acre your homestead can support can be quite a puzzle . There are lots of variables to account for: the breed of your sheep, their dietary requirements, the nutritional content of the pasturage, seasonal changes and a whole lot more. It’s enough to make anyone go a little bit … Read more

So, How Long Do Sheep Live?

a herd of Icelandic sheep

It turns out that most domestic animals don’t get to live out a truly full life. Between being slaughtered for meat or put down to purify bloodlines, it seems that most animals only live for a handful of years at most. But how about sheep? Nominally, most sheep just get to stand around eating grass … Read more

So, When Does a Lamb Become a Sheep?

ram lamb

Most of us already know that among domestic animals, the babies and adolescents have special names. Pigs have piglets. Cows have calves and sheep, of course, have lambs. Hardly special knowledge but the trick is determining when these babies are officially considered adults. We’ve already discussed the differences between lambs and sheep, but when does … Read more