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Two days ago, Jada woke up with itchy red bumps here and there on her body. As the day progressed, they got bigger, itchier, and spread everywhere. She had hives. She’s had them a few times before, but I’ve never been able to put my finger on what causes them.

Her poor little face. It started out like this:


And then a little bit later it looked like this:

Hives 009 (Medium)

Then it got worse:

Hives 013 (Medium)

Both cheeks were like this, and her ears were very red and swollen as well. Her entire body was covered in a horribly itchy rash.

Hives rash

The doctors have never really been any help when she’s had hives in the past. All they tell me is to give her Benadryl, which I don’t like to do. So, instead of drugging her up, I began searching for a more natural treatment.

The first remedy I came across said to fill a bathtub half full with water, and add 1/2 cup of baking soda, and 1/2 cup of cornstarch. I ran a nice warm bath, and did as was suggested. Jada hopped in and soaked for a while. I also poured 1/2 cup of old fashioned oats (oatmeal) into a sock, tied it off, and threw it into the bath as well.

When I got her out I was horrified to find that she looked twice as bad as she did before the bath! She stood there scratching like crazy, and looking so pitiful.

I got on the computer and searched for another remedy. Someone said that baby oil worked for them, so I covered her in baby oil. It didn’t do any good. Finally, I got desperate and found some medicated itch cream in my cabinet. I could only use a little bit of it though, as it warned not to apply it to large areas of the body. I dabbed some on her cheeks.

As I kept looking online I came across the same baking soda/ cornstarch treatment again. Though this time, the directions were more specific. I was to give her a COOL bath… not a warm one! The warm water activated the histamines which caused the rash to worsen.

Before she went to bed, I gave Jada another bath. This time with really cool water, with the same mixture as before. I rubbed her body with the oatmeal sock. She was cold, so we made it quick.

I was very pleased the next morning when she woke up and her skin was completely cleared up! Yay!! We went outside and the the kids played while I did my chores. Jada and Titus were in the trees, collecting honeysuckle and having a wonderful time.

But when we came back in for lunch I noticed something… Jada was breaking out again! The hives were back, and spreading very quickly. I made a paste out of cream of tartar and water, and rubbed it onto the spots as they appeared. This was very effective at stopping the itching, but the bumps were spreading so quickly, that soon her whole body was once again covered.

Another cool bath, with 1/2 c. of baking soda, 1/2 cup of cornstarch, and an oatmeal sock did the trick.

I’ve decided that it’s probably the honeysuckle that is breaking her out. She was playing with it before her first batch of hives, and quickly broke out once more after playing in it again. It could be something else, but we are definitely staying away from the honeysuckle!

Do you have a favorite natural remedy for hives?

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    Our daughter was up half the night screaming and itching and we have no clue what it’s from, but she woke up with hives everywhere! We didn’t want to go to the emergency room over a rash, but didn’t want to stay up all night with her in pain either. We knew it wasn’t bugs so we’re assuming laundry detergent. We did the cool bath with cornstarch and baking soda and added an oatmeal paste (all things we just learned how to do tonight lol) and within 30 seconds the redness was drastically faded. We let her soak a little longer and the bumps went away. She’s still a little pink but isn’t itching and definitely not screaming anymore! Tomorrow I’ll rewash everything with just hot water but for a quick relief this was a miracle!

  2. Years ago in college I contracted pityriasis rosea with extreme itchiness. My mother’s remedy was to place a cup of dry oatmeal into a sock, soak it in warm water, and then squeeze the paste through the fabric and gently rub it on my skin. I obtained immediate relief and kept applying the past for the duration of the affliction. Now an old man I have contracted dermatitis from dry skin or some undetermined external irritant. I had forgotten about the oatmeal cure but have used it to again provide relief, and sue it in addition to my doctor’s recommended lotions and prescription cortisone ointment.. Cheap, safe, and doesn’t require a prescription.

  3. Yes! something that makes sense!!!!

    My 4 year girl breaks out in hives almost every day, this has been going on for almost 3 years now. I hate to give my girl Benadryl every day, so I don’t… only when she breaks out pretty bad or starts complaining.

    Going to give this a try for sure, thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you so much for this .
    My son has never gotten hives . I dont understand what triggered it .He woke up on saturday and had them . I gave him benadryl but hate the thought of drugging him up over and over .so i found this and i quickly helped and he even fell asleep for the night 🙂

  5. When my son has had hives, we applied tea tree oil to the hives and it reduces the size and redness very quickly for us. Glad that the bathes helped your daughter!

  6. I also use rubbing alcohol it work great on hives because it cools quick but don’t scratch before you use it, it will burn

  7. So my daughter was crying most of lastnight until 5am and finally went to sleep!! He was itchy alll night and my husband and I though it was fleas from our friends house who has a dog. So we showered her at 2am. Helped a little then she was at it again! So in the morning at 9am when we woke she was fine. No more itching at all throughout the day. Maybe a little when it told her it was nap time. But she didn’t nap. So then bed time came and she went down fine. (keeping in mine shes 2) then an hour later she woke itching and scratching really bad!! Oh no now another sleepless night. Then we saw white spots on her. No blood stains on the sheets so it must not be fleas. Then we suspected hives! She’s been eating a lot of yogurt musli bars and strawberrys. More than way normal. Then after hours of achy itching and annoyance we put her in a warm shower at first to wash off the cream on her body. Then I made a apple cider vinegar and baking soda and water paste and used it as body wash on her then finished her off in a cold shower! She’s finally asleep in bed now but I’m scared it’s not gonna work!??? Any tips help etc… ???? Please!!! From tired desperate mum!

    • Ari,

      Could it be something in her bed? If you haven’t done this already, I’d completely strip the bed down and change the sheets. My first thought is that something might be in the bed irritating her. Maybe there’s an insect in the sheets? Have you changed detergents or fabric softeners? It sounds like the reaction is flaring up when she gets in the bed. Warmth will irritate hives, so be sure that when you bathe her, it’s cool water and not too warm. Hives are usually raised. Are her spots raised? If so, are they hard or soft bumps? Do they seem to have a ‘head’ on them, like they could be popped, or are they more like a mosquito bite? It’s hard to say what the treatment should be until we know what’s causing the rash. If I were you, I’d do a detailed google search of the description of the spots and see if I can find anything that matches the description. You need to figure out if it’s a virus, or something irritating her skin, or possibly something she ate. I don’t think too much yogurt bars would do it, but possibly the strawberries! Every time my child has had hives, they’ve been reddish bumps, not white spots.

  8. Strangely enough my youngest son has developed hives immediately prior to coming down with a cold. They were worse in the evening, and horrible after a bath. We went nuts searching for the cause- change the soap, change the laundry soap (and wash every bit of his clotes with the hypoallergenic soap), examine his diet. Our awesome and patient pediatrician stayed open late and saw him. Told us by next day he’d have cold symptoms- spot on- as soon as the sniffles started the hives stopped. Not a big fan of using too many medications, but zyrtec has worked a treat since then.

  9. That kind of hive rash is usually from something that she has eatten that she is mildly allergic to! We have been thru it with our own children and were able to pin it down to CINNAMON of all things….they can have cinnamon every once in a while but not more then 1x a week…..we usually try to avoid exposure…..also our children are allergic to TOOTHPASTE, theres something in it that if it touches their face it leaves terrible rashes for a few days….i myself get tingling and itching from the toothpaste if i get it on my skin. The best remedy that i have found is to make an oatmeal paste and apply it like a facial to any areas that are broken out and leave them set, then when its dry you let the kids hop in a bath and wash off….hives are generally gone in 12 hours! Also i have found that even mild exposure to weeds at the farm causes me and the girls to get odd hives, i cant remember the name but they are tall and stringy.

    Oatmeal paste—
    finely ground oatmeal mixed with a little water to make a paste and aloe vera gel….slather it on and almost immediate itch relief!

  10. My daughter broke out like that after eating strawberries. She also gets the hives/rash sometimes when being out in the sun and sweating. Baking soda baths and pastes do help externally, as does aloe vera. Vitamin C powder helps internally as an antihistamine, if you don’t choose benadryl.

  11. When my daughter contracted swine flu last year, a fever and hives were her first symptoms. My sweet little Tinkerbell was allergic to the swine flu virus itself. And naturally it was after office hours. Instead of a soda bath, I made a paste with baking soda and water, slathered her from head to toe and wrapped her up in a towel. We rocked and watched a movie and within an hour, the hives were 90% gone. By the next morning they were gone entirely. Thank GOD for simple cures.

    • I LOVE when people mention God! In the context of His wondrous ways.

      Three days ago, out of the blue(?) my face turned very red, my eyes got swollen, and my skin turned “bumpy” and somewhat itchy. I didn’t know what had caused it (perhaps the sunshine?), didn’t know what to do about it, hoped it would go away.

      Tonight I asked: “God, what IS this?!?” After I had turned off the tv, suddenly a word popped into my mind: “HIVES”. I had a vague notion that “hives” had to do with the skin, must have heard about it in the far past; my native language is NOT English – but God knows I do my internet searching in English (because I can get more information that way). So I googled “I’ve got hives”. And straight away saw Kendra’s link. In the comments of ye all I found so many explanations! And remedies. And also… Andrea’s thank you to GOD. I double it hereby. Adding a thank you as well to ye all.

  12. That looks so painful.Glad that your remedy worked so well.I hope you are able to keep her away from the honeysuckle if that is the cause.I know my neice has bad reactions to poison ivy.She swells up when she gets in it.It is hard this time of year with so many different things growing outside.Hope everyone stays comfortable.~Nikki

  13. Of course my son is allergic to corn so…. I grind the oatmeal in my spice grinder and put in in like Aveeno. It dissolves completely and instantly that way. I do a few grinders full when his hives are bad. Helps tons.

  14. Do you have poison oak where you live? I’m not sure if it would cause hives or not, but it sounded like maybe they were climbing trees, so that possibility occurred to me. Poor Jada!

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