How I Helped My Speech Delayed Toddler- Naturally!

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Our Experience…

Elias 3 years old


This little guy. He brings us so much joy.

Of course, all of my children are the light of my life. But this fella, he’s the perfect combination of mischief and sweetness all rolled up into one rascally grin.

Although I was never too concerned about it, I noticed that by the time he was 2 years old he wasn’t really saying as much as his siblings had when they were his age. I chalked it up to him just being the baby. But after his 3rd birthday passed and he still wasn’t using more than one-word sentences, I decided I wanted to do something to help.

Most kids start talking by the time they are about eighteen months old. Generally, a toddler can say about twenty words by this point, with younger kids babbling before their first birthday. You might notice that your child has a language delay, which is when they can pronounce individual words well but can’t form a complete sentence (which was the case with Elias) or that they have a speech delay, which is when they can form those expressions, but they’re tough to understand.

Doctors will usually check children during their routine well-child checkups, and make sure they have reached developmental milestones at the appropriate age. Babies younger than a year that don’t react to sound could have hearing loss, while those that are older but cannot form words might have some sort of speech or language delay. The biggest progress in language development happens between ages two and three, with rapid increases in vocabulary acquisition and comprehension.

His speech delay wasn’t a huge source of worry for me, I was sure he’d learn to talk more over time. But if there was something I could do to help I wanted to give it a shot, for the sake of being able to better understand his needs and desires as he tried to communicate them to us.

I did a lot of reading online and flipping through my natural alternatives books. I looked at dietary changes and deficiencies which might cause slowed speech. I found a lot of interesting information.

Delays in speech can be caused by a number of factors. Often, physical impairments will be to blame. This is usually pretty obvious. If your child as a short frenulum (the fold that holds the tongue to the lower mouth) or a cleft palate, for example, he or she will likely have delayed speech. Your child could also have trouble controlling the many muscles used to speak, like the lips, jaw, or tongue. This can cause childhood apraxia of speech.

General developmental delays are also not uncommon. These are often noticeable as your child will fail to hit other milestones as well, such as motor skills or other related issues. Hearing problems or ear infections, too, are super common and easy to diagnose and treat.

As a person interested in natural healing and holistic remedies, it was interesting to me that nutritional deficiencies are a common cause of speech delays in toddlers. B12 is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in kids. This can cause developmental delay along with reduced IQ – scary! But it can also cause delayed speech.

To make sure your child has enough vitamin B12, feed him or her plenty of nutrient-dense foods like beef liver, clams, fish, eggs, dairy, and other meat products. These are the best sources of B12 as well as many other important vitamins and minerals. If you suspect a nutrient deficiency, always have them tested first – overdosing on a certain nutrient can be just as detrimental!

But one particular recommendation stuck out to me as I kept coming across testimonials on other blogs and YouTube. Mothers were reporting having great success using essential oils to overcome speech delays.

It was an easy, safe, and natural treatment.

So I tried it.

I started out by mixing 1-2 drops of DDR Prime, 1-2 drops of Frankincense, and about 1/2 tsp fractionated coconut oil (fractionated oil stays liquid at room temperature). I would rub this blend on the back of Elias’ neck once in the morning and once before bed (or at least once a day if I forgot to do it earlier).

Frankincense is well known for its brain-boosting benefits. This oil is an aromatic resin that is often used in incense. It is extracted from Boswellia trees that are native to Africa and the Arabian peninsula and has been used for thousands of years. DDR Prime is a natural mixture that includes frankincense, wild orange, lemongrass, thyme, summer savory, and clove.

These herbs combine to promote oral health, providing antioxidants to the body, protecting against environmental threats, cleansing, and boosting the mood. Coconut oil smells great and helps form a solid base for the mixture of other oils.

He absolutely LOVED the smell. He would grab my hand and want to inhale it, which is totally cool because the oils are highly effective when used aromatically as well.

I did this consistently for about a week without really seeing any change in him. And then it happened. It was on day 7 or 8 (I can’t remember exactly) when my toddler walked into the kitchen and said slowly but clearly,

“Mommy… I’m… hungry.”

Up until that day my 3 1/2 year old had only ever communicated that he was hungry by saying, “Eat! Eat! Eat!”  And now he’d just said his first complete sentence!!

I scooped him up and hugged him tightly, laughing. “You’re hungry, buddy?” I asked, completely ecstatic with this sudden development. Right away I called my husband and excitedly shared what Elias had just said.

From that day on his vocabulary continued to expand and his sentences grew in length. I continued applying the oils every day. At first it seemed as though he had to think hard to form his thoughts into words. There were pauses between his words as he spoke them, but over the next few months those pauses shortened as he grew confident in what he was saying. He’ll be 4 in May, and he now speaks almost as well as the other 3-year-olds he plays with. Not quite as fluid, be definitely a thousand times improved.

How I Helped My Speech Delayed Toddler With Essential Oils

I’ve since started using a 10 ml roller bottle with the same oil blend instead of pouring it into my hand for application. This way I’m not wasting any oil leftover on my hand. I don’t apply the oils as often now, maybe a few times a week. But Elias still loves the smell and grabs the bottle from my hand after I apply it to his neck, breathing it in deeply until he’s satisfied.

I can’t say for sure that this blend of essential oils would work for everyone, but it has worked for other moms and it definitely worked for us. The dosage might need to be experimented with depending on the severity of the case. I would definitely recommend that you at least try it if you’re dealing with a speech delayed child.

How I Helped My Speech Delayed Toddler With Essential Oils

Lavender also reportedly works well to alleviate the effects of speech delay. It is calming and nurturing, so if your child is having trouble sleeping or with anxiety, it could alleviate those problems and lead to more restorative slumber. As a result, your child may begin to speak. Vetiver is another relaxing essential oil and helps to calm symptoms of ADD/ADHD. Generally, essential oils don’t necessarily relieve the speech delay itself, but help to alleviate related symptoms that may be causing or related to the delay.

I won’t claim that these essential oils are foolproof and the perfect solution every time. Obviously, if you’re concerned, you should consult a pediatrician. However, essential oils are a great way to help a mild case of speech delay, or to complement an additional treatment. Every year, over 100,000 Americans die from properly prescribed and taken prescription drugs. Why use a drug to treat a condition when you can treat it naturally, with no side effects?

Essential oils can help restore natural function and have no adverse interactions. They can help build an immune system and balance your mental state, and also help to correct the way your cells work with each other.

More often than not, if your child has a serious language delay, medicine is not going to help. If the cause of the delay is a hearing problem, yes, ear tubes or other surgeries can help to alleviate this temporarily, but you still need to get to the root of the problem. Most pediatricians will also recommend speech therapy, but this can be costly and tough to implement if you live back in the woods or on a rural homestead.

I’ve been using essential oils casually for years, but this particular experience is what turned me into a true believer in the benefits of these oils. I now use them daily on my family, my pets, and around the house for cleaning and disinfecting purposes. Please do your research before buying essential oils. There is no regulation in the industry and there are brands out there claiming to be 100% pure when in fact they are diluted. The brand I use and recommend is third party tested,100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.

You can also make your own essential oils. A frankincense oil might be hard to produce, but most other plants can be grown locally or on your homestead and can be produced right in the comfort of your own home. Some people buy copper stills to distill their own oils, but you can do it in equipment as basic as a simple slow cooker!

Essential oils are just the active oils extracted from plants through steam distillation. All you need to do is place the plant matter in a crockpot and cover it with water. Don’t fill more than three quarters of the container. Put the lid on upside down, so that the steam will fall back into the pot. Turn the crockpot on high, then once it’s reached a boil, simmer it on low for four hours. Then, turn it off and cool. Put the crockpot in the refrigerator, then leave it in there overnight.

In the morning, a thin film of oil will have settled on the top of the water. You can then peel the oil off the top and transfer it into a bottle, where it can be stored indefinitely as long as it is kept out of the light and intense heat. That’s all there is to it!
I know essential oils might not be the best option for everyone.

Anyways, this experience was just too exciting for me not to share. Hopefully it will be encouraging and helpful to another parent who can relate. 🙂


WOW! I cannot believe how many emails I have received from other parents and caregivers who also have a child with speech delay issues. I’m so glad I shared my experience here so that I could hopefully help many of you who are struggling as well.

Due to so many requests, I’ve decided to make a video showing EXACTLY how I put together the Speech Delay blend, how I applied the oils to my son, and an interview with little Elias one year into the regimen so you can see how well he talks now! I hope you find this information helpful and encouraging.

As a parent, remember that there are hundreds of other natural, non-pharmaceutical steps you can take to encourage speech and general well-being in your child. Spend as much time as possible communicating with your child in a positive manner.

Talk with him and not just at or around him. Have conversations, sing, and encourage language at all costs. Reading to your child is another great way to encourage language. No age is too young to read to or with your little one. You can also use everyday situations to encourage language. Talk your way through the most mundane situations. This will not only encourage speech development, but also strengthen the bond between you and your child.

How To Make The Speech Delay Blend:

This is what I did. Please keep in mind that everybody’s body chemistry is a little bit different, and what works for me might not work for you. You might have to tweak the strength of the blend until you find what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Fill a 10 ml. roller bottle halfway full with fractionated coconut oil, then add 5 drops of Frankincense essential oil and 5 drops of DDR Prime essential oils.

Try this protocol EXACTLY as described in the video for at least two full weeks before adjusting the strength (ie: increasing the amount of essential oils you use in the blend). If you aren’t seeing results after a couple of weeks of consistently applying the oils several times a day, increase the frankincense and the DDR Prime by a few drops each. Continue experimenting until you find what works. I cannot stress the importance of patience, consistency, and diligence. It may take some time. Have faith in what you are doing.

I have been so blessed by the emails I’ve been receiving from so many of you who are thrilled to have your child finally speaking. And I continue to encourage those of you who aren’t seeing drastic changes yet to keep being consistent with the oils. If any of you have questions or concerns, please feel free to shoot me an email. I’m happy to help if I can!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and the statements on this blog have not been evaluated by the FDA. Any products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  1. im not sure if my post posted but i need help i want to try this as soon as possible i need more or less the amounts of each herb to put in to make the ddr prime from scratch i also asked about using bitter orange than wild orange hard to find

  2. i need more information on exact measurements of making the ddr from scratch i bought all the herbs not sure how much to put in crock pot its my first time dealing with herbs period and a holistic approach I also could not find wild orange but i did find bitter orange is it the same i was told yes both are just the peel of the orange??? PLEASE HELP I NEED CLARIFICATION…….

  3. Hi Kendra. Thanks for your post. I got the DDR Prime, oil and Frankincense and mixed it up as recommended. I’ve been using for a few days but no change yet but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. Hi kendra I am a mother of an almost 3 year old who has zero speech I have started him on the nemechek protocol I am not sure if you know about it. However I had seen some studies on vetiver oil and now would like to use the frankincense oil as well please tell me what brands you use and the dosing I would like to start him on it asap I also had gotten some lavender oil. Please tell me if and how as I wait to get the frankincense oil. Ordering everything from Amazon please reply to this msg please

  5. Hi Kendra,
    Your post has me so hopeful!!! I hope it works for my son too.
    He is 4 1/2 going to speech for a year. We are seeing some progress but slow. He has a lot of vocabulary, sings or speaks rhymes, abc, 123.
    He follows simple instructions occasionally. But thats it.
    I am new to using Oils.
    Can you please send me further info.
    I hope I come back here soon to write how it worked for us.

  6. Hi Kendra ! My 2 1/2 year old is speech delayed and as soon as I read your story and watched your video I ordered everything!! I just got it all today. I’d like your input on the dosage please. I filled a 10ml roller with the coconut oil and did 5 drops of DDR and 5 drops of frankincense. Does that seem like a good amount to start with?? I hope you see this! Thank you so much.

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  8. Thanks for posting this information, up until now everything I have read has been primarily using fish oil, Phoscol, and vitamin e to achieve this. If that doesnt work out for me, I will give your solution a try.

    For those looking for Omega 3 information, Lisa Geng of the Cherub foundation has this information

    and another speech formulation at

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  10. Can you please send me a video link for the ingredients.
    My mother have used the cloves oil for me when I had speech delay and after seeing your post she recommended me to use this for my kid.

  11. Hi kendra. I’ve been trying to use your guided blend for my 4yo son who is diagnosed with speech and language delayed. He is stucked with one-word speech before. Ive been using the blend for 16days now and he is getting better ( occasionally he is using 2-words sentence), plus im taking him to speech therapy session (1hour per week) and enrolled him in preschool in the morning 5days a week. But according to his teacher, he doesnt talk at all in school and just mind his own business. Do u hve advice on how should i experiment with the blend? Which eo should i increase, ddr or frankincense? Or both? I am desperate as i cant start potty train him and there is very limited preschool accept pampers-wearer student 😫

  12. Hi! I’m just trying this blend in a roller on my 2.5 year old. After a few days, his skin does seem irritated by it (back of his neck). Would you suggest applying it to the bottoms of his feet instead?

  13. Hi Kendra my almost two-year-old daughter does not say much for words. I was wondering if you knew of any more affordable Brands other than DDR? I went on the website and I simply cannot afford those oils at the moment.

  14. it still surprise me how Dr ODIA did it all with the autism herbal cure he sent to me when my 5 years old daughter with autism who don’t play with friends, and doesn’t sleep, has also never cried ever since i gave birth to her of which i have gone to many hospitals for solution and i have uses so many medicines but still no hope not until i came across Dr ODIA email ([email protected] yahoo. com) here on line who sent me his herbal autism cure and asked me to use it for just three days morning night and evening on her and also a seed oil to rub on her body after bath. I did has he instructed me to and later on i started seeing so many changes, today my daughter can able to walk and talk she was completely healed i’m glad to come out here online and share my own testimony. you out there also having an autistic child suffering from autism hurry Dr ODIA will surely have a cure for you. contact him via email: [email protected] yahoo. com.

  15. Hi Kendra,

    Thank you for sharing.

    My son is about 3 year olds and severe speech delay (he make sounds but no word), he is on speech and behavioral therapy for 6 months now, but didn’t see much improvement also diagnosed to be on the spectrum.

    I want to try essential oil, where i should start for beginner?

  16. Hi Kendra,

    I have the same problem with my son. Can you please email me regarding a safe place where I can buy online these oils since I live in Tirana, Albania. I really need to practice this but as well I want to be safe.

    Many thanks

    • Hi Kendra
      My son is 3.8 months old and hasn’t started speaking yet, I am going to try the composition that you have given for essential oils. Could you please message me, where I can buy and what brand will give good results? Does it require any dietary changes?

    • Hi Andrea if you live in Tirana I know someone there you can contact and find the oils. Find here in Instagram Earta_Aromatherapy, she can Help you .

      • Hi Eli,

        Now I saw your response. Ok, I will contact them. Hopefully they may have safe information on using these oils on kids. Thank you again.

  17. Hi Kendra,

    My son is 3 year old and hasn’t started speaking yet, though he utters “ba ba” for whatever he wants and occasionally few other similar words. I am going to try the composition that you have given for essential oils. I will let you know the results, but I feel so positive already after reading through the article. I would also like to know if there are any other exercises that you practice for your kid. Please write to me at [email protected] if you have any other suggestions.

  18. my daughter has speech delay she is 6 year old and what is frankincense and ddr prime essential and coconut oil fractinated where i will buy this and what is the measurement i start with please msg me thanks

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  20. Hi Kendra,
    My son is 3.5 years old and uses one word only . I recently came across your blog. I am very happy and excited to try this on my son . Can you please help me? Can you please pass any relevant info to my email Id – [email protected].?i will surely update about his progress .thank you


  21. Hi Kendra my son is diagnosed with Autism. He will be turn 4 in December. Doesn’t say any single word. Could you please email me how much essential oil should I blend and after one week should I increase the drops. I am little bit confuse in blending the oils. Please I want to use this ASAP. Help!

    • I know that your question is about homeopathic oil. However cbd oil hemp can be purchased online. I just started my son on that (as well as paleo diet with fermented food). I know a friend’s child who went from non verbal to verbal within a week on cbd oil.

      • Is the cbd oil legal in all states all that is really confusing to me. Lol I have also heard about copiaba oil which is similar to cbd oil which was the alternative I was going to do cause of not being clear on the legality of cbd.

      • Hi, my son has apraxia of speech and minor motor delays.

        Anyone have advice? Experience with CBD oil and essential oils to help? He is 6 years old and has received speech therapy since 20 months old.

        • I’d strongly suggest the GAPS diet. My autistic five year old has no more autism because of it. But it’s a lot of work

  22. My son is going to be 4 next month. He is just starting 3 word sentences. His sister who is 18 months is starting the same speech delay route and not talking a word. I also posted on ABC HOMEOPATHY for recommendations. Do you think I could try this on my 18 month old as well? I can’t afford to go to a homeopath.

  23. Hi Kendra,

    My son is 2 years and 8 months old and speaks a handful of words however is not stringing words together. We have started speech and occupational therapy for him. I personally feel it’s not helping him apart from the fact that he is now babbling a lot. At times I fear that he will never speak. Please please help me! Can you tell me the amount of oils I need to blend for application? I am desperate now. I can get these shipped to the US and have my brother bring them for me. Please help!

      • Dear Kendra, I have been using the exact protocol as described on your blog since march 2017 for 4 months as I was not seeing any improvement on my daughter who has a severe speech delay I stopped using it . Please can you email me if there is anything else I can on my daughter who is 4 years and 9 months I am super desperate. There are the odd words rarely and echolalia. Which she had before she began the oils

        Kind regards


      • Hi, Kendra
        My son is turning 3 this month and no words , no real words to express anything except dada and Amma and Ba and up . ( makes animal sounds only) . He just points out or take me to what he wants He is going through speech thearapy past 6 months and not much improvement in his speech. I am so worried. Please email or send me the recipe and also the link where I can order those oils from and I hope this blend will work for him.

  24. Hello!
    While doing research I came across your site. I ordered the oils you used, doterra as well, and I am very interested in what might come of it. Our son is 25 months and currently in speech therapy, we also work at home with him all the time and he attends pre school 3x a week in the mornings. I am hoping the oil blend will help with his current progress. He does not have real words yet, babbles, will point or take me to what he needs or get it himself and listens to simple directions.
    I was wondering if you had anymore updates from yourself and other parents.
    Thank you!

  25. Please tell me more about the products for the speech delay. I have 2 1/2 yr old and speech is delayed. He is now working with a speech therapist and would like to know will this help my son. I pray every night and this is only thing that I worried about. I pray that GOD will break this shell from my son.

  26. Hello! I stumbled on your site while looking for essential oils for my 2 year 9 months old grandson that isn’t even trying to talk. he is currently in speech therapy where he goes for 30 minutes twice weekly for a month where she is teaching him to sign, his mother says that she cant tell any improvement from when he stated, now I know it takes time, she would like the blends that you used for your son if you think they will help him. please emai the recipe thanks, laraine

  27. Hi Kendra

    My name is Johnny, I truly appreciate your shared experience in your essential oils blend.

    My daughter is 2 years & 9 months old now and unable to pronounce any word (Non) but rather she is just babbling.

    Please kindly forward a more detailed explanation on;
    1. How exactly I can mix the blend.
    2. How exactly I will apply it
    3. And any other information I need to know.

    Best Regards.

  28. Hi Kendra – excited to try this on my 3 year old. Can I keep the two oils separately or is it better to mix them together into one roller? Thank you for sharing this!

    • Hi my son is 3.5 years old and he can’t speak he says words like bye mama dada yeh no very little really do you think this oil could help my son?

      • Hi Claire,
        I’d definitely give it a try! Others have had great success with this blend so I’m hopeful that it could work for your son as well. Let me know if you need any help from me!

  29. Would it be ok or anymore helpful to also diffuse the blend in their room at night? Thank you!! We are trying the roller on back of neck right now.

  30. Hello. My name is kim.m y lovely daughter Joselyn is 23 months. I know she’s still young but she only says a few words but is advanced in every other area. Can you send me the video.thankls!! You are a god send

  31. Kendra, I am a grandmother of a four year grandson, Sebastian that has development delays. Sebastian does not speak at all. We think a lot of this has to do with a delayed diagnosis of needing tubes. He sees private speech teachers and has speech at school with no help. He recently was diagnosed with development delays and Autism was ruled out. I saw your video with your little boy and I cried because I would give anything for Sebastian to be able to talk. I have forwarded your link to this article to my daughter. She had just mentioned DDR Prime to me last night and was going to look into trying this. I hope that I can write back soon with wonderful news also. This sweet child is my world.

  32. Hi Kendra, I have started using this blend on my two and a half year old but I find that he tends to go into overdrive. Since using it the last few days he won’t have a day nap and has a very restless night sleep. I started with only 2 drops with no real change to speech over a month so I increased roller to 5 drops of each! Is this normal, will sleep get better or is it a reaction? Thanks

    • Hi Kendra,….what dosage can be used for a 13 yr old autistic non verbal child…..does this blend work for children in all age groups..,can you email me please…. my I’d is [email protected]…thank and waiting for your mail

  33. Hi Kendra,

    Thank you for sharing.

    My son is about 3 year olds and severe speech delay (he make sounds but no word), he is on speech therapy for 6 months now, but didn’t see much improvement.

    I want to try essential oil, where i should start for beginner?

  34. Hi Kendra,

    While looking for a way to help my 2 year old son who is speech delayed and could hardly repeat a word, i came upon your essential oil blend. I decided to start using it and as recommended by you increased the dosage every 2 weeks. Its been 2 months and i see remarkable changes in him. His is trying to speak more often, repeats words, can count to 10 and recognise numbers till 10. I am really grateful that you wrote about your experience and that i decided to try the blend.

    Thank you

    • AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Ritu. It’s helpful for other parents to hear testimonies like this. 🙂 It’s such a blessing to me as well to know that by sharing what worked for us I’ve been able to help so many others as well. So wonderful! Your son is blessed to have a proactive mama who wouldn’t give up!

      • Hi Kendra, we have similer experience to alot of these other mommies with our 3 year old little girl. Would you mind if you have time emailing me the recipe you reccomend? Thanks so much

  35. How young of a child can you use this on? I see a lot of examples of 2 years and up. Is 18 months too young? We have a history of speech delays in our kids, and I’m trying to stay on top of things with my youngest in hopes that she doesn’t have to go through what my others kids went through. 🙁

  36. (A message from Kendra: Here’s an email I received from another mother who tried the oils. With her permission, I’ll share it with you…)

    I had found your post online & you had emailed me the recipe for DDR Prime, which I mixed up & used on my 2 year old son. (I didn’t have the drops, but I did have the capsules, so I pricked one open & used the oil from inside it to put in the roller bottle.) He had a complete breakthrough where he started speaking! It was amazing! While his words were not always clear, they mirrored the actual words enough that most people could understand him when he did speak. I had tried to post my story several times to your site, but for some reason unknown to me it wouldn’t accept my comments & kept rejecting it.

    But I have another story of success too!

    My same son (now almost 3 years old) had taken a break for several months from using the oils on a consistent basis. But I just started using them on him again, & within the week he was running around the house singing songs with his older sister!! Singing!! And to top that off, he started using the names of family & friends as he said goodbye, started using descriptive words to explain things, & as he is attempting to speak he will notice that he is not pronouncing a word correctly so he stops himself & corrects the mistakes with perfectly clear pronunciation! His language use & ability to whisper & speak using volume has increased in fluctuation too. My whole family has commented on it & I posted a video on Facebook of him singing with his sister because it was so miraculous!!

    I love essential oils & how powerful they are to my family. But I am also grateful for people like you Kendra, who are strong enough to keep your story of success online. You personally provide anyone who is interested with the recipe they need to help their children gain the nutrients through oils needed to be able to speak! Thank you so much for your recipe, & care, & help!! You have made a big difference in my family!

    Thank you again for all your help!!

    With much love from a GRATEFUL mommy,


  37. Hi Kendra,

    I couldn’t get to purchase ddr prime essential oil in my country (Malaysia). Is any way that i can purchase it.


  38. Hi Kendra,

    My 2 year 9 months old daughter has a speech and language delay and is diagnosed as being on the spectrum. Her vocabulary is fab for her age but we are still working on 3-4 word sentences . I read about the oil blend that you used for your child and it seems very inspiring. Do you have any recommendations / suggestions on how to go about using it?


  39. Hii , I really want to try this for my two year old son.Any means by which I can get it in India.Any lead ,help will be greatly appreciated.

  40. Hi Kendra,

    I found your story on Youtube and this was the very first time i had heard about DoTerra Oils that would help Speech Delay. Bella has been going to speech for 3 years and I would see progress but not much. After using the Protocol Kendra gave and using the DoTerra Oils WOW! When using the combination Kendra gave we could see the improvement about on day 10. She was making longer sentences and talking more clearly and this was all due to the combination of the oils that Kendra had suggested to try. What a blessing this has been and glory to God because Bella is talking more reading more clearly since we started the treatment. This is our 3 week and we plan to continue for a while until she is caught up with her peers. Thank you for sharing Kendra and we will keep you posted on her progress.

    Blessing Erica

  41. Hi Kendra,

    I am happy to have come across this post as my son is having speech delay problems. He’s 21 months and I started early with speech therapy. He improved a bit on his words however his receptive speech is still behind, we don’t know what the cause is yet as he is still very young however I don’t mind trying the oils early on. After I read your post I started doing some research and I’m a little confused with which brand to go with. You recommended doTERRA products however as with anything there is some negative feedback on their products. I heard YL is also very good because they harvest and bottle their own oils. Is there a reason you’ve recommended doTERRA as opposed to YL and have you found differences between the brands?

    • Lidia,
      What I really like about doTERRA oils is that they source them from where the plants grow indigenously all around the world, where they’ve tested to have the strongest medicinal properties. A lot of essential oil companies get their oils from their own farms, or from wherever they can source it the cheapest. That’s part of the reason doTERRA oils aren’t as cheap as other brands you can buy off the shelf. Sourcing is expensive. They also put every single batch through rigorous testing to ensure that there are no contaminants of any sort, but that the oils are the purest quality. I have not used Young Living oils so I cannot speak from experience with them, though I know people who are just as happy with YL as others are with dT. I’m glad you’re doing your research though! 🙂 Best wishes with your little guy. If you have any other questions I’m happy to help.

      • Thank You for your reply, I’m going to go with what you’ve suggested and keep you posted!

        Thanks again for sharing your experience!

          • Hi wow praise god ,I am bri my son is 14 severe autism will this recipe help him age matters do you know I know faith thanks for bless you and look forward to your reply bri

            • Hi Bri :). I can’t promise that the oil blend will work for your son because everybody’s body chemistry is a little different. You may need to use more or less of each oil… you kind of just have to experiment until you find what works best for him. But age does not matter. 🙂 The oils are for any age. Blessings… I hope it works for you! Keep us posted. 🙂

          • Hi ms. Kendra. Ive read your article and it gives me hope. Anyway can i replace the frankincence with the other brand? They dont have stocks. Only doterra DDR prime. And how about the FCO? any brand of FCO? THANKSSSS looking forward to your positive response

  42. Hi Rachel

    I am new to oils, one week, using diffuser and using a YL starter kit, is it ok to use the DoTerra and Yl brand together? My son has global speech delay, was making 75% of alphabet sounds then at age 3 it all stopped, only sounds, he is now 8 and using a ipad comm. program.

    I am so new at this EO but eager to try anything for him. He has multiple food allergies and we are now gluten free, starting dairy free then I hope to start detox heavy metals/ he also has high aluminum count and we are baffled why that is, we use NO aluminum? and is anemic.

    Where do you buy the fractionated coconut oil?

    Thank you for your exciting and inspiring blog!!! Thrilled to come across this site!!!


    • Hi Melanie!
      It’s totally okay to use YL and dT oils together. No worries there. You can buy fractionated coconut oil online, at health food stores, or from doTERRA. Let me know if you have any other questions! Best wishes.

      • Hi kendra I have come across this article and very interesting because my daughter has a condition called cerebellar ataxia and it effects her speech and balance, Co ordination. She is 5 years old am in uk. Is there any oils for balance & cordination whivh you can recommend ? I would appericiate if you can email me thanks

  43. Hi!

    I run the speech delay support group in my town and just shared this with our members. I’m currently researching DoTerra and Young Living oils for my 3 year old son with a speech delay and autism spectrum. I’m going to order the 10ml roller ball bottles on Amazon but still researching which brand I’m going to go with and where to start. Thank you for sharing this as this has really encouraged me to research and start using oils on my 3 year old son.

  44. Dear Kendra,
    Thank you for sharing such a positive outcome and how you did it. My 6 year old has severe global development delay and her biggest barrier at the moment is her speech. She is non verbal but is trying to talk and making lots of sounds.

    I’m completely new to pure essential oils and in fact I’m still researching before I go and buy, although I am waiting for a diffuser I ordered.

    I came across your post and to be honest, DoTerra wasn’t a brand I was going to buy from but after reading your post, how could I not give it a try?

    I signed up and was about to add Frankincense to my cart but £63 is how much I would have to pay. That is ridiculously expensive for an oil. I accepted the cost of the DDR because I thought it being a blend may be the reason it costs so much.

    Can I use another brand of Frankincense or does it need to be DoTerra?

    Many Thanks

    • Hi Melissa,

      doTERRA’s Frankincense IS expensive. I totally understand. It’s expensive because they harvest it where it grows indigenously and has the highest medicinal properties. You can try another brand of Frank by all means, however you won’t see the same results if the oil is of lower quality. Do your research. 🙂 Hope that helps! Best wishes to you.

      • Thank you Kendra. Since this post, I have purchased the DDR Prime but have bought another brand Frank and fractionated coconut oil. I have done tons of research over the past few weeks and found the chosen brands to be of high quality and what you want from a pure essential oil etc. That being said, I may just purchase the Frank from DoTerra.

        Just another quick question to ask – would it make sense if you applied Vetiver essential oil to the blend?

        Best wishes

  45. My son is turning 3 but cant talk. but am not familiar with the oils you are talking about. am from Malawi

    what should i do?

    please help

  46. I tried this blend along with few drops of melaleuca oil in it fr speech and it helped. I tried with my kid who was able to speak limited sentences and in few months she was able to speak more sentences.

  47. I just received my oils and I’m supper excited to put them to work. My son got really sick right before his 1st birthday and he lost a lot of weight and i definitely notice he started to fall behind on his milestones and it was hard to put his weight back on. Hes 22 months now and hes good on weight but he doesnt say any words yet sometimes he says mom and he does try to say things but nothing comes out. He baby talks a lot and hes now doing speech therapy i do see a difference in him but i want to try other ways to help him and i have feith that these oils will work for us just as it did for other families.

  48. Hi Kendra !
    I am almost ready to try this mixture except for one hiccup.. I purchased the DDR Prime in capsules instead of the oil in error 🙁 Do you know if I can still use them ? And how many drops are in a capsule ?

    Any feedback would be appreciated! 🙂

    • Hi Mia,
      Is there any way you can return the capsules and get the oil instead? The capsules will end up being much more expensive to use. If you have to use them, use a pin or something to pop a hole in the gel capsule and squeeze the oil out. I’m not sure how much is in each capsule. It’ll end up costing a lot to do it this way, though, unfortunately. You might consider taking the DDR Prime capsules yourself to help support your own body, and order the DDR oil to use in the speech blend. Good luck with it!

  49. Hi Kendra,
    I typed home remedies for delayed speech and I came cross your article.
    What you have described is what I am going through with my daughter.
    She is 3.5 yrs and still stuck on one word.
    She knows her numbers, letters colors etc but won’t form senstences.
    She has a development evaluation coming up and I suspect she will be put on speech therapy and possibly behavioral too.
    I have looked at pages online where MANY people are saying speech therapy did not help much.
    Anyhow, so I am researching alternative options.
    My questions for you are:
    1. Was your son ever in speech therapy?
    2. Did you try the dietary changes or just read about them? People are saying food allergies/ sensitivity has been linked to speech delays.
    3. Please share the testimonials that made you try this essential oils.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Ivy,

      I’m sorry your daughter is having trouble speaking. Have hope!
      To answer your questions…
      No, my son never went to speech therapy.
      My son definitely has food allergies which cause us to watch what he eats.
      I’ve been using essential oils for many years. Through researching what certain oils and oil blends are good for, I made the speech blend myself and gave it a try. It worked for my son, and it has worked for others who have tried it for their children, but as I said everybody’s body chemistry is a little different so you may have to experiment with the strength of the oils as needed until you see the results you’re looking for. 🙂

  50. Thank you for this information! You may have addressed this in the comments, but do you know why this oil bled helps with speech? What is the oil doing to make such a difference?

          • Ok! My son is almost 5 and has been in speech therapy since he was 3. All of the specialists have ruled out apraxia and have diagnosed him with dysarthria (low muscle tone and weakness). While he has been able to speak in sentences, he doesn’t have the muscle movement in the mouth to form sounds (words) correctly. Because of this he is very hard to understand and he has a language delay. While I knew this blend probably wouldn’t strengthen his muscles, I thought it might be able to help with the neurological side and help stimulate his neurons to fire more. We are also in the process of identifying a MTHFR gene mutation, so we have eliminated gluten, dairy and do daily detoxes. Anyway, we are going on day 14 of using the oil blend (3X’s a day) and he is speaking clearer! I don’t think it is so much as all of sudden he is saying words correctly, as it is him just talking more and gaining more practice and use of his muscles to help with muscle memory. He has become a chatter box and the more he speaks the more he hears himself to help him self correct. The moment that brought me to tears was yesterday at a library program. For all the years we have gone to the programs at the library, he will not participate in singing (nor at home with me). Well, yesterday I got to hear my baby sing for the first time! It was beautiful and emotional! Thank you for posting your experience with this blend! Thank you, thank you!

            • Oh my gosh, April! I got chills reading this. Thank you so much for sharing your experience using the oils. I’m SO HAPPY to hear it’s working for your son as well!! Woo-hoo!!!

            • My 23 month old was recently diagnosed with dysarthria. He is showing some signs of apraxia, too. Thanks for sharing your story. It gives me hope. We started the oils 6 days ago and pray that we have similar results.

    • Thank you Kendra for sharing you this information, I’m using Doterra oils for many years and I love it, unfortunately my daughter does not like oils and the make me very unhappy because my grandson is delay speech recently declared apraxia but I’m going to make this blend and sends to her hoping she star using.
      Ivy you can got more information from website
      Also they sale a book that is like the “bible” of the oils showing how to used and mixing depending of what you are looking for!

    • Thank you Kendra for sharing you this information, I’m using Doterra oils for many years and I love it, unfortunately my daughter does not like oils and the make me very unhappy because my grandson is delay speech recently declared apraxia but I’m going to make this blend and sends to her hoping she star using.
      Ivy you can got more information from website
      Also they sale a book that is like the “bible” of the oils showing how to used and mixing depending of what you are looking for!

  51. Hello,
    Would you recommend this for a child that was already talking fluently but just recently stopped?? My son is 5 years old and I always just took him for being shy because he would never talk to anyone he didn’t know. He was always very talkative with his immediate family but he never talks at school. Just recently (last Saturday) he has stopped talking completely, not even to me, but he is still very playful and energetic. He points at everything and grunts for what he wants. After doing a lot of research, I have come to the conclusion that he may have Selective Mutism and/or social anxiety. I want so badly to hear my son speak again, I’m not opposed to using medication, but I would like to try the natural route before anything else. Please advise me on any suggestions.

    • Joslyn,

      The blend of oils I am recommending are wonderful neurological stimulants. I would recommend them for anything going on neurologically. If my child were doing what you described I wouldn’t hesitate to make a roller bottle of DDR Prime and Frankincense and follow the same protocol. Best wishes.

    • Please look into childhood speech Apraxia. Your situation with your child sounds very similar to that of my 5yr old son. Speech Apraxia is not widely known, even most doctors aren’t aware of it. A very specific type of speech therapy is needed to help a child with speech Apraxia to be able to speak clearly and more often. Regular speech therapy does not work for them. I have been trying to get my son help with his speech since before he turned 2 and just recently came across this disorder and am finally just now able to get my son the type of therapy he needs. In just the first session it was mind blowing what a difference it made having a therapist who is familiar with Apraxia. You can search a youtube video with examples of children speaking whom have Apraxia, this is what made it 100% clear to me that my son had it, because he sounded just like the children in the video and of course I found someone who specialized in this type of speech therapy and they agreed.

    • My daughter did the same thing and has been diagnosed with Landau Kleffner Syndrome. An EEG (sleep test) confirmed that she has seizures while sleeping that disrupt her frontal lobes responsible for expressive and receptive language. Does your child answer you or have deaf like symptoms? It is commonly misdiagnosed as autism. Might be worth looking into.

  52. Hi Kendra,

    My son turned 2 few weeks ago and he has a speech delay as well, we start to go to speech theraphist just this morning for sn assessment. Trying to look for something else online which will help my little boy. We live in Melbourne Australia and trying to search to those 3 ingredients listed above, where can I possibly get it. I found 2 of them but I cant find the DDR Prime Essential Oil, sorry but I am not familiar with these ingredients. Would you be able to let me know about that essential oil and does the brand matters? I would really like to try this for my boy. Thanks in advance and have a great day!

  53. Hi, pls I would love to know what brand of the oils you used for your child. My daughter will be 5 next month and does not speak properly. I will love to try the oil. I have tried searching online for the oil but there a lot out there.
    Thank you

  54. My son will turn six in three months and he hasn’t spoken a word. I will be very grateful if you can tell me the oil you used in curing your son.
    Hope to hear from you pls.
    Thank you

  55. I would love to know what brand you used for your child. My son is 3 and does not speak. We have been working with our local school district and have enrolled him in a few different programs but I would try anything to see more progress with speech.

  56. Hi,

    I couldn’t help myself but participate. I am in a similar situation and need help. My son has turned 6 last month now but has been attending speech, occupational and Therapeutic therapy.

    I would like to watch your video, please.

    Thank you

  57. Hello,

    I was referred to the website by a friend and reading the bio I couldn’t help but notice that my situation is very similar if not identical. If possible I would like to receive more information so I can try this with my son.

  58. Hi, glad to read your experience. my son has not yet spoke his first word. hes going to be 3 in November. Plz suggest me the brand and other detail.

  59. Hi Kendra,

    Thanks for sharing will really like to try this. Kindly send me the brand you use and the video link thanks alot.

  60. Hello Kendra, I am the mother of a 31 year old stroke victim. It has been a year out and my son is speaking very little even with months of speech therapy. Have you heard of this treatment being useful in stroke victims? Do you have any comments on the subject? Thank you in advance. Harriet

    • Hi Harriet,
      I’m so sorry to hear of your son’s condition. Frankincense is a great neurological supporting oil. I would definitely give it a try if I were in your shoes.

  61. Hi
    I have subscribed. But don’t know where to watch the video. Plz send me the names of the oils. My two year old son still not speaking a single word.
    Thank you.

  62. Hi Kendra,
    I am using the mixture of EO as suggested by you in my 3 year son with speech delay, anxiety and mild symptoms of Autism. Using since last two days. Hope God will be with me this time. Will update you after 7 days.

  63. I’d love to see this video you speak of! My kiddo is trying very hard to talk but we haven’t a single spoken word. Almost 5; Autism & epilepsy. He’s chatty nonetheless!

    • Check if any of the oils have camphors, sometimes just written as turpines, but specifically camphors, they are in cinnamon, patchouli, cedar etc and can trigger seizures in alot of epilepsy, autism and folate + collegenitis disorder sufferers with long term use, and immediately with some epilepsy meds…

  64. Hi there, I have a son that is 6 with speech delay. They can’t diagnose anything except ADHD. He wants to talk so bad but is not there. I would love to know whT oils and brands you do. Please help me.

  65. Hi I’ve just come across your story.

    My son is two years of age and has speech delay and I woul like to know what oils you used on your son.

    Thank you Xx

  66. I have son that have autism. He has speech delay. I just order DDR prime oil. Do I need to add any other can oil with it. Or just used the DDR prime oil by it self.

    • Never mind! I rewatched your video! I do have another question though. In your blog, you stated that “I started out by mixing 1-2 drops of Cellular Complex, 1-2 drops of Frankincense, and about 1/2 tsp fractionated coconut oil” and in the video you put 5 drops of frankincense and 5 drops of cellular complex. Which do I do?

      • Ms. M, initially I was putting 1-2 drops of each into the palm of my hand with a little coconut oil and applying it directly. Once I started using a roller bottle I put 5 drops of each into the bottle. Now I’m actually using 10 drops of each in a roller bottle. You just have to play around and experiment to find what strength works best for you.

  67. I have just recently stumbled at your site, and I wish I had a lot sooner. My son just turned 9 and is in the IEP at school for speech issues. All of his speech issues revolve around apraxia. I’d love to know everything that you use for your son. Thank you SOOO MUCH!

      • Hello! My name is Loraine. I’ve read your story. I’m interested to know what kind of essential oil you are using for speech delay? My son is 3 years old and have a severe speech delay. I would really appreciate your response. Thank you

      • Hello Kendra. I just caned across your site can you please tell me how I can get the video that everyone is talking about.Thankyou

  68. Kendra,

    I can’t begin to thank you for sharing your oil blend of frankinsence & DDR Prime!!! It has worked wonders for my son!
    My boy will be 2 tomorrow. He has always been behind in his speech. He would sometimes say a word, use it for a while, then drop it completely from his vocabulary, never saying it again. He preferred to gesture & grunt/cry for what he wanted. But I missed his voice & wanted him to speak again.
    With his 2nd birthday approaching, I was beginning to worry because his speech had decreased instead of increased. That’s when I stumbled on your blog post on Pinterest – what a miracle for me!
    I quickly followed the link, asked for the video through email, & once I got it I ran to my medicine closet & instantly put the blend in a roller bottle.
    Within 5 days of following the regimen he started speaking again. And not just one word sentences – he bumped it up to 2 words!!
    He’s never done that before!
    We’ve now been following the protocol for 2 weeks, & my son has gradually added back all the words he used to say! He says things all the time now, even trying out new words never before tried, like “bacon”!
    Thank you for being willing to share your success with essential oils. My son & I have been very blessed because of your generosity!

    Much gratitude,
    Adelle L.

  69. My son is four year old he can say abc but can not talk or follow instructions I’m living in Saudi Arabia how can I get this oil

    • My son was like your son few weeks ago. We knew his abc and 123 but he didn’t talk. We started using the oil and I bought abc flash cards. I will get him to point at a A and say it out loud then I will point at B and say out loud. We were taking turns until we got to Z. Then we did the same with 123. After some days I took the flash cards away and we will sing abc taking turns. I will encourage you to buy flash cards it encourages them to imitate you . They really helped us. My son is talking now. He says thank you, help, open, good morning etc.he is not making sentences yet but this is a milestone for us. All these happen in a space of 3 weeks. Keep praying and trust God

  70. Hi Kendra,
    I filled out the link and the e-mail confirming I wasn’t really a robot (ha!) but as of this morning, still had not received the video about the oils. I am very interested in seeing it, as my son has been in speech therapy since he turned 2 and our process has been very very slow (but at least steady). So I am willing to look into other therapies to augment his treatment.
    I did check my spam folder thinking that your email may have gotten stuck there, but unfortunately it was not there either. If you could send it to me, that would be awesome! Thanks!

    • Hi Kendra,
      I could’ve written that myself. My son has been receiving speech therapy once a week (costly) and has been in nursery school since he was 2. he just turned 4 and like your son, his speech progress has been slow but steady.If this works for you kindly let me know EXACTLY how you did it, and the measurements too. Any help for this working mum will be most appreciated

  71. Hi there! I am very interested in knowing which oils you are using. I’m hoping my toddler will have the same success that you and many others have seen. My daughter has been making small improvements, but she’s still having problems with forming words. I’m not sure if this will help, but I’m willing to try it. Thank you so much for your post.

      • Hi, my son is 5 today and has been delayed since 2. i started giving him Nordic Naturals children’s dha with little help then i used proefa with a vitamin E supplement. His speech did improve slightly. I went on to use Carlson’s cod liver oil and proefa alternately, speech expanded but still not enough for his age. It was not until i started him on high dose assorbic acid, an iron supplement with B vitamins and fresh home-made coconut oil, his speech was massively improved. He now reads a little and do all the learning app games and write. Still some way to go but night and day compare to his days of no speech and pulling me over the house to communicate!!!

      • Hello
        Am really impressed with what am seeing about the oil you mentioned, i have a 3yr old daughter with severe speech delay was hoping you would send me a detailed video guide on what to do. Thanks alot and hope yo hear from you

    • have you tried a vitamin c supplement and coconut oil? My son is not autistic but he had a major speech delay that he more or less has gotten over. Also try a good quality fish or cod liver oil and some B vitamins like Bio Strath elixir.

  72. Hi kendra,
    I would like to say a big thank you to you. My 3 years old was non verbal. He will sing abc song but when I put up an alphabet and ask him to name it, he wasn’t able to. I came across your blog when I was looking for ways to help him. I decided to try the oils you mentioned after praying to God and asking to direct us on this journey. 10 days after using the oil on him morning and night. He started talking, from no word to about 22 words overnight. It was like magic. You ask him what this is and he tells you. His teachers are in shock too. We really can’t explain it all.
    Thank you so much and may God bless you and your family
    To all the mums out there going through the same thing with their child, hold on to your faith and believe that he/she will be healed. Try the essential oils and keep praying for them. There is nothing impossible with God. I will be praying for you all

      • Hi Kendra, I have a two year old with a speech delay but no diagnosis yet. Please can you send me how to mix the oils and possibly links from amazon I can get it from? God bless! My email is [email protected]. I will be waiting patiently.

  73. Hi Kendra,

    My son is 3.8 months old and having issues with receptive and expressive language. He is completely non-verbal.

    Can you please let me know the oils and brands and where to buy those. Also instructions on how to use it would be very helpful for me as i am a naive when it comes to these oils and stuffs.

    Thank you very much…

  74. First your son is so cute lots of love for him.. I too have a son with exactly same problem…Second can you please email me in detail about the oils you used as I have no knowledge about essential oils and where can I buy them?

    • Sarahshah, please fill in your email address in the space provided in the article and you’ll automatically be sent a video of me explaining exactly how I put together the oils, where I applied them and how often, with links to where you can order the oils as well as an interview with my son a year after he started the oil regimen. I think you’ll find it extremely helpful. Thanks!

    • Syndie, please fill in your email address in the space provided in the article and you’ll automatically be sent a video of me explaining exactly how I put together the oils, where I applied them and how often, with links to where you can order the oils as well as an interview with my son a year after he started the oil regimen. I think you’ll find it extremely helpful. Thanks!

  75. Would love to hear more about this. my son is 4 and majorly speech delayed, it is so stressful, I will try anything! Currently doing Omega 3, multi vitamins and probiotics ! Can I ask why it is rolled on the back of his neck in particular ?

  76. Hi

    As it’s been a year since this remedy has come to light,can those of you who gave it a good trial please share your results/experiences so I can be less sceptical to try.Appreciate any useful comments/reviews.

  77. Hi,
    I just subscribed to the website. Please please email me more information on these oils and where I can purchase them. My son is 2 years old and only says a few words. I would love to give this a shot, thank you so much for sharing. Have a blessed day 🙂

  78. My 5yr old daughter has severe expressive and receptive speech and language delay. Please email me your ingrediants. Im currently giving her balanced Essentials, but would love to have more options.

  79. I would love more information. My son is 18 months and is non verbal. We are just starting speech, behavioral and occupational therapy. I do use essential oils. I would love more info on what you use. Thanks!

  80. Hi , can you please mail regarding the essential oils want to use them for 4 years boy.

    Will be waiting for your mail


    • Hi Shana,
      It looks like you should have received an email from me already. Please let me know if you haven’t. It’ll be from Kendra Lynne. Thanks!

  81. Hi Kendra

    How long the mixture of essential oil and carrier oil will expire?

    Do you mix your formula everyday or only once then you use it for a week maybe?

    Thank you

  82. Thanks fr info. Do you just apply the oil by roll on or massage it. If you dont massage it then does it remain that way or it gets wiped off.

  83. Hi Kendra….

    Rhank you for sharing.

    I have non verbal autistic son, he try to immitate words but sounds that come from his mouth different.

    I want to try essential oil, where i should start for beginner?

    He also travels in classroom, although he is not hyper.

    What type or oil blend i should try at first?

    Thank you

  84. Hi,my son just turned 3,and he’s not talking yet,so if you could help me out. The essential oils that you are talking about,is it available in Mauritius??? If not,can you please suggest me another way to help my son? Thank you very much

  85. I would like to know the full ingredients if you would email me please. Also for toddlers could you mix this with a non scented lotion?

  86. I use oils and I have 2 yr. old granddaughter and I am going to try this on her, she has the same problem also. Thanks for posting this.

  87. Hi Kendra,

    I started using the blend on my 2 year old. Just one drop of eo and 10 drops of carrier. Be it coincidence or not, next day he woke up with a swollen eye and followed by itchiness on his body. He has speech delay issues and hence am not sure where the itchiness is. However, he seemed to be active and babbling a lot more over these 3 days.
    Please tell me if he is allergic to the blend

    • RJ,
      I can’t say for sure, but I’ve never heard of anyone having a reaction like that to these oils. The only way to know for sure is to try it a couple more times and watch for the same reaction. Good luck!

      • Thanks Kendra. This is my plan. Not to use oils for a couple of days , just to make sure if his allergy is due to some dust exposure. I shall start using the oils again and I will get back to you. Thank you for replying. You are doing a fantastic job!!!!!!!

  88. Well,my son is 3 and has little speech. We have had speech therapy and I started him in old-school. Not a lot of success,but some. I have recently purchased these oils and pln on trying them as soon as they come in. Will keep you posted.I am willing to try anything…to help him get caught up. I was a skeptic at one time, until we used essential oils on my husband. Hope it helps.

  89. Hi Kendra.

    My little boy is 4 years old and has speech and language delays. He doesn’t say anything but, “no” “go” “wow” simple words. He just shows me everything he wants. He is in Pre School and in Speech and OT therapy. I would LOVE to try this out. I was reading on Cellular Complex and it says its not safe for children. I have used essential oils for 10 years and have used them on my little boy with NO problems. I was just wondering why it would be said to be “unsafe” for children? Do you sell these oils?

    Thank you so much.

    • Customer service got back with me. I asked them if the Cellular Complex was safe for children and they said “no” I am thinking they are referring to the gel capsules and not the oil?

    • Brooks,

      I’ll email you to chat a little more. 🙂 The Cellular Complex says it should be kept out of reach of children, and it should not be given internally to children. But as far as using it topically I have found nothing that states it is unsafe for kids. All of the oils that make up the Cellular Complex are safe for children to use topically (diluted in a carrier oil). Great question!! I do earn a little commission if you’re interested in purchasing through me.

  90. I’m so glad you found something that helped! I have used several oils from doterra for my kids with great results. As a mom whose son was in speech therapy for three years, I can say that I doubt the woman who talked about speech therapy was afraid of alternative therapies. I had noticed my kiddo having trouble with pronouncing sounds but our doctor wasn’t concerned given his age(3). In our case, by the time he was diagnosed with speech problems at 7 1/2, he had to do a lot of work to do. He saw several people over the years, and they all said he would have needed much less treatment if we had gone earlier because the problems aren’t as developed. I felt so bad that we could have had speech be a fun time(those people are amazing)instead of the stress he had to go through later. None of the speech therapists we saw had any problem with alternative therapies; many had truly helpful suggestions. Even at its most intense, we only had to go once a week. Most of the time, they taught me what to work on with him every couple weeks, and we did it at home. I’m not saying that your beautiful boy(he really is darling) has anything similar. I’m just saying that having my ten year old ask me why we “didn’t fix it earlier” was hard for my husband and me.

    • Amy,
      I’m sorry you guys had to go through such a difficult time with your son’s speech. Thank goodness for qualified professionals who can help us when we don’t know what else to do!! We are blessed to have so many options in this day and age. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sure it will be helpful to somebody else struggling with the same issues.

  91. Interesting…. Kind of wish I had known this earlier, lol. My six year old experienced some speech delays and he still isn’t on par with other kids his age. We have given him extra attention and constantly are working with him to help and we have seen improvement… Just not as much as I as a mother would like:) Any thoughts about how this might affect an older child? It would definitely help us if he communicated better because we have apparently reached the age of talking back, lol. Great to hear you found something that helped. I will have to read those links and do some research now:) Thanks again for the useful info Kendra!

    • Jessica K.

      Adults use this blend to support brain function. Frankincense in particular is great for that; it has even been used to help reduce the symptoms of Alzheimers, Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, epileptic seizures, etc- anything having to do with cognitive ability. So yeah, I would say this could be helpful at any age. It wouldn’t hurt to try. And yes! Do some digging and reading, please don’t take my word for it 🙂 If you decide you’d like to give it a shot, I’ll help you get your hands on quality oils.

      • Any recommendations for some places to find some good research material?? I have started looking into this, but was wondering if you have any suggestions. I have always been interested in aromatherapy, but haven’t taken the leap…thinking it might be time 🙂 And if I do decide to order some…should I just click on the link on your webpage to the oils? Thanks again Kendra!

        • Did you see the link I shared to Aromatic Science? That’s a great place to start.

          If you do decide to order, Jessica, I’d highly recommend you do it through the wholesale program (which is only $35 to join). You’ll get much better prices there. You can also email me if you have any questions! I’m so glad you’re looking into this more. 🙂

  92. This is SO timely, Kendra! One of our girls is having trouble with reading. A dyslexia test turned out negative, but something is definitely a little off. I’m going to try this on her for sure. Thank you for sharing!!! Oh, and regarding speech, we used a YouTube video to teach our son to properly say his Rs. Much cheaper and more convenient than speech therapy lessons.

  93. Personally I find this completely irrational and quite worrying. Just as snake oil doesn’t cure syphilis that oil didn’t help your sons speech impediment. Most likely the extra physical contact and attention helped ever so much more. The best way of helping children with slow language development is language therapy, such as baby sign, as has been shown in several studies world wide. This study also suggests that a trained parent can help as much as a clinician. This is a good place to start helping:

    • Lisa,

      I was also skeptical before I started trying the oils for myself, so I totally understand where you’re coming from. If you are interested in digging into the science behind how essential oils work with our bodies, this is a fantastic resource:

      The only extra physical contact that I gave my son during that initial week was rubbing the oils on once or twice a day, which lasted for maybe 3 seconds. We did do sign language with him since infancy, as I did with all of my babies. I’m sure he would have improved gradually over time, but there hadn’t been any improvement for a long time. I used the oils for one week and he started talking. Coincidence? Personally, I don’t think so. If he can be healed without need for outside therapy, then I find that pretty amazing. I’m not sure what would worry you about using plants to heal our bodies. Check out that link I gave you, perhaps you’ve been given misinformation somewhere along the line?

      • Go Kendra, do not let Lisa slow you down. She is misinformed and obviously is a speech therapist or has a daughter who is one. Spend more money, spend more money, no girl, you have this! Good on you and your son!

        • Thank you, Marcia Little. I agree. No need to spend more money when we don’t have to. 🙂 That’s kind of a scary thought to people in that profession. It shouldn’t be though. I find it curious that people who are in a line of work meant to help others wouldn’t at least be open to alternative therapies which might possibly benefit the patient. At least try it before you knock it, lol!

  94. We love our oil miracles – our city just went through a severe respiratory illness, which our family managed to catch … but while most of the city was taking strong antibiotics and even in the hospital, we were diffusing Myrrh and Frankinsense and rubbing it on chests and backs … and over it without the doctor! … We’ve watched essential oils heal spider bites, a bite on my daughters leg that swelled nearly her entire thigh and was eating away at her skin to the size of a silver dollar before we started treating it …. relieved pulled muscles … replaced asthma steroid meds … amazed doctors after a concussion at the speed of child’s recovery …. and so much more. …. A friend has an autistic daughter with seizures, while the doctors are dragging their feet about getting her tested and treated, we’ve found oils that prevent a seizure if we see it coming, and bring her out at least as fast as the doctors meds without loss of memory. Plus she and her Downs Syndrome brother were both speech delayed, and both are now talking (the 4 year old not as much as the 12 year old) and progressing.

    • That is so awesome, Rachel!! I love hearing stories like this. What are you using for your friend’s seizures? I have a friend who has started using Frankincense for his daughter’s epileptic seizures and so far has seen a major improvement. She hasn’t had another seizure since starting the regimen!

    • I would love to hear anything that helps with speech! We use the same brand and have just been thinking about using Cellular Complex for help with speech – I have two little guys with Down syndrome. How much of Cellular Complex and frankincense do you put in a rollerball, Kendra? And, Rachel, I’d love to hear what your friend is using to improve speech! Thanks, ladies!

      • Corbett,

        I usually do about 10 or so drops of each in a 10 ml roller bottle, then fill the rest with a carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil). No science behind my measurements, that’s just what I do 😉

      • Corbett,
        Depending on the size of the roller bottle, I do 2 drops of each eo per 1/2 tsp of carrier oil. I can’t remember exactly how many tsp of coconut oil my bottle holds. It doesn’t have to be exact though. Play with the amounts you use until you find what works for you. 🙂

    • Hi Rachel,

      That is great. What did you use for the replacement of asthma steroids and the spider bite? My 3 year old has asthma and I have been looking for something that will naturally help him with that.


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