Top 20 Highest Calorie Vegetables to Grow

When you think of vegetables, what comes to mind? Chances are, you’re thinking of something low in calories. After all, vegetables are generally considered a healthy option, and who wants to consume too many calories if they don’t have to? However, there are some high-calorie veggies out there that you may not have considered. Growing … Read more

12 Ways to Tell When a Watermelon is Ripe

ripe watermelon cut in half

I’m about ready to harvest my first watermelon! Not only my first watermelon of the season, but the first watermelon I have ever grown – ever! I’m incredibly excited to hit this milestone, as I’ve always had a hard time growing these delicious fruits. In a few weeks, I think my fruit will be all … Read more

Welsummer Chicken Breed: A Full Review

Raising chickens is a great introduction to homesteading. My husband and I jokingly refer to chickens as “the gateway drug.” We started with a flock of two dozen birds, and since then, have grown to raising several hundred chickens (including meat birds and dedicated layers) each year. When you think about popular chicken breeds, there … Read more

Worm Castings 101

worms in vermicompost soil (worm ca

Composting with worms is one of the best ways to create your own fertile, nutritious soil – even if you don’t have a lot of room outdoors for a full-fledged compost bin. You can get rid of all kinds of garden waste as well as kitchen debris, like vegetable peelings. Plus, worm composting helps free … Read more

Know Your Tomato: Is It A Bush Or A Vine?


Growing tomatoes is simple. After all, isn’t that why so many gardeners choose to grow them as their first introduction to backyard growing? Unfortunately, it’s a bit more complicated than simply watering and fertilizing your tomatoes. You also need to truly know your tomato – and whether it is a bush or a vine. One … Read more